Awaken From Your Slumber

Just a taste…that’s what the internet provides. A smidgen of opinion and information. That’s all that’s needed to spark interest in what seems like so many.

Whether your moment is centered around faith or politics, we could be witnessing a period where many awaken from their slumber.

Whenever questions abound, there are people, in the office, in the tub, or relaxing on their porch, people are looking for answers. Conversations and discussions are taking place. No longer do the original three channels provide the in-depth perspective that people seek out.

We are told to be careful and to exercise caution. That we should not look or read or watch, for our own safety. Nevertheless, more and more people are finally conducting the research themselves.

That is why the internet is presented as a scary place. Because the “fact” checkers are quickly loosing their control, over what used to be a sedated public. No longer must we be afraid to inquire the taboo, all it takes is a quick search.

An information revolution is upon us, the various and numerous ideas abound. Opinions are being voiced behind keyboards and touch screens. We remain tepid to venture out, since we are still learning. But eventually, the more we experience these cyber interactions the sooner we will begin to voice our ideas and perspectives in public with others.

That is why the engineers are diligently working to track and censor us. That is why the legislators and the law makers are devising plans to keep us afraid and in the dark.

The symptoms we suffer are that of a battered woman, afraid to leave and terrified to remain. We know not what we will encounter once we wander out. But with every passing day, the wilderness seems that much better.

What life is a life of fear and intimidation? In the wilderness there are lions and tigers and bears, spiders and viruses. Yet somehow, there are people out in the wilderness that somehow survive and eventually thrive.

Don’t believe everything you read or see or watch, but look for yourself for a change.

Ignorance may be bliss for a short time, but knowledge builds courage and experience grows wisdom.

Just a small taste to excite the taste buds, that’s all it takes to spark interest.


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