Why Has Character Been Lost?

I’ll admit, I enjoy the conflict. I also appreciate the candor that many bring to this blog and TidePodcast. My question is…

Why have so many allowed their character to be diminished?

The reason why I ask this is because it seems that many are afraid to be considered taboo. When engaging in conversation, debate or an all out argument, there are places and topics that many shrink away from in public.

I believe that many have either lost their character or they have purposely diminished their character, while in public, at the fear of what people may think, or say about them, behind their back.

Personally, whenever I overhear someone talk about me behind my back, in an unkind manner, I smile to myself and find it quite humorous.

The way I see it, if a person can’t say something to my face, then whatever they spew about me is worthless.

I don’t set out to be right or win any argument or discussion. I will however, be honest when my opinion or observation or thought about any subject is asked. The reason for this is simple, if I am to speak, I might as well make it mean something, or else I’m just an oxygen thief.

People who know me, know me. Whether they like me or not is insignificant, they do know my character and they know that when called upon, I will be honest and truthful with them.

If you refuse be who you are, then who are you really?


10 thoughts on “Why Has Character Been Lost?

  1. Ditto. I like the “oxygen thief” phrase.
    It’s a complicated issue, but I agree that life would be so much better and easier if we all followed your logic. People would not be so surprised by betrayals.

        1. I am in side watching the snow come down from my window at the moment. Earlier, I was inside the pool all day. I’ll be back at the pool, though not in the pool later too. Thanks for looking for me. 🙂

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