More World War II Frauds (Or, The Truth About Adolf Hitler Part 3)

Interesting aspect from a fellow blogger. I cannot speak on the theory or its authenticity, but nonetheless it is thought provoking and entertaining. Check him out if you want to read more of this blogger’s work.

via More World War II Frauds (Or, The Truth About Adolf Hitler Part 3)

Assault is the Crime, While Defense is Blamed

This weekend in Portland a clash happened, on both sides and all who participated are to blame. Last year in Charlottesville the same took place, although the fatalities were not due to any firearm, just stupidity. Whenever these groups amass, no matter the location, catastrophe is only moments away. With all of the physical assault on both sides, not a single law maker attempts to ban sticks, marbles, socks, wood, metal, masks or anything else that is used as an assault weapon during these gaggles of morons.

“Hate speech” is discussed and often recommend for censorship. Censorship is a legitimate resolution in all of their minds, not their’s but censorship of the opposing side. Guns are blamed for the deaths, yet a trigger puller is never absent when a discharge takes place. Speech and guns, in all of these demonstrations of the complete jackassery of human behavior, speech and guns are blamed. Not the sticks, not the stones and none of the fists or feet.

Why don’t any of these idiots choose a field out in the middle of the woods to fight it out? Why, because they are afraid of a real fight. Because they all know that the law enforcement present will break up to fights, they know that the emergency responders will do whatever they can to save their lives. Because they are all cowards, sure a few get locked up, but they all know that if a fatality does occur, that it will be found out and it will be investigated. Cowards having cowardly fights, only for a show, never for keeps.

Seriously, with all of the open spaces in America, why a city. Take it outside, take it somewhere that no one will see what actually took place. Take it anywhere except where people live and work. Fight it out, let it get savage. Isn’t that what they always scream about?

Cowards, all of them. Not a single iota of courage or bravery exists among them. These are not protests or demonstrations. This is not how respectful and responsible adults act. These are the actions of cowardly idiots.

Ban guns and censor speech, but it will not fix a thing. The actions in Portland only serve as blatant evidence that affluence is far worse for mankind, than guns or speech.

Just as all self-defense experts say time and time again, “anything and everything is a weapon”.

Believe Me?

Whether it’s news, polls, statistics, science, religion or anything else we are always expected to follow the latest trend. The minute anyone speaks out contrary to what is popular, the majority gasps while clutching their pearls. “How could anyone suggest such a thing, look at all of this evidence”! In the year 2018, have we really progressed to enlightenment? If so, who or where are these enlightened people?  Do they span the globe, or are they centralized?

Who do we believe and whom do we not believe? What specific criteria must be satisfied to gain our trust in what we are being told or what we think we are witnessing? You hear it on the left and you hear it on the right, both contradicting what the other has stated. So, not only are we being led down a path by unforeseen people and data, but at the same time we are expected to don blindfolds, to show them our trust and loyalty.

Where is the data that is spoken of, how was it collected and analyzed? Are laypeople allowed to ask questions no matter how pedestrian, or do we simply digest what is forced down our throats? Who maintains the findings? We are told that the old things collected must be kept in the dark, locked and hidden in climate controlled facilities, security is present to ensure the safe keeping as well. The artifacts do not see the light of day and are not to be seen by the general public. Between the Vatican City and dinosaur bones, we are not granted entry to verify for ourselves. So, what are we to do? We are expected to take them at their “word”.

Books are written and studies are conducted. The books and written records of the findings are circulated, to legitimize what is approved for release. From climate change to evolution, questions are not to be tolerated, yet the spectrum of gender is to be respected regardless of the science. Hypocrites, maybe, but why and how?

We all have faith in one form or another. Faith is individual, intimate and personal. Faith can only be felt. We believe because we believe, simple, cut and dry.  The criteria for each of us is different, some may share an experience, others may witness it while alone even in a crowd.

As I have stated many times prior, people want to be unique and special, yet it’s mediocrity that they truly cherish. No one wants to be an outsider, a loner, yet that’s the price of voicing an unpopular opinion or stance. The fear of conflict or of being called out will ensure that the majority never raises a hand to ask for more evidence.

Believe what you want and follow what you desire, yet you cannot expect anyone else to follow. You must have your own convictions. To each their own. If we are to be free, then we must allow the same to others, especially those whom we disagree with.

Today was Amazing

Thank you to all for your comments, participation and views. This was wonderful. We may disagree, but at least everyone was able to voice their opinion. I do not believe in censorship nor do I participate in it. I know and accept that people will sooner attack me, than argue the points that they are attempting to make. That is an important part of speaking your mind in public.

