Better Than We Were Yesterday…

I often like to highlight and opine on the historical inaccuracies that are often force fed to us as children and further enforced upon our memory via entertainment, news and what are presented as “candid and truthful discussions” once we become legal adults.

I believe this is by design and not innocent in the least. The reason for the constant revision (re-vision, new eyes = new story) of history is simple…

To convince people to go along with your strategy, first you must convince them to change their ways. The way this is accomplished is through constant discussions and specials that are meant to highlight the sins of our ancestors past, but never attempt to understand why these “sins” took place.

So, a product such as “progress” is presented as a way to not only ensure the past sins are not repeated, but to also convince people that they are doing what is right, when for so long, “they” did what was wrong.

Instead of seeking independence, as an individual, people are encouraged to root out manufactured issues such as racism or sexism or inequality as a whole. The longer the masses are distracted with these false issues, the furtherance of control can be tightened.

Think about it…why are there so many government agencies and non-profit organizations dedicated to the sole purpose and mission of “fighting for equality” and destroying bad ideas. Yet, none of these agencies or organizations ever run on volunteer energy exclusively.

As long as we listen and follow directions, we are rewarded by being told that we are better today than our ancestors were yesterday.

Whether it is being told that a higher donation to the church will ensure entry into heaven or that fighting in a crusade will make up for a life of sin (Europe). Or inspiring the labor force to violently overthrow the ruling class (the birth of the Soviet Union, led by Lenin). Even convincing the populace that any detractors of the “new way” are a threat to us all (Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge) and must be silenced (murdered). Or even when a monarch or a government tells it’s own citizens that only one to two children per family is allowed, whether due to a food shortage, financial crisis or climate instability (China & Japan). So, like any good audience, we follow the bouncing ball and sing along.

We don’t know the truth of the matter, so we just go along to get along. A sense of pride begins to take hold and as they say…”pride before the fall”.

We are led to believe that any deviance from the course we voted for, will see us all driven and enslaved. Notice how it’s always a society as a whole that must comply, never a true grass roots movement.

In order to make history easy to digest, it is pitched from the viewpoint of the lowest common denominator, no nuance needed. “This was bad, this was good, etc.” a few dates, names and places sprinkled in to make the story exciting enough to produce an entire movie out of.

“Control the narrative, control the nation” or something like that. The answers are out there, the question is, are you able to accept the truth behind the historical actions.

Are we better today than we were yesterday?

Only time will tell.

The ground is filled with the true believers of the past, what makes us think that we are any different?


3 thoughts on “Better Than We Were Yesterday…

  1. I like Popeye and I will continue singing his theme song, thank you very much.

    I think guilt and shame are powerful manipulation tools. Those are being used right now without any cover.I believe in taking ownership for what I have done. However, I do not like being punished for something that someone else had done. Why would I feel bad about something “my people” did a million years ago? Those who do feel guilty are being fake and ass-kissy or are trying to make up for other mistakes they have made.

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