Trust the Institution?

I wonder what the “experts” and “professionals” say about this?

Everyone needs a job, it just depends on how greedy or desperate they are, will determine what they are willing to do.


14 thoughts on “Trust the Institution?

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          To be honest, I think we all do this. It’s easy to sit back and talk about the media, but plenty of us have jobs or live lives based on a lie in some form or facets.

          It only matters when we are caught.

          1. I’m gonna have give that more thought… I’m looking for the lies in my life…🤔
            If you mean like cheating on taxes, or sales jobs, or instagram perfect lives… I can see lies in that. Definitely more thought needed.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Sure, lying on taxes, not being honest with your boss about why you had to call out one day. We all lie, yet we only call out the lies of others.

              1. Yeah, okay… a lot of people aren’t big on self-reflection. This thing about lying comes up fairly often in the blogs I follow. I dont really lie about stuff anymore. I used to, sure. I just dont have the energy anymore and its easier for me just to tell the truth.
                Of course, I dont work and I’m basically a hermit so it’s easier for me😂

                  1. Yes and no. I have to answer to my pain management doctor if I choose to take drugs or medication other than what he prescribes. I have to answer to Social Security if I want to keep receiving my monthly SSDI. I rent my house, so …. but I see your point.

  1. O’Keefe dropped a big stinker on ABC. And, ABC said squat about it on the evening news, tonight. Liars. All of them.

    So, you changed your “Shaken. Not Stirred. A Place To Speak Freely” tagline. Porta Potty Musings???

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