I was Catfished by Trump

Back in 2016, I shoulda swiped left when a charismatic candidate caught my eye and spoke to my heart.

His profile description hit on everything I’ve been looking for in a candidate…my entire life.

– He talked about ending the seemingly never ending wars

– He talked about building a wall…that has yet to come to fruition

– He talked about protecting and defending the 2A

And many many more promises.

Yet, less than a year into his presidency, he seemed to forget about those who got him his very own monogramed presidential jacket.

He gave up on building a wall.

He sold out on the 2A

He proceeded to drop ordinance and continue the never ending wars, receiving praise from his most ardent detractors.

Once Trump was inaugurated on 20 January, 2017, his attention shifted from me to them. His lust grew for those who opposed us and him. Trump wanted to be loved by everyone so much, that he easily and carelessly tossed me aside and forgot to answer my calls, all to be embraced by Wall Street and his old liberal business buddies.

Trump surrounded himself with the leeches of Goldman Sachs.

So now the impeachment hearings begin.

And I couldn’t care less. I hope Trump gets impeached. He so easily forgot about me, so in-turn, I find it easy to forget about him.

Whatever will be…will be.

I live and I continue to learn, never again will I be so easily turned on.

In any case, Trump will not have my support for the impeachment and he will not have my support in 2020.

If my vote isn’t important enough to honor and my letters are not important enough to be answered, then I realize I am of no importance.

Trump needs important people, not folks like me, the unimportant ones. Simple taxpayers are only good for one thing…their taxes.


2 thoughts on “I was Catfished by Trump

  1. Marleen

    Trump read his big magic marker script (Wednesday) in a sing-songy style like he used when he read the story of the snake during the campaign. “Stupid woman,” you let me in:

    I want nothing
    I want nothing
    I want no prid pro quo

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