Pretending Like You’re Drunk is Proof You’re a Douche…

The only appropriate time for dancing is after you’ve had a few, until then, keep the dancing to a minimum.

So, you’re getting paid for a job, but instead you work on dance choreography?

No wonder kids are addicted to social media, they learned it from the….”adults”.

Does work really qualify as work if you’re recording music videos at work, when you’re not in the music industry?

Seriously tho, who da F dances sober?

People are acting like lunatics. Dancing to improve moral? That’s what they do with kids and psych patients?

“The other day I was on the verge of having a mental breakdown. Trying to not allow my emotions to take over, I started doing jazz hands hoping eventually my legs and feet would get the idea and start to move around in an awkward fashion. But, it didn’t work doc, I don’t know why I just can’t dance away these horrible symptoms.”

See, sounds like something a crazy person would say.

If I had my choice of dancing at work or getting an extra 5 minutes on my break, leave me the fuck alone, I’m taking the 5 minutes that everyone else is dancing and I’m getting another smoke in.

The same people that think dancing is a positive way of boosting team cohesion and moral is the same moron that thinks birthday cakes at work are appropriate. When did work become a hangout away from home? The more office parties and pastries and dancing at work I see, the more I start to believe that these people hate their homes and their families.

If you’re dancing sober, in public, then you’re acting like you’re drunk and everyone knows the person who acts drunk without actually being drunk, is a fuckin loser at worst and a wannabe at best. Either way, I don’t wanna know that person.

All you phuggin dancing psychos, I’m keeping my eye on you, stay away from me. I’m not kidding.


48 thoughts on “Pretending Like You’re Drunk is Proof You’re a Douche…

  1. Oh my goodness… Sorry, Dude but I guess it’s over cuz I dance around in public all the time. Not choreographed moves like the video… just me, being my silly, goofy self.🤷🏼‍♀️💃🏼

    I never thought it would be dancing that would cause the end…😢😝

  2. Marleen

    It’s good they’re relieving some stress. It’s alright; the guy taking a smoke has his place too.

    1. Marleen

      Hey, Coffee. I want to ask you a serious question. Prefaced on the fact some people working in the medical field are really, really, kinda overwhelmingly (if not actually overwhelmingly) stressed right now, do you think it makes sense to be quite so judgmental as to how they stay sane? [I hardly ever say words like that urging caution about being judgmental.] Some of them don’t go home after their shift. (Not great, but it’s happening.) Okay, so now I’m wondering about a link you posted some months back. The first video (maybe the only one you actually linked to — I don’t remember for sure) was kinda tame and funny. But then knowing the “brand” I saw other videos by them, and it was highly questionable. The setting was “at work” for certain people. No one commented on the topic, so it wouldn’t be weird if you removed it completely. I haven’t been able to find it on your blog any more. Did you remove it? We’re you seeing if people thought it was unacceptable?

        1. Marleen

          It was, if I recall correctly, two guys (Marines or Army or the like) coming up to a gate or checkpoint [sorry if I don’t have the right wording] and interacting with whoever was at the checkpoint (another one or two marines or soldiers). There was some impressing or intimidating of, or goofing around with, the youngest one I think. Just silliness and immaturity.

          1. bottomlesscoffee007

            So, I don’t remove posts, and I remember a YouTube video that sounds like what you’re talking about. But I don’t ever remember posting it. It was just a funny video that I thought was hilarious.

            1. Marleen

              I can see how you thought it could be hilarious. Like I said, that one was different from others more along the lines of ”the brand” that is conveyed with other videos. Particularly with the other ones, I would use the description you posted with your comment at 12:19 a.m. on the ninth.

                1. Marleen

                  Well, you already answered me. You had no intention of finding out what people thought of the brand. Good to know. I don’t remember the brand name. Sorry.

                  1. bottomlesscoffee007

                    Are you talking about Vet TV? Why would I care about people’s opinion of Vet TV? I have no stake in Vet Tv, I probably just shared it cause I thought it was hilarious. I don’t remember sharing it for what it’s worth and I also went through my posts from October – November 2019, since that’s the timeframe when I saw the video.

