I’m a Simple Man

I’m a simple man, but society tells me that I am a white man.

I’m a simple man, but society tells me I’m a cis gendered white man.

I’m a simple man, from humble beginnings, but society tells me that I’m privileged because I’m a white cis gendered man.

I’m a simple man that works hard to support my family, but society tells me that I am responsible for all of the cis gendered white privileged men that came before me and that I must pay for their sins.

I’m a simple man that admires hard work, but society tells me that I must stand aside and allow others to cut me in line, since my color and my sex and my beliefs make me an aggressor to those who are not the same color or sex and tell me what I believe is make believe.

I’m a simple man, yet when I do voice my opinion, I am told my opinion is racist or sexist or xenophobic or Islamaphobic or not informed or not based in science.

I’m just a simple man that has been told his whole life by society…that I am not what their looking for.

I’m just a simple man, that one day, when my kids come home from college, might call me a racist or a sexist or a xenophobe or a homophobe.

I’m a simple man, all I want is the opportunity to provide and protect my family, from a society that tells us we are less than.

One day my son will grow into a man, I’ll do everything I can as a simple man to prepare him for a society that considers him trash as well.


20 thoughts on “I’m a Simple Man

  1. I’ve had my fill of this socially engineered bullshit. 1000s of years ago, we existed in a matriarchal society. Now, we are emerging from a patriarchal society. The pendulum is swinging back. At least you aren’t being burned at the stake or bound & thrown into a river.

    Everything in life should be balance. Males have roles. Females have roles. One sex is no better than the other. No race is better than the other. But, as long as we are all victims of the power structure that rules our lives, this crap will continue.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      A race question on an application and a culture question on an application, prove that color has been legitimized.

  2. Beautifully penned. Almost poetic.
    They say you don’t understand. That you never could.
    Your post is a great illustration as to what I meant about slaves rising to overpower the master.
    Honestly, I feel tired. It’s my weekend and I choose to close my eye and not see the problems.

  3. I feel every piece of this. Im a white, male social worker who works with the homeless in a medium sized city (200k population) in the Southeast US. Ive had my whiteness thrown in my face a few times🤣🤣🤣🤣

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