The Employment Gap

Whether or not you ascribe to the wage gap, one thing is certain. Men are far less employable than women. The notion that women struggle to break the glass ceiling, leaves a few gaps in the reality of the idea of who can do what and who can get away with more.

Like it or not, regardless of how progressive our society is painted to be, the same primitive nature remains. The amount of jobs open to women, far outweighs the few jobs that are primarily manned by men.

The argument against the wage gap, usually circles around how men work later and longer and in professions with a much higher risk factor. Yet…if a husband and wife couple both work, the man’s employer would not be as forgiving when it came to family matters as the wife’s employer is.

If the couple has a sick child, more than likely the woman’s employer would understandably allow the woman time off from work to care for her sick child. The man’s employer would probably state “why can’t your wife stay home today, we have a lot of work to accomplish”. Thereby, the man would be obligated to practically beg his employer for time off to care for his sick child, by explaining his family situation and why he must take the day off, so his wife can work.

A man is expected to be a man, whereas society still considers women in the workforce to be more or less looking for a hobby. If a crazy person starts shooting up your workplace, it’s the men in that workplace that the women look to for protection from the crazy person. Take a male nurse working amongst female nurses, the male nurse is always expected to handle the out of control patients, even if it is not in his job description. If a man in a workplace refuses to be the protector of the women in that workplace, his tenure will more than likely be short-lived, and the women in that workplace will look at him and address him with a tone of shame and disgust. His failing to live up to his “manliness”, will always be held against him by both men and women.

Is it fair to expect men to always be on the ready to assist with heavy boxes and assholes?

Far more is expected of men and from men, whether in the home, at school or in the workplace.

If we are going to talk about pay, then we should also discuss expectations and whether or not men are granted the same latitude as women when unexpected life stuff arises at the worst possible times.

If a woman was hired to do a job, then like a man, I expect that job to be accomplished, regardless of the sex of the individual.

If we cannot grant men the same excuses we grant women, then equality is merely a crack pipe dream.

Do women bosses treat the men who work for them as equals to their female employees and grant them the same level of fragility?

Do man bosses treat the men who work for them as equals to their female employees and grant them the same level of fragility?


57 thoughts on “The Employment Gap

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              It’s because society doesn’t really want to achieve equality, if they did, then there’d be nothing left to whine about and no money to be made.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Exactly Jeanne. It’s not men’s fault or women’s fault. It’s how we have survived for so long. It just is what it is.

  1. Marleen

    It’s sort of a circular logic, though, isn’t it? We want women to have and take care of children, but then we want to blame them for not spending more time at paid work.

          1. Marleen

            Pretty much true. Women who choose to be moms and care for their children full time have nothing to fall back in. Too bad.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              They have child support and alimony and welfare and food stamps. The government pays single moms, not single dads.

                  1. Marleen

                    So the issue is the law (which varies state to sate). Whoever has higher pay tends to have to pay alimony (for some amount of time). In other words, I know “ONE (1) woman who” had to pay alimony — because she had a higher income. You know why she had a higher income? Because he quit work when they got married and became a gambler — with her money.

                    1. Marleen

                      He didn’t quit work (or didn’t never work) to take care of kids. What did it take for him to have a lower income than the woman in his life? Not working.

                    2. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Maybe that’s how he dealt with the stress of his wife always working? Maybe she should’ve been smarter when picking a mate.

                    3. Marleen

                      That’s the way it always goes. It’s the bitch’s fault. No matter what. She is remarried, and her husband isn’t a little wimp who can’t handle her being a real live human being. They have two kids, one adopted and one she gave birth to (despite being told it wasn’t good for her health).

                    4. Marleen

                      That’s over. I don’t know how long she had to do it. In the divorce, they also agreed a truck they/she bought was to be his. He was supposed to make the continuing payments since he was keeping it. He didn’t pay, so they went after her. They said they’d take the truck if she didn’t pay. She said, take it.

  2. Maybe growing up and living where I do has given me a different perspective than the rest of the country… my daughter is a nurse and when there is heavy lifting or a patient with dementia being combative, it’s not the male nurses that are looked to, it’s whoever is bigger or stronger.

    In CA we have “family leave” for either parent or both to take time off to care for a sick child or elderly parent.

    When I was working as a supervisor I had the same expectations for my female and male employees. It was computer/phone work, so physical strength didnt matter.

    If women really are all looking to men to “save them” then they are reducing themselves. A person cant have it both ways.

          1. I would LOVE to see a dude don a Hooters outfit & serve me. I mean a REAL dude, not a gay one. That would be a scream. I’d buy him a beer. 😉😆

            That being said, the gay one would be fun, too. They are usually funny as hell.

              1. Marleen

                I’ve seen plenty of men in all those positions, just not Hooters (while I don’t go to hooters, I’ll give you that one… but most women don’t want that).

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Really? Do you see more men or more women in those positions?

                  How many male sports reporters are allowed into the female locker rooms, when those female athletes are naked or cleaning up?

      1. Meaning???
        The classic case of not getting a ticket? Who in their right mind would beg for a ticket instead of a warning? Am I gonna flash my boobs, bat my eyes or cry? NO! but I’ll take no ticket any day.

        Do I expect to have my date pay? If they did the inviting sure or Dutch is fine. If I do the inviting, I expect to pay.

      1. I’m just saying that looking around me, where I live, shop, etc guys aren’t that much bigger than women.

        Like I said at the beginning, the rest of the country may be different. Its interesting to get viewpoints and opinions from other places.

    1. I’m 5′ 9″. And, I am the short one on my mom’s side. All my female cousins are taller than I am. The ‘shortest’ of my mom’s four brothers is 6′ 3″.

      And the notion that the tall boys all should play basketball? I have a male cousin that is 6′ 8″. He is a computer geek & plays classical guitar. Said he suffered from “white man’s disease” regarding basketball. 😄

      The world really shouldn’t run on stereotypes. 🤔🤨😊

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