Only Males are Capable of Rape

Only the male of the species is capable of rape. Since rape requires penetration and only males have penises (designed for penetration), thereby only males are able to rape females and other males.

The interesting thing about this recent revelation is that there is no word for a female forcing herself onto a male, a sort of forced envelopment or the more common “forced to penetrate”. Since the vagina is designed to envelope and massage.

There is no antonym for rape, meaning, there is no word or term that is the direct opposite of rape or the opposite action of rape. Since rape refers to forced penetration, whether of the vagina, the anus or the mouth. A penis or other phallic devices are required.

Is forced digital penetration considered rape?

The reason why I find this interesting is because the penis is direct opposite of the vagina. The world is balanced between the light and the dark, the off and the on, the hot and the cold. How can we expect to have a conversation about the male victims of female envelopment, if there is no word to capture this agregious and demeaning action?

Yet another example of how the world turns its attention from violent women and continues to target innocent men.

Perhaps “Milking” could be an appropriate term for forced envelopment.


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  1. If the world’s ugliest woman.. (or just think back to the ugliest woman you’ve met in your own life) were to tie you down naked in bed, unconsensually, and tried to give you an erection in order to jump your bones… we could call that assault for sure. What would you call it?

    Keep in mind… let’s say you are of consensual age.. 18.. and your hormones at that age tend to kick off an all-day erection simply from an easterly breeze from an open window.. so you can’t really talk your erection down with your eyes closed (If you are over 30 you could likely talk yourself down). In fact, if she makes you ejaculate insider her (again possible at 18 but not so much over 30) and she gets pregnant with your child…. what might you call it?

      1. Looks was pertaining to the extreme example that a guy can’t be raped if he doesn’t achieve an “unwilling” erection… of which we all know is stimulated, at least in part, by the appearance of the partner. The use of restraints removes any possibility of it being consensual (if, in fact, the restraints don’t serve to heighten the unwanted sexual situation, but for the sake of this scenario we won’t assume that).
        I was attempting to set up an example scenario of a guy being completely and totally unwilling… yet subject to a measure of uncontrollable physical response to complete the act required from the assailant… and how that might not be included in “rape”… especially if he manages to unwillingly father a child with the female assailant.
        In other words, does it matter if the penetration itself is forced by an erect penis (traditional rape), or unconsensually forcing an otherwise flacid penis to become erect for consensual penetration? In one way it’s kinda like holding the male under “biological duress”, then restraining him from fending off an unwanted partner.
        On the other hand… is rape itself actually the “rape” of consent, which fits all situations. Both victims end up feeling violated sexually in the least (with all the other associated feelings in play). And we’ve not even added to this unconsensual anal penetration, which most definitely, as anal rape, be applied to both genders equally.

          1. You are correct.. no term exists. But “unconsensual” sex is a violation of the freedom to choose (not a right guaranteed by the Constitution, by the way.. it’s a measure of personal liberties), or freedom to give non-consent.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              But it’s still not rape and it doesn’t capture the same visual or visceral reaction that “rape” does.

      1. Perhaps you make a point on semantics. Rape is unwanted penetration.. anal rape, then fits both genders. Sexual assault can be “rape on a guy”.

          1. Let’s put it this way… if person A shoves something into any orifice of person B without person B’s consent.. is rape.. but a rape-that-has-to-be-defined.

              1. Is rape the “unwanted act of being penetrated by anything, anywhere on the human body” or genitalia-specific ONLY, applying to a man penetrating a woman in her vagina….. and any other unwanted bodily penetration is “just” sexual assault.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  I’m pretty sure for rape to be considered, it is a man with a penis that must forcibly penetrate another person.

          1. I’m just saying rape is rape. If one partner doesnt give consent, isn’t a willing participant, the other partner is committing rape. A woman having sex with a man who hasn’t consented, or felt pressured into the situation, or isn’t mentally able to agree…blah blah blah…is still rape.
            You can call it “milking”…. I call it rape.

              1. Dude, I’m basically agreeing with your point. Not the title of the post, but the point, unless I misunderstood, is that women can rape too, even if it isn’t called that.
                I’m saying rape is rape. Non-consensual sex is rape.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  I don’t think females are capable of rape when they use their vagina to envelop a penis. I don’t think that is categorized as rape.

                  1. I guess it depends on whether the person with the penis feels like they’ve been raped or not🤷🏼‍♀️ Not having a penis myself, I cant say. I’m willing to grant the same feeling of violation to them.

                    My ex raped me. It wasnt physically painful, doesnt mean it wasnt rape.

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Exactly Granny, your ex had a penis. And I’m guessing he penetrated you without your permission. Thereby a penis and only a penis penetrating is rape.

            1. Uhh.. there are other references regarding the term “milking”, some sexual. I think the appropriate term is.. coercion. The idea of coercing a person to do something they might not normally do.

