So My Children Won’t Have To…

I heard this line many times from my leadership while I was in. “I fight and serve, so my children won’t have to”. Yet it seems as if the wars will never end.

I was blessed. I joined late 1990s, and I was only across the pond a handful of times. Could you image the service member that joined only a few months prior to 9/11? Their entire military service has been in conflict. This past September marks 18 years, and the end is no where in sight.

I sometimes wonder if the tumultuous times we live in, are partially due to the continuous wars being fought on 2 or more fronts simultaneously. The wars our country has been involved in were all relatively short in time, once Vietnam came about. Yet now the Vietnam timeline seems short in comparison.

What does a nation do with an entire population of military service members, who were on a constant rotation their entire 20+ year career? We have never been stretched thinner or for this amount of time.

The saddest part of all, I wonder, were the sacrifices of those before, not enough to satisfy the hunger for dominance?

I didn’t serve so my kids wouldn’t have to, I didn’t have kids at the time. But now I wonder, will my children go off one day to fight the same battles I did? Will my grandchildren be called to serve on the same fronts as I did?

If so…what the hell are we even doing there?

Is there an end in sight?

Is there a definable finish line?

A transition from the military is always challenging…now add 20 years of getting shot at and blown up.

America is gone, forever lost. It’s warriors come home to a nation divided over words and phrases.

Conflict overseas, conflict at home.

Was it all worth it in the end?

What were we defending from anyway?

What are we to do, when we have lost the sanctuary of our homeland, all while defending it from foreign invaders, just to return to a place, hardly recognizable upon our return?

Who is the real enemy that threatens our way of life and what restricts our freedoms, that so many had to die to protect?

Was it all worthwhile in the end?

Maybe I should just shut the fuck up and be thankful for VA disability and a veteran discount?


3 thoughts on “So My Children Won’t Have To…

  1. Sometimes war is necessary. Im not sure that occupying Afghanistan is necessary at all. Seems like a huge fucking waste of our resources. Fuel, ammunition, time, money, potential, lives, etc…

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