GGA versus GGER

What’s the difference between the two? Who is and who is not allowed to utter or think one or either? Does it even matter? Probably not, so why are we discussing this nonsense while terrorists and child abusers are let out on bail and are expected (hoped) to return for trial in New Mexico. Or, how the Catholic Church along with law enforcement and politicians protected pedophiles while they raped and sodomized children for decades and now later this is verified.

Is there justice or only just us? Where is the Pope in all of this? Children savaged by animals and all that seems to draw money is Trump and the possibility of him saying a word. How did we get here you may ask. We’ve always been here, slide of hand and gossip. The world is filled with cowards that would rather turn up their nose, than actually take action and save children. But hey, abortion is a woman’s right, right?

Childish Fodder

It seems that more and more, the vices of the past somehow become mainstream and accepted, whereas legacy norms are now frowned upon. Yet, it always seems to center around children. Why is that you may ask, because children are not fully developed yet, mentally or physically. They focus on children as a way to integrate and force acceptance, since children always seek out approval from their parents, teachers, anyone and everyone.

There used to be a thing known as adult conversation, the kids table and the adults table. Yet more and more, the creatures that thrive in the shadows, side step the parents and go directly for the children. Remember when people were whining about how will they ever explain President Trump to their children? Or, what about the children separated from their families? How about this one, teenage pregnancy and abortion, they paint a picture of miserable parenthood to convince the child and the parents that the baby must be killed if the child has any chance of success in their life.

The interesting aspect of this foolishness, is that somehow Christianity is blamed and viewed as unaccepting. Yet, Islam also does not accept these new and perverse “norms” that are hoisted upon us. Christian prayer is frowned upon in public school. Yet Muslim prayer, prayer rugs and even the celebration of Muslim holidays and holy days are encouraged. Is Easter even marked on the calendar anymore?

We are forced to accept Islam while in the same breath we are expected to denounce Christ. I am not providing an excuse for either, yet one is praised while the other is dammed. Our children are inundated daily with backwards and contrary information to what their parents teach and the values their family holds dear. The adult conversation is not happening on purpose, they do not want the adults to know what is actually taking place or what their children are being exposed to.

The traits of abuse are similar, the perpetrator forces shame on the victim and convinces them that no one will believe them or that they will be ostracized if they speak up. Why else would they speak to kids alone? Why else would they want government grants to spread their messages to innocent minds? So what do they do, they force children to accept them because they act nice while the lights are on. Because children want acceptance and these perverse people force it upon them. You know how most people wouldn’t argue with kids that are not theirs, these people argue with minds that are not developed or kids that have no life experience to speak of yet. So, they shame the children into their version of conformity, only to further their chaos and malicious attack on humanity.

All of this is happening daily, in school, on television and especially where parents don’t generally go. At what age do we allow our children to venture into a public restroom while we wait outside? Is it the school’s responsibility to teach your kids about sex or is it yours? Is it the government’s responsibility to teach your kids about politics, or is it yours? The values that we instill in our kids is their only armor against these insatiable forces that only desire to win at any cost. Why else would abortion be praised and funding demanded, while responsibility is always expected from the tax payers?

This is how society has always been, we all realize it in our own time. If any idea, religion, faith or way of life is ever any good, the adults will decide since children have no real grasp of life or the people who inhabit it. Anyone who desires to speak to children and only to children or entertain children, only wants to destroy those children, which in turn will destroy the traditional nuclear family that this country and nation were founded upon. The traditional nuclear family is what has enabled America to thrive in a dying world. Lose the kids, the family will fall.

The Hidden Message in Omarosa’s Secret Recordings

So, we were treated to some salacious secret recordings recently, that apparently Omarosa made while serving in the White House. Did Trump use a racial slur? Why wasn’t Omarosa more forthcoming with the real insight into the Trump universe, during her tenure prior the campaign and up until now? Who knows and who really cares? Not me and I’m sure not really anyone else for that matter.

The biggest take away that I can decipher from all of this hoopla is that Omarosa is still a free person. She didn’t run to Russia like Snowden, she didn’t take refuge in an Emabassy like Assange, and she isn’t in prison like Manning was. She is out peddling her book and she is making the rounds. How could this be you ask?

Because the Trump presidency is possibly the most transparent presidency is modern history. Time will tell if this is accurate or not. The reporters and journalists can scream that Trump is against them and that he is inciting violence towards them. But wait a minute, how many of these news people has he had locked up compared to Obama? I don’t think any as of yet. Omarosa isn’t afraid, because she knows that whatever litigation can be brought against her, will be due to her nonchalant and careless habitual recordings in secure areas.

