What Led to America’s Political Division?

It all starts at the beginning, not the founding of America, rather the individual beginnings of how we are taught to function in society.

The department of education. Pre-school was not always as popular as it is today. Upon entry into kindergarten up to graduation from high school or college, we are taught how to interact within society. As young, impressionable children, state employees, known more commonly as teachers, begin to shape our outlook on the world.

From book reports to social studies and history, both American and world, the picture that is depicted is quite simple and narrow. Whether the study material covers the Civil War or the teacher provides a list of historical figures that children must choose from to compose a report, these state run programs, quickly enforce what children are expected to learn and memorize.

Children learn not just the material, but also how to make their teacher happy. Since developing a positive relationship with the teacher, means an easier year and better grades for the student who manages the relationship accordingly.

Don’t make the teacher mad, and most of all, children learn how to toe the line. They may not realize it, since that is what is expected, so the children compete for the approval of the teacher. There is no need to actually challenge beliefs and biases or attempt to prove the teacher wrong. The teacher is the boss and whatever the teacher desires, the teacher gets.

So, we grow up, never understanding the dynamic that we ultimately carry over into our personal and professional relationships. Understanding the material isn’t required, since there is a mountain of information to learn in nine or so months, even less when you take into account weekends, holidays and teacher development days.

This type of institutionalization can only last for so long, before people begin to question what they have been taught since they were children. The department of education was formally signed into law in 1979. Within 40 years, the model of education has fallen apart.

Look no further than the college loan crisis, or the inability of teachers to budget and plan accordingly. These are the people that are teaching our children. These are the people that “prepare” kids for college. The department of education has done nothing short of cripple our economy and cripple the yearning for intellectualism within our society.

The amount of people with high school diplomas has risen, yet the quality of the decisions people make has dropped rapidly.

Schools promote school walk-outs, schools provide transportation to climate demonstrations, schools award credit to children who participate in the “right” types of social protests. In 40 years, the department of education has managed to shift to the extreme left, forcing the children to placate the teachers.

And yet, people stay silent. Why’s that you ask? Because the majority of teachers are female, and as we all know, it is frowned upon to question or criticize any group of females. Just as the student must never question the motives of the teacher, we learn from a young age, that women are off limits.

Schools are also designed to promote female behaviors and quash boyish behaviors. Since to succeed in school, children are expected to sit still and listen and repeat, for hours on end. When a child cannot sit still, they are labeled a “trouble maker” and a medical evaluation is suggested, from the school authorities. So, the children who aren’t interested, are sedated into conformity.

So you see, from the time of five years old, until 18 or 22, we are locked away and institutionalized.

Whenever the teacher flickers the lights, that means the children must be quiet.

A “Pavlov’s Dog” type of training.

There is no need for the teacher to capture the attention and interests of the class, the students placate the teacher.

The teacher is the first authority figure we encounter and if you want a passing grade, you quickly learn and adapt accordingly.

We don’t know why certain things took place throughout history, we just know what we are expected to say.

Why has America become so politically divided? Because people are rebelling from what they’ve been forced to say for so long.

Whenever a teacher discusses politicians with her class, she tells the students who they should favor, in more ways than one. Perhaps the progressive push of education has had the opposite, unintended consequences of creating a space for a rebellion to grow and flourish.

You tell me, when did we quit our rebellious nature and begin to embrace authority and the establishment?


11 thoughts on “What Led to America’s Political Division?

  1. School was different back in the dark ages when I was a kid. Elementary in the 70s, graduated High School in 86.

    The introduction of these stupid standardized tests. All it does is teach kids how to take tests.

    The whole education system is trying to turn kids into brainless fact regurgitaters. Easier to control a population that doesnt know how to think for themselves.

    There ARE teachers who still try to actually teach. They care about the kids. Unfortunately they get marched into the meat grinder too. No square pegs allowed.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I totally agree Granny. There are some really great teachers out there, unfortunately just like you said though, the system keeps on chugging along.

      Students are no longer individuals, they are numbers. The higher the test scores, the more students, the higher the profit margin.

  2. Thank you, President Carter…you moron.

    Actually, our first authority figures are our parents or grandparents or whatever caretakers we get.

    It strikes me that Jeopardy reinforces the regurgitation. Contestants get money for being the ones who know the most useless trivia. 🙄

  3. Cradle to grave control of the masses. I graduated in ’83. If you want to know more about this subject, I highly recommend NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education by Samuel Blumenfeld. Spells it out well. The schools are a business. They provide the workers for the elite class. Also read John Gatto’s books, The Underground History of American Education and Dumbing Us Down. Btw, the liberals HATE homeschoolers because they know we do not teach our kids that the state is god. They will be increasing their attempts to outlaw or highly regulate homeschooling if they get back into power.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Schools loose funds whenever kids are homeschooled. Like you said, it’s a business and the competition is the parents.

      1. Marleen

        My first thought, upon reading, was to wonder if you’re homeschooling your children (or intend to do so). As you may or might not recall, I home educated mine. My other thoughts were that I don’t blame teachers for student debt. And…

        Mark Charles — the spiritual price of the Doctrine of Discovery

        Kinda pisses people off when it seems things that have happened to other people happen to themselves. Wasn’t that only for other people? Well, we have it good compared to then ~ compared to the institutionalization of “the Indian to save the man.”

  4. When I was at school, there was NO talk of politics before high-school. Once in high-school, we started learning about different governments around the world and party principles. At uni we went into more specifics. However, VERY rarely would the professor express their personal opinion about the person in office. And if they did, we were all entitled to our opinions and we would debate. Now, first graders know which politician is the worst. Indoctrination at its finest. If you tell them what to think before they are able to think for themselves, they will adopt it.

    However, I do not fully agree with what you said about students not being able to say anything against the teacher and that it is because of female privilege. Ideally, teachers should be role-models. I grew up in a world in which teachers had some authority and I think it was a good thing. One learned respect at an early age. Have you ever thought about rebelling against your commander in the military?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I never thought about rebelling against my commander. You could be right Goldie, maybe I’m authoritarian averse.

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