16 thoughts on “Perspective…

  1. Right?! My older daughter is a nurse. She walks home from work. She said people are giving her “the stare of death” when they see her in her scrubs on the sidewalk, walking.

    Get a grip people!!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Under perfect conditions, people easily denounce that which they do not understand. A scared populace is a dangerous populace. Neighbors turning in their fellow neighbor.

      It’s already here. It’s always been here, it’s just that now, people are selfish and scared to death.

  2. People are turning into bratty toddlers. This snitching bulls*** reminds me of the stories of the Stasi in East Germany. The big difference, here, is…Americans are arming themselves to the teeth. Too much snitching and harassment and, we’re gonna start seeing some more mass shootings. The looting has already started, too.

    As long as the media continues to report fear porn and lies, people will act like hysterical children.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Ah, well in those places and depending on how high up the diversity scale we’re talking, I’m not sure if the proper term is “looting” or “surviving”.

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