For some reason winning is sought out rather than open and honest discussion or debate. We take things too personally to view them as they are, rather than as we want them to be. Then again, what do we expect from our fellow humans? We are all guilty as we are all hypocrites as time goes by.

a special thank you to those who argued the point.

If you are interested in the comments and the original post, they can be found in the link below.

Evolution is a False Escape


I was nominated by “The Perks of being Different” for an award, thank you TPBD. Please check out “The Perks of being Different” blog.


What do you like the most about blogging?

I look forward to honest and open discussions on many different topics. I also enjoy reading the opinions and comments that I receive, positive or negative. I have to allow other to comment as they see fit, if I want to discuss anything in length.

What do you like least about blogging?

It can be nerve wracking from time to time, depending on the topic, to be completely open and honest in my writing and when I comment.

Do you have a favorite artist or painting?

 I’ve always been draw to paintings of people, nature and landscapes. I believe that art is inspired by God’s work, both in the human form and in every aspect of the universe.

If you could travel to one place in the world, where would that be?

 Hmmmmm, good question. I have traveled extensively throughout my career, always leaving my family behind. The one thing I realized, was that family for me is most important of all. I don’t know if there is any place that draws my heart more than my family. I guess the answer although perhaps lame, would be wherever my family is.

What is your favorite TV show that you are watching at the moment?

 I don’t really watch that many TV shows, I do enjoy “The Americans” but I am waiting on the last season to be released, as I do not have cable. I will admit, I do enjoy watching “Family Guy” clips on YouTube.

What was the last film you watched that made you laugh out loud?

 Without a doubt, “Borat”. Hilarious movie, enjoyed every second of it.

What do you hope to achieve with your blog?

Conversation, openness and honesty.

Sunseeker or adrenaline junkie?

I’m pretty pedestrian in life now, I like to take things slow and enjoy the moment, rather than chase the moments. Sunsseker, maybe and maybe not, it all depends on my mood when I wake up.

Sweet or savory?


Do you like airplane food?

Yep, I even ask for seconds sometimes!

Is there one blog that has inspired you above all others?

No, my friend suggested that I try it out.


The Perks of being Different’s questions

What made you smile this week?

 When I was blocked for the first time from commenting further on another’s blog. I gave me a sense of, I’ve arrived. I’ve never been blocked before, so it was a first.

What is your favorite type of bear? (No, not beer)

My favorite type of bear is “My Momma Bear” because she gives me hugs and kisses!

How often do you check “spam” comments folder?

 Every few days or so, if I find a comment in spam, I immediately approve it for my post and comment back. I don’t want to set an example of not allow others to comment as they see fit. I do not participate or propagate censorship

Candles, natural light or a lamp?

Natural light, it’s the only way to truly see.

Is there anything you collect?

 I don’t believe so.

Apartment on the 7th level or house with a garden?

 A house and a garden.

I nominate:

How Socialism Works

Those who lead and champion socialism only desire socialism for the public. The leaders and champions of socialism have never and never will participate in socialism themselves.

Women Want Him, and Men Want to be Him

Once again, we are being told how President Trump, gets any lady he wants. Not from his mouth, but from the main stream media. The coolest aspect from all of this coverage, is not only were all of the “relationships” consensual, but there is not a “fatty” to speak of. To top it all off, either the President knows how to really lay some pipe, or the women were only concerned with his riches. Gold Diggers, possibly, but they seem rather obsessed with Trump. No one can fill the void that DJT left in them.

So, what do we have now? A bunch of beta males with no real skill, telling everyone how Trump is a “bad guy”, all in an attempt to convince women not to be attracted to him. You know the old saying, “Those who can do and those who cannot slander”. Not a single credible accusation of rape or harassment, unlike their champions (Clinton, Allen, C.K., Polanski, Weinstein, Franken, Rose, Brokaw, Lauer, Simmons, etc. etc. etc.). Let’s not forget the murderer Kennedy. The list of sexual predators talking trash is long and inclusive.

So, what are we left to believe? That the rapists of the left are a credible source of character discernment when it comes to President Trump? They always scream and shrill about how he is such a bad guy, maybe he is and maybe he is not. The biggest take away from this “sudden hysteria” is that everyone who slanders President Trump, are merely jealous of him. They want to be him, the women who disparage Trump, are jealous that he never wanted them.

For all of the naysayers out there, is there a single one that given the opportunity, wouldn’t accept a payment from Trump? The other reason why they hate Trump is because he is fat and he is everything they have trained for years to avoid, it never occurred to any of the women, all they saw was his wallet. At the end of the day, sexual prowess often is simple as the ability to provide and protect. Sure, a six pack is nice to look at, but in the long run it doesn’t put a roof over your head or food in your belly.

