Misplaced Value

Value is misplaced in society, in my opinion anyway.

The reason for this misplaced value is quite simply jealousy and greed. We allow ourselves to be fooled into believing that life is always better with a little more risk and a little more work. If this were true, then we wouldn’t be in the place where we are now, the place we always have been, the place we remain.

Overspending and overworked. The population in America that “lacks” a higher degree of formal education vastly outnumbers the population that has been formally educated. Yet, time and time again, we find comfort in looking to and referring to the “research” and “findings” of people we don’t know personally.

Teachers and educators are often praised for their “hard work”, yet it’s the truck driver or the sanitary worker that keeps our life moving, comfortable and possible. The scientists and researchers that are so easily googled, would be impossible to reference in the moment, if it weren’t for the people who keep the power on and the towers functional.

We’ve been inundated with “experts” and “professionals”, yet nothing really ever changes. The experts develop methods of measuring and comparing, but life continues to prove, time and time again, that “life happens”, regardless of the incorporated changes, meant to divert disaster.

The longer a person attempts to control chaos, eventually that person defines chaos with their day to day life. We don’t recognize the chaos that we eventually embrace, since science tells us that we are making the right decisions, yet the predicted outcome eludes us, since the predictions were merely speculation.

At our core, we know the difference between right and wrong, yet to acknowledge those truths, requires personal responsibility. And that is why we so rely on the experts and professionals, because the longer we take heed of what they say, the longer we will avoid confronting the personal responsibility of our own, individual decisions.

The choices an individual makes, must account for the outcome that requires self reflection and personal responsibility. If a person makes a decision based on the research of others, then that person will always be at a loss, since one must internally understand the risk involved and the cost if their decision is to be realized.

Just cause someone else says it, doesn’t make it true.

When educators strike, it’s a minor inconvenience. When you’re without power or potable water, death is just around the corner.

A brick of gold is only as valuable as the price someone is willing to pay for it.

A home provides shelter and reprieve from the elements.

Realize the difference between momentary value and true value.

The decision is yours to make and yours to deal with.

Know for yourself, before you make the decision to be a follower.


10 thoughts on “Misplaced Value

  1. YES!!! Why is everyone pushed toward college to go into debt to get a degree they cant use when a trade school would be a better fit for some? Where are the trade schools? Why dont people think for themselves instead of regurgitating their favorite talking head? Oh, I know why, because our children are being taught how to take tests to get high measurable scores instead of being taught to think, question, learn.

    Dang. Sorry, went off on a little rant there.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      No worries Granny, rant and vent away girl. I wrote this because it seems that people find security in referencing the work of others, without ever knowing the researcher personally. If you don’t know the person…then how can you trust their assertions?

      1. Even if you trust the person’s work why would anyone just swallow it whole? Always, always, ALWAYS question! Always remember there are different views, that data can be skewed… use your own brain! Most people have access to all kinds of information right in their hand. USE IT! Check other sources, check the “other side’s” view… THINK!!!

        I want to shake the sheeple! The zombies who have turned their brains off. I dont even care if their views match mine, I just want people to think for themselves. Grrrr…
        Maybe it’s my nap time, I’m kinda cranky😂

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          That is why I do zero research and provide only my own data for my posts. Take it with a grain of salt, I ain’t that important and nobody is that important. After all, it’s only information, words and numbers, they only have power, when we give them our power.

          1. Yep. Too many people just repeat what someone else said. Is it hero worship, wanting to belong to a group, laziness?

            How can there be any discussion when people are just shouting slogans at each other? Its exhausting.

              1. I love this phrase. It pretty much sums it all up very nicely.

                People DO NOT want to take responsibility for anything any more, but they sure are ready to point the finger when something goes wrong, not realizing that when you point one finger in front, 3 are pointing right back at you. Most of these “so called specialists” today are more messed up than the very people they “are supposed” to help.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  All the information in the world and we become dependent on such information machines that we no longer carry cash.

              2. I love this phrase. it sums everything up very well.

                People today don’t want to take responsibility for anything. They would rather be the victim of this or the victim of that. And when something does go wrong, they are very quick to point the finger, not realizing that when you are pointing one finger forward, three fingers are pointing directly back at you. These “specialists” today are often way more messed up than the people the are claiming to help. We live in a strange, messed up world, and things are going to get far worse, sad to say.

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