Why was Nelson Mandela in Prison?

Why was Nelson Mandela in prison?

Why was William Wallace executed?


19 thoughts on “Why was Nelson Mandela in Prison?

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Do you know exactly why Mandela was in prison?

          Do you know exactly why Wallace was executed?

          Did either deserve their punishment?

          Have you ever heard of the Mandela Effect?

              1. No, I didn’t say that. Did the Scottish deserve to be killed and ruled by the English? Did the Africans deserve Apartheid? Definitely all good questions. As long as we are on this earth there will be war. Looking forward to Jesus coming back because He will end all that.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  I hear ya Ryan, what I’m asking is if people understand the charges that were levied against these men, did the men commit the offenses they were found guilty of?

                  Do we forget what our heroes or idols actually did and didn’t do?

                  1. Right, what they taught us in school about history is full of half truths and outright lies, so there is a lot people should research for themselves. That’s what I do. Like with the moon landings for example or the Federal Reserve or whatever. I look into all kinds of things and many times history is not what we think it is. History was my favorite class by the way.

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