She is not a whistleblower, she is a scam. Say what you want about the Trump Whitehouse, just realize that up until this point, he is the first president to let people say what they want. This is yet another display of the freedom that Trump himself exemplifies. Sure, she may have broken the law, but the chance she will be brought up on charges of treason are highly unlikely. The same level of transparency or freedom cannot be said of Obama or his presidency.

Build 100 Bridges, Suck One….., What Will You be Remembered As?

Just a few observations and not very many questions, answer at your leisure or not at all.

– Everyone telling us that Trump watches a lot of television, are actual television personalities, who make their living, on television.

– They say that Trump lies on average 7 times a day. Before he got into politics, Trump was in business. How many business owners or politicians or law makers tell the truth, ever?

– With all the Diet Coke and McDonald’s that Trump takes in everyday, how many jobs is he either creating or sustaining?

– Why aren’t reporters/journalists elected, if their so important?

– If it’s ok to hate your boss, why isn’t it ok that Trump is a boss?

– How many more women must come forward before we all realize that Trump is actually the most interesting/accomplished man in the world?

– How many lifetime politicians have to tell us that Trump is destroying America with less than 1,000 days on the job so far?

– What have any of those lifetime politicians actually achieved for any of their districts?

– I think that politicians should by law be required to wear body cameras at all times.

– How come, law makers, don’t enforce the laws they create? Like, why after they make a law, they don’t jump in a squad car and start kicking in doors themselves?

– How come, elected people don’t live in government (section 8) housing?

– If a president was a good president, why do they need protection for the rest of their lives?

– We are always told how much security costs for president Trump, yet we haven’t seen the bill for the security for Jimmy Carter in awhile, it’s been almost 40 years now that we are still paying for his security. I wonder how much he costs the American tax payers, up to this point?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Will Succeed

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be successful. Like it or not, she has become the standard bearer for her platform and party. Let’s count the reasons why.

1. She has a vagina ( although, no one has come forward yet to verify it’s existence).

2. Her name has a Z in it and doesn’t claim to be caucasian, hence, she might not be of European descent. Then again, is Spain a European country and are there a lot of white people in Spain?

3. She’s offering to make others pay for stuff.

4. She’s convinced her supporters that they are victims.

Thats everything that her party holds dear. Whether or not you agree or disagree with her is irrelevant. Whether she has plans or ideas of how to implement is of no importance. The more people talk about her, the better she will do. The more people that disparage her and her supporters, the better she will do (it’s the Trump model).

It’s a simple plan, yet it spells out success for anyone and everyone who implements it.

Gentrification vs. Demographics and Xenophobia?

What is the difference between a demographic change or shift and gentrification? Is either xenophobic, or do the terms migrate depending on whom is discussing either? Do demographics speak only of skin color or cultural background? How is gentrification bad? Often times, the two terms are never discussed in the same conversation, is that by design or does simple ignorance come into play.

They say that the white majority will be the majority minority by 2040, yet, I thought we were all simple humans. At what point did we decide that the shape of an eye or the shade of a person’s skin would dictate their existence for eternity. Is there a difference in the races? If so, what is the difference between race and ethnicity? If you look on an application, there are many boxes that one must check to signify their identity. Yet, when it comes to ethnicity, more often than not, the two available choices are “Hispanic Latino” or “Not Hispanic Latino” . Yet white, African American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, are the other choices, apparently have no ethnicity available to choose from. Why is that?

Is it considered racist to discuss demographics? Is gentrification a crime against human rights? With all of the tribes and civilizations throughout history, how is xenophobia even a thing? Obviously, if the Neanderthals were a true race of people, who is guilty of killing them off or breeding them out of existence? What people were killed off by the Native Americans during their invasion?

It would be ignorant to somehow allow only certain peoples to escape their ancestors obvious brutal past, yet it happens everyday, from classrooms to boardrooms. The willful ignorance of the politically correct (PC) state, enables and promotes this rewriting of history, on both the left and the right. To suggest that PC is only peddled by the left is insanity. The right continues this hogwash just as well. All of us are culpable, yet it’s always someone else, or something else that we try to hide behind. Two wrongs don’t make a right, yet the excuse of hyperbole and spin only continue to provoke the idea of property and belonging.

Who owns whom or who belongs there or here? Casting stones and reciting myth to solidify a stance does nothing for nobody. It only weakens humanity everywhere.


Charlottesville Status Quo?

Charlottesville remains status quo?

