How to Identify a Slave

Here in America, a popular talking point is the past transgression of slavery and the implementation of Jim Crow. It’s always shoved in your face, but I would argue that the topic of slavery and Jim Crow is pointed in a way to distract from the ongoing slave trade and the furtherance of Jim Crow type laws and normalities.

The way a person is usually brought into slavery, is after war. The losing side becomes the slaves of the winning side. This technique for attaining forced labor is as old as time itself, yet it remains the main factor in determining who will eventually become a slave and who will eventually become the slave master.

Like I said in the beginning, talking about slavery is popular these days, but really it’s nothing but talk.

When Jim Crow was prevalent in the south, blacks and whites were segregated. Yet today, felons are also segregated. Felons are still looked upon as cheap or slave labor. Felons remain second class citizens, that must pay into a system that they have no possibility of reaping the rewards of.

Felons, while in confinement are traded from penitentiary (plantation) to penitentiary (plantation). The American Justice System funded by our tax dollars ensure that forced labor continues to this very day.

Take Kamala Harris for example. She wants everyone to see her dark complexion and believe that she has a vagina. I would argue that Mrs. Harris is a slave master. So yes, slavery is not a black or white issue, like always and today, it’s a class issue.

The felons fought the law and the law won, so the felons are now and forever slaves.

How many children are taken from their parents, when their parents commit a crime? The state takes custody of the children and their parents are locked away (transported in chains) and forced to work the fields for the state.

How many rapes take place in prisons, from the other inmates or the prison staff? When a prisoner breaks out, a posse and search parties are quickly called into action.

Slavery, if you’re gonna talk about it, at least be honest about it.

In order to understand slavery, one must be able to identify the means in which slavery takes place.

If you become afraid when a felon is on the lose, then you can understand how scared people were when they heard that a slave was on the run.

It’s understandable that anyone who doesn’t understand slavery would be pro-gun control and push for more gun control legislation and regulation. Further empowering the state (slave master). Since it was only the slave master who had the guns and the whips.

It’s also understandable why people don’t understand slavery, since it’s the slave master (the state) who controls the Department of Education.


8 thoughts on “How to Identify a Slave

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      The more slaves a ruler possesses, the more powerful they are. The more slaves a slave master owns, the more they PROFIT of the slave labor.

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