Suicide the Tribe

With all of this hubbub about climate change, it seems that the tribe of the progressives, is committing suicide. Have you ever wondered why the left has pushed to the extreme of child voters or illegal voters? Well, that is because, with abortion on the rise among the progressives, they are loosing organic would be voters, by aborting their own.

So maybe, instead of fighting to end legal abortions, perhaps simply stand aside and witness the self inflicted death of the left.

Maybe I’m wrong about being opposed to abortion. Perhaps, instead I should celebrate.

Since the progressives are not committed to GROWING their own constituent base from the magic of baby making. Then perhaps, the virus they suffer from, will soon starve to death. Until then, they’ll continue to outsource their workers from foreign lands. Because the left is 100% committed to ensuring that no American has a job or a place at the table, that is why they are globalists and not nationalists.

So don’t block the entrance to your local abortion clinic and stop protesting. The more noise we make, the sooner they may find out.

Make a way and clear a path, for liberals to abort their own!


20 thoughts on “Suicide the Tribe

  1. Marleen

    … they’ll continue to outsource their workers from foreign lands. Because the left is 100% committed to ensuring that no American has a job or a place at the table, that is why they are globalists and not nationalists.

    It is those more to the right that pushed for global free trade. Republicans had wanted it, and the right-leaning Bill Clinton was president when it got through. It would help — maybe you — to differentiate between “progressives” and Democrats. ( We’ve discussed before that progressive can mean different things. Here, in this topic, I’m referring to current political progressives. ) Donald Trump talks a big game against immigration, but he upped his own intake of foreign workers for properties with his name involved. He and his kids also have products produced in China. And the revered Ivanka had gained Chinese favor since 2016.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Unless his opponents are prepared to round up his supporters, he’ll never be removed from office, unless he loses an election.

          The dems don’t have the sack to do anything outside of talk.

          1. Marleen

            You’re probably right that he won’t be removed (officially) from office, as the senate is dominated by Republicans — who loves them their globalism. If there were enough votes to remove him, he’d prefer war over abiding by the law.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Marleen, I think you underestimate his supporters.

              When was the last time a president was forced out of office?

              I think the ramifications of removing trump by force will have devastating effects on the nation as a whole.

              1. Marleen

                Last time? Nixon (not removed by official votes, but he saw it coming). He was also a globalist. Remember the “Nixon to China” moment.

                  1. Anonymous

                    No one officially. Does that mean it’s not in the Constitution?

                    Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, and Deng Xiaoping during the state dinner for the Vice Premier of China, January 29, 1979. (Jimmy Carter Library)


                    Until the 1970s, most Western countries recognized the ROC while the communist bloc and third world countries generally recognized the PRC. This gradually shifted…


                    1. Marleen

                      So… never mind the Constitution, then? The Republican Party has pretended they have a monopoly on respecting the Constitution for quite a while. But I think Trump’s supporters have rocks in their heads. Donald Trump says being hit in the head with a rock isn’t much different than being hit with a bullet.

  2. Only two presidents have actually been impeached, (Impeachment is the charges and trial.) Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Neither were “convicted”, removed from office. Nixon resigned before impeachment could begin.

    Personally, I think the things that Trump has been accused of is worse, from our country’s standpoint, than Clinton having an affair. I thought the whole Clinton thing was a waste of taxpayer money. It wasn’t anyone’s business but his and his wife’s. Just my opinion.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Totally granny, but in this climate of MAGA and not my president, the opposing sides are looking for any chance to strike back at the other.

      Any politician that suggests removal from office, will start a fight that will end badly for both sides. The smarter politicians will go on tv and talk a good game, to motivate their base to support them, but when it comes down to decision time, they all will become lame ducks. No one wants to be the one that strikes first.

      1. That’s just it, everyone is SO polarized. All they care about is their side. Our government is so broken. I am flabbergasted at the stuff that’s happening. It’s so ridiculous it would be funny if the repercussions weren’t so bad.

        Maybe it’s just all coming to light more??

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