BadAss Broads, Ride or Die

Damn, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and Nikki Haley announced they will be leaving the administration. The two most down, badass, ride or die women in the administration, possibly the Whitehouse since 1776! I will miss their leadership, honest and straight up attitude. They are both no nonsense and incredibly amazing to watch in action. True patriots and …

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Why are all of these “Scientists” Contributing to Climate Change?

I wonder why all of these scientists that keep on talking about climate change, continue to publish papers? Like, if climate change is really a threat, why do all of these "scientists" keep on using paper to write about climate change? Why wouldn't they just save a few trees and do it digitally?

When do You Begin Towards Success?

When do you begin towards success? How do you measure success? It occurs to me that I am doing much better than my parents were financially when they were the same age as I am now. Yet, success seems to elude me. I am interested in this so much that I decided to write about …

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The Remainder is Usually What Causes the Problem

Bullying, sexual assault, sexual harassment, rape, violence, suicide, shootings and low test scores. These are some of the issues that plague schools. From pre-kindergarten to graduate school. No institution is immune. It seems that these issues only continue to compound on top of one another, year after year. But in all of these instances, what …

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What Took Place that Resulted in President Trump?

I sometimes wonder if people realize what took place before, that led to President Trump? Between blaming monolithic peoples, rewriting history and just continuing to force law abiding citizens into further compliance. Placing others on a pedestal and forcing the entire population to bow before their false prophets and weak heroes.   (I guess since …

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What the Hell Does this White Man Think He is Doing?

This white man is trying to simply distract. Doesn't he realize that the only financial and reporting fraud that is of concern is President Trump? Elizabeth Warren is being slandered by another white man, since he "feels" threatened! Women for too long have been oppressed by white men!  

“The Friend Zone”

Whenever I see males participating in any sort of "woman's" movement, I think to myself, "their just trying to get laid". I take this from my own experience, since I don't really consider any female to be my actual friend. Whenever I see a woman with male "friends" I wonder, how much longer are they …

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Between the Upcoming Census and Trump’s Shady Financial Past

So, some folks decided to look into Trump's family's financial past to "uncover" "illegal" financial reporting. Now, some folks are pointing at Trump and saying "look at who your president truly is"! But, when it comes to the 2020 census, some are outraged that only U.S. citizens will be counted. So, let me get this …

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