                    You’re an odd bird Marleen, 90% of the time, I have no basis of reference for whatever it is your driving at.


      1. You were basically pissing on everyone who enjoyed dancing and celebrating birthdays at work!!!!
        Were you joking or were you actually serious?

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Yeah, it’s kinda inappropriate to celebrate things like this at work. Hence why it’s called work. Who goes to work to party?

                  1. It means different things to different people. If some people want to do something because it’s fun to them, I say let ’em (unless it’s something insanely stupid)

        2. bottomlesscoffee007

          That kind of stuff never happened when it was just men at work, but once they let women in, that’s when all of this nonsense started.

          1. Well, I am seriously offended by that, but I will respect the fact that you are allowed your own opinion and that we will just have to agree to disagree.

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    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Ha, what do you mean? Who dances sober except for kids, the mentally ill or older women?

      1. Come, now… My paternal grandparents did. They did Big Band dancing and the Jitterbug. My parents did. They shagged a lot. I danced quite a bit as a teen at our local youth center…shagging, freestyle… My paternal uncle worked off-duty in uniform and we weren’t allowed alcohol there. Me and my ex-Marine did a lot of Two-Step and East Coast Swing…for years…very little alcohol involved. I’m not much of a drinker, anyway. My HS grad group did a lot of line dancing this past October…male & female. The drinkers were on the couch in the man cave.

        It’s difficult to dance drunk. Your equilibrium is off.

        You sounded pissed off regarding the dancing videos.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Oh no Victoria, I’m not pissed. I find it all quite pathetic, more or less, too conveniently popular if anything really. Kinda like the sad clown with a smile painted on. The difference between reality and fakery, that is so easy to get fooled into following and then promoting.

          1. Gotcha. It’s pretty much the video…not just a general dislike for dancing?

            I’ve been picking up on some stuff (reading) where the dancing docs & nurses are getting a backlash for the behavior. I’m not impressed, myself. These are probably the same ones that are taking money for listing all their deaths as COVID.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              No, not just the video Victoria. I can appreciate dancing as a hobby, I can also appreciate dancing as competition. What I refuse to accept is, number 1, dancing at work, if you’re not paid to dance, then why dance? Seems like your stealing from your employer and customers by doing something douche. Another aspect of dancing is that with this new entitled atmosphere of everyone gets a trophy, dancing is heavily promoted. People dancing in inappropriate places or times, seems very suspicious to me, it leads me to believe in the pied piper theory, of following the leader.

      2. Marleen

        I know lots of people, mainly women, who are around the age of thirty and dance when not drunk. And they did it before they were thirty too. I’ve never been one of those people, except in a planned drill team routine (so it sort of was the [unpaid] work). As for women at work, like at a hospital, when was nursing dominated by men? It would be good for men to be nurses, as there is a lot of heavy lifting.

          1. Marleen

            You never answered my question. Was the nursing profession ever dominated by men?

            😿 Also, you didn’t “like” my “sexist” comment.

              1. Marleen

                Coffee has pointed out his sense of sexism, before, when I indicated men are usually stronger than women. I can’t tell if he likes for it to be a sexist idea or not. Anyway, there was other sexist stuff in my comment — such as the fact the drill team was for girls. However, I don’t think I would have been very good at football. Also, while I wasn’t bad at free shots, I once chipped a finger (not a nail) when going to catch a rebound. (Two chipped fingers are the only things I’ve come near to breaking. A boy chipped the other one; that probably sounds sexist too.) I would be no good at all for the aspects of nursing that require great strength, while some women would be.

                1. I could never work in the medical field unless it was Admin. work or computer work or maybe radiology. I have a weak stomach. Ditto First Responder or EMT.

          1. Marleen

            Hey, thanks, Hinoeuma!

            One of my sons considered becoming a nurse but has done other things instead. I have an uncle who was an anesthetist and who married one of my dad’s older sisters, the one who was an RN.

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