Have You Forgotten?

In a world of holier than thou and try your best…I wonder, have some forgotten?

Those who put their faith in man, or in others, will always be let down. It’s in the Bible, many times over. Faith in God and God alone.

Whenever I post something, I do not proclaim it to be gospel, rather just thoughts and observations. I am without a doubt, a hypocrite and far from any semblance of congenial.

I do not disagree for fun, rather an attempt to understand what I do not witness or experience for myself.

Those who attempt to catch me up in my own words, will be sorely let down, once it is written, it is often forgotten. I am a fool, since I want to understand, that which I do not know, firsthand.

So, I may type something that you may find obscene, offensive or flat out wrong. I don’t see the problem with being honest with my inquiry, regardless of what you may express in return.

Read at your own risk, and perhaps enjoy the banter or feign moral outrage behind your keyboard. Whatever suits your fancy, it’s your life to waste.

Never forget, I am more annoying than actually insightful.

I do enjoy the conversation, and I rarely take things personally or to heart. I have a life to live, outside of this make believe world of “my opinion is better than yours”. So, don’t waste your time, trying to cut me down, I could really care less.

Although, if you come up with a great put down, please share, as I might use it, in my real life.

Have fun reading, but don’t hurt your head, I’m a dummy, in an arena of experts and intellectuals that are more than ready to pounce on bad ideas.


11 thoughts on “Have You Forgotten?

    1. Dang Coffee. I had to go get my EpiPen because all this self disclosure was causing the happiness inside me to make my throat close up.

      But I digress…

      I dont always agree with your writing and sometimes your style can cause the intent of the question/conversation can be misconstrued. I do, however, really enjoy reading your blog. It has become increasingly well written with each week. It usually makes me think and ask questions and then it usually leads to a follow up convo.

      Keep doin’ you my brother.


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