Coronavirus, A Time for Giving Thanks

Thank you person who works at the grocery store and acts professional and treats me with respect when pandemonium is occurring all around you all day long.

Thank you people who work at the post office and continue to deliver the mail and the emergency supplies I ordered.

Thank you sanitary workers for keeping my life that much more stable by continuing to collect the garbage on schedule.

Thank you to all the people working in the many thankless jobs that help me and my family maintain a sense of normalcy during a massive pandemic.

I wish I could buy you all a beer, shake your hand and give you a hug for being the great people you are and continuing to give us the notion that life is still chugging along as usual.

For everyone who’s presence is expected and under appreciated, I appreciate you and your dedication to our community.

These are the real heroes, the ones we owe a thank you to everyday.


13 thoughts on “Coronavirus, A Time for Giving Thanks

    1. Marleen

      Yeah. Let’s not defund or eliminate the Post Office.

      And thanks to all those “guys” — post office and otherwise.

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