Change the Words

If you change certain words around, it becomes quite easy to control the conversation and lose the point all together.

Take “capitalism” for instance. In this political climate of capitalism vs. socialism, the term “greed” is replaced with “capitalism”. This type of wordplay paints the term “capitalism” as evil and maniacal, because it is used in place of greed. With this type of weaponized finagling, all capitalists suddenly are portrayed as evil greedy bastards.

What about the term “better” or “best”? “Be better” or “try your best”. These terms preclude failure, since better or best are used to signify that all means were used in the “effort”. Why not just say “be mature” or “do what you said you would do”? The terms “mature” and “do what you said” signifies a person who will make the right decision over a person who “did their best”.

So, if you mean to say “greed” or “greedy” say that. Don’t try and virtue signal by saying “capitalist”.

If you mean to say “mature” or “be a man of your word” then say that instead of asking for pity by saying “I did my best” or “I’ll be better next time”.


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