Trump removes the mystery of women and exemplifies the simplicity of men. Say what you want about President Trump, but these women are showing the world how they are all simply psycho ex-girlfriends. If they can’t have him, then no one can.


As time continues to march forward and as we continue to feel a sense of enlightenment, our communication continues to fail. From face to face, texting, emails and various social media platforms, we are speaking less and less with one another. More often than not, we continue to speak at each other, never really connecting. Albeit, it seems, that when people do speak to one another it usually concerns materials or gossip. We have all the tools to communicate, probably more than we need, yet we never seem to really express or convey what we attempt.

We do not listen so how can we respond properly. On the other hand, though, how honest are we with ourselves? This directly translates to how accepting we are of others honesty. Can we accept criticism? Do we receive enough criticism in our communication efforts, or do we not criticize in hopes to avoid criticism? The different inflections, voice patterns and speech, I think we are too wound up in our own thoughts and day to day life to truly hear someone out, when given the opportunity. Thumbs up or thumbs down, pictures, emojis and graphics interchange format (GIFs) are used as slang and quite possibly could lead to the detriment of our abilities in expression. Although easier to respond with while texting and driving, I don’t know if these simple visual representations capture and relay what we are saying.

The complexity of our conversations has gone down as well. Sure, every now and again, a deep conversation is had, yet they seem to be farther and farther apart from happening nowadays. Why else would true friendship be so highly desired if not to finally communicate with someone?

We need to listen if we desire to be heard out. The more we listen the better we can conversate. We are not imbeciles, yet the more we cut ourselves off from the world, the less we will have to say. If you cannot speak for yourself, then you have no voice in turn you will not be considered a contributing member.

When Music was Rebellious

What happened to music? From gangster rap to heavy metal, real country and when rock stars actually rocked. Nowadays parents take their kids to concerts. A concert used to be about getting away from your parents and partying like there was no tomorrow. Today’s “musicians” buy their lyrics, and are part of the establishment. There was a time, when they trashed hotel rooms and embarrassed the Queen. Instead today, they are knighted by that same Queen and they play the local election. When Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney all line up behind the same politician, I wonder, where have all the rebels gone? Merle Haggard was a true rebel, he wrote his own music and he wrote about what he experienced. Willie Nelson used to be one of the Highwaymen, he was flanked by Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson. Now Willie is hanging out with the MAN, Cash is dead and so is Jennings.

Remember when your parents told you to turn down your music? Remember when they began to put parental warnings on labels, yet you still tried to sneak them into the house? Comedy has gone so far to the left, yet it was always tilted left. Music however, was always the outcast, always the rebel. Music has become so mainstream now, and they all “sing” about the same stuff. There are no rebels left in music or comedy, they all toe the line of the left now.

Music used to be what fueled our energy, now it plays in the elevator or in your local doctor’s office. None of the “artists” today are original or starving anymore. Everyone from Aerosmith to Led Zeppelin, U2 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, their all in it for the money now, no more art, no more music. The next time you find yourself singing along to “Sweet Home Alabama” just realize, it was a record setting song before it was another Reese Witherspoon flop of a movie.

The music of today is more akin to the brainwashing stunts of the infamous Ozzy Osbourne Bloodbath in Paradise backwards hidden message, than actual talent. Gyrating hips, gold and riches, is anyone out there literally not doing the same thing? The only way to be cool now, is to refute pop music, since it is all pop music now, there are no more genres, only the democratic party.

Elvis used his celebrity to become deputized by Nixon, neither cared for the other, they only used the other for their own gain. Now celebrities lecture us on who we should vote for while they throw lavish parties for them. Music is no longer music when its about money and power.

Please Answer These Simple Questions


  1. Are Americans stupid, why?
  2. If Americans are stupid, why do we spend so much time and money on education?



  1. Who was or is the greatest American President, why?
  2. Who was or is the greatest elected representative in national politics ever, why?



  1. Have you ever taken part in a protest or demonstration and why did you do so?
  2. What direction do you believe our country/nation/society is headed, why?


Religion, Faith and Science

  1. Are you religious, a person of faith, do you believe in science, all or none or some of all, why?
  2. Please rank these three from most to least important and a brief explanation as to why.
  3. What is abortion?



  1. What rights should we keep and which ones should we delete, why?
  2. Who should be able to exercise their rights, why?
  3. Who has rights and who does not, why?


Thank you for your participation, I hope this will start a discussion that will help us to better understand each other and how we can communicate with one another. I am not setting out to change anyone’s mind or stance, and there is no importance of agreeing or disagreeing. Just please state your opinion or belief, criticism is encouraged and welcome but let’s keep it cordial and clean please. We are simply having a discussion.