New Mayor = Status Quo

New Police Chief = Status Quo

Different Policies = Status Quo

Huh, I thought everyone’s problems would’ve been solved by now, perhaps progress only applies to the comptrollers. Oh well, I guess the problem persists.

In any regard the small businesses in that town should fair well, as long as their business are still standing afterwards. All of the people descending on that town will at least spike their economy for a few days, too bad the regulators will be paid before the workers or business owners.

Who is Protected and Who is Not and Why?

How does anyone fight hate with love? Who chooses who is racist, and what is the specific criteria to attain that label? Who is protected and who is fodder? Is love truly that easy, or is love replaced with lust? For a society that wants to get rid of labels, they seem too eager to label everyone else. Black, white, man, woman, gay, lesbian, transgender, immigrants, people of color, disabled, privileged, cis, fat, skinny, ACCEPTABLE AND UNACCEPTABLE.

For people who hate dealing with prejudice and judgement, they seem to dole it out quite easily when declaring their enemy. We all are hypocrites and we all are corrupt, at least I am, I doubt there is anyone out there who is perfect in every way. Perfect enough to judge others based on their emotions, logic or lack therof. Blame Trump, blame Obama, blame Hillary, blame the left, blame the right, blame Russia, blame religion, blame education, blame, blame and more blame.

We demand rights, yet we never account for our own deeds, we blame everyone and everything, to avoid accepting the blame and accepting the consequences of our actions. Do whatever you want, just realize, eventually you may find yourself in a bind. However; judging by today’s standards, you may already be ostracized for anything. If your character cannot stand the test of time, chances are neither will you.

You cannot expect others to treat you as you would want to be treated. All you can do is practice this simple philosophy yourself. Holding others to mine or anyone else’s values or mannerisms is asinine and unfair to everyone who I interact with. I could not to be forced to comply with the wishes and desires of others, honestly anyway. If goodness and honesty is what I desire, then that is what I must extend, regardless of the consequences, good or bad.

Our reputations have been replaced with skin color, sex and anything else we can be labeled or whatever group we think will fight for us. If I cannot fight for myself, then how can I expect anyone else to fight for me? If others begin to fight for me, then I have become a simple cog in the machine, I am at that point a tool, to be used for the desires of others.

The Power of Skilled Trades

The power that comes with knowing a trade is often under appreciated, since the trades have generally been looked down upon in modern times. A suit and a tie (sometimes referred to as a monkey suit) have replaced the worker’s apron, as the “respectful” garb in today’s society. The interesting aspect of skilled trades is how they have often throughout history become proprietary to the rulers of the time.

From what I understand is that during Egyptian times, the skilled workers who planned and built the pyramids, were often killed and buried within those same pyramids. Was it to keep the knowledge within the Egyptian Empire, maybe and maybe not. I don’t claim any knowledge or have I ever really studied history that intently. The blacksmith, was another skilled trade that was invaluable to their king or queen. So, often the blacksmith was employed by the crown, I’ve never heard stories of renegade blacksmiths. The same can be said of chefs or cooks, doctors, scribes and the bankers. All of the skills were brought under the crown. Without the skills, no kingdom would survive.

Things were turned on their head a bit with “the new world”. Mercenaries and other battle harden people were contracted by the crown to explore and exploit. Then again with “the West”. Ordinary people were encouraged to settle, only thing was they needed to eat and defend themselves. Guns and gunpowder was released to the public. Samuel Colt, John Browning and others sold firearms to the public. Whereas before, firearms were truly only made and used in the military. There were a few out there that got their own guns, but it was not considered normal for a regular person to own a firearm.

The United States has been revolutionary when it comes to trades though. The government has always sought out skilled trades for everything, but it is only in recent times that the trades have began to look more midieval or primitive. Regulation and unions are holding the trades back once again, making them subservient to the government. That’s why to be a gunsmith you are required by law to obtain an Federal Firearms License, if you want to cook your establishment needs to be licensed and you must comply with health codes. Plumbers, welders, doctors and other medical professionals, electricians. If you want to make clothing to sell, you must be licensed. You cannot make liquor and sell it without a license, heck you cannot even transport anything without first paying.

Every single aspect of our way of life is regulated to collect tax. As well as to control or stifle innovation. The government along with insurance companies. Look at the pharmaceutical industry, until they okay it (they get paid for their seal of approval) it is declared illegal.

Possessing the knowledge to make, fix or repair anything grants that person that much more freedom. Skilled trades often make more money than their university counterparts and they can fix their own stuff.