                1. I understand what he’s trying to allude to… but our default must be current legal definition, as I am sure we all agree it’s a crime no matter how one might package the definition. Now.. do we need to change legal definitions because our current society has totally mucked up the definition of being a male or female? Very likely so. I’m not against legal definitions.. but I am a bit contrary when it comes to political correctness as it relates to human sexuality. For example.. “Don’t get pissed at me if your gender isn’t at all obvious to me and I refer to you as being something you are not.”
                  Just imagine all the legal sexual gender gobble-de-gook when trying to assign a sex crime to a gender-modified human being either as a victim or the culprit.

                  1. I think in the name of “equality” we have to change the definition of rape from the penis or foreign object penetrating an orifice to non-consensual sexual contact… or whatever legalese.

                    On gender identity I just use they/them as default now. I got “schooled” by my younger daughter when she was dating a non-binary person.

                    I read a book, cant remember the title or author but people used “person” or “per” universally in place of names. Per’s house… give it to per… why is per angry… Maybe that’s the way to go. Of course, then we’ll get caught up on what defines a person😂

                    1. I’m sorry… that stuff can be for the next generation. Not that I don’t care.. I truly do care about the human condition; it’s sorta my background. But to develop new politically correct terms simply because people have to have a separate identity to seek some collective acceptance in society… I dunno. To me you are a human being. If you want to modify your gender and enjoy tripping me up… I want no part of it. Ugh. Makes me sound like an inflexible old fart.. which I am not. It’s bad enough I am a entitled white guy (although I don’t feel it) and responsible for all the ills of the world because of that. But I refuse the multitude of new human classifications.
                      Sorry.. just venting a bit… barking at the damn moon. 🙂

          2. Unconsensually. 🙂
            With brings to mind the idea of redundancy. Is unconsensual sex the same as rape? Or does rape imply an action between a penis and an “unwilling” vagina? Seems we’ve accepted a generic definition of rape for social/moral applications… ie. rape is any unconsensual sexual act or any penetrative act against another person for sexual gratification.

            Have we beaten this to death yet? 🙂

    1. …unless he has made that a consensual scenario in advance… or the intimacy of marriage includes such open displays of affection based on trust and total communication.

  2. From the dictionary:

    “unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual  penetration of the vagina,  anus or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body  part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim.”

    A female can knock you out, tie you up and rape you, anally, with a broom handle. Your penis does not even have to be involved.

      1. Rape is a crime of penetration. A vagina can’t penetrate anything. Even electrical equipment is the same way. Plug is “male”, socket is “female”.

        That being said, I have heard of charges being applied to women whom stimulated a male against his will and “took” penetration, either vaginally or by mouth. I’ve read of sexual assault charges & rape. Depends upon how each state views it?

        Plus, in federal law:

        “using unlawful force against that person”

        I can see juries interpreting “force” as “forcefully stimulating a male to take penetration”. In that regard, a vagina/mouth can rape you if interpreted as such. Depends upon presentation, extenuating circumstances and mood of the jury.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Is sexual assault the exact same as rape?

              How is it medically possible to prove a male was forcibly milked?

              1. Technically, it IS a sexual assault. Legally? There appears to be some line jumping.

                If the “forced stimulation” was rough, there could be scratches, blood vessel damage, bruising, the valves that control the blood can be damaged… Which leads me to, can forced ingestion of Viagra or Cialis be sexual assault and/or rape?

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  That is a good question Victoria.

                  I wonder…how many males would feel comfortable coming forward to report being forced to penetrate? How would a male prove they were forced?

                  1. I can’t answer the first one. The second…the aforementioned signs of damage. If no damage, the accusation, alone, would turn heads and it would be investigated…or should. In today’s climate, with white male hate, I don’t know how that would go down.

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I don’t think that female to male sex crimes are really investigated that much…perhaps if it’s a female teacher to male underaged student and they have text messages and pics or videos.

                      But I think this is largely overlooked and ignored. Partly because of how hard it is to prove beyond a reasonable doubt and also because people believe that it rarely of ever happens.

                      Who would believe a male who claimed he was made to have sex with a female? Or a male that claims he was forced to received oral sex?

                    2. Well, all that gets into the discussion about what drives those who rape, to rape. I’ve heard for years that rape was not a sex crime, it was a power crime, a crime of violence. I’ve also heard, over and over again, that older women going after underage men want to dominate and control the male. It makes them feel powerful and, in some cases, adored and worshiped.

                      If a man was violated/sexually assaulted/raped, it should be reported. Will it be investigated…IDK. NO ONE should have to go thru that regardless of gender.

  3. Women, mothers, can raise a boy to rape in adulthood. A strange way of referring the female parent influencing a male to do this, I am thinking of the movie ‘Red Dragon’. Although he did not force himself on women, he was denied his humanity.

    His granmother who raised him was present in his mind.

    Men might rape, women manipulate…

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