California Burning

Are the wildfires in California, Democrat or Republican?

If you watch any national media coverage on the California wildfires, it seems that it’s the other side that deserves the blame.

The right will blame the left for their liberal doctrine and the left will blame the right for denying climate change.

So, between the left and the right…who or what is actually helping the families and individuals suffering from the wildfires?

Perhaps the California wildfires are another example of partisan government being unable to provide actual assistance to Americans, due to the inability of representatives, to see the forest from the trees?

How can we expect to save the world…if we can’t even save our own neighbors?

How can we help our own neighbors when our money is continually being spent overseas to help strangers?

When we become more obsessed with blame than we do with solutions, then problems will continue to persist.

How much longer will Californians deal with the fire?


24 thoughts on “California Burning

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      It’s sad, truly sad Goldie. It’s times like this, the government, both state and federal that shows us exactly where we fall on their list of priorities.

  1. Marleen

    Those fires are so huge, I don’t know what anyone can do about them. Some are said to be hot enough to turn sand into glass. If only everyone had raked the whole forest on, say, a weekly basis.

  2. It IS ridiculous to stand on party lines when people need help. Its ridiculous that utility companies are putting people’s lives in danger so the shareholders get fat checks.

    California has fires in October. It happens every year. Its partly due to the weather patterns that happen in October. This year is really bad because of a wetter spring (more growth) and a longer, hotter summer (dried everything out). The Santa Ana winds which usually only last a couple days have been going for pretty much two weeks. Sends embers hundreds of yards away.

    I’m glad I’m not in any of the current fires but in 03 the sky was red and ash was falling for days

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      My heart goes out to them. I couldn’t imagine what it must feel like, to be helpless to save your family and your belongings.

      1. The fires move SO fast. It’s really scary. We live in a Valley and could see the fire moving down the mountains around us.
        I hope we dont have a wet winter. After all the fires, if it rains a lot we’ll get mud slides. Insult to injury.

          1. A lot of people would say “let it burn. A bunch of (insert Democrat, liberal, gun stealing, etc) anyway, who needs them” That’s where our country seems to be. Party Line, gotta stick to the Party Line. My Party, right or wrong instead of the old my COUNTRY right or wrong.
            But is it just the media telling people what think and them swallowing it whole? Do Republicans really hate Democrats and vice versa? I believe most people a kind. I believe most people would help another human, no matter what gender, race, etc.
            The power is where the money is and the almighty dollar rules all.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Yes it does Granny. Money is not the root of all evil…it’s the LOVE and LUST of money that IS the root of all evil.

              1. Absolutely agree!! Basic needs and a little extra for fun, something put away for emergencies and old age…that’s all anyone needs.
                Even if I won the lottery I could NOT spend hundreds of dollars on a shoes, or pants. Its ridiculous.

    2. I understand that, in PG&E’s case, instead of using funds to upgrade existing infrastructure, like burying lines for example, they were forced by the CA gov to invest in solar & wind technologies. When their old, existing technology caused the, what, Paradise fire (?), they were bankrupted by the lawsuits.

      I am NOT a power company advocate by ANY stretch of the imagination. I HATE Duke Power (Duke Energy) here (don’t even get me started on their coal ash spill). But, the CA gov has had a big hand in some of those fires.

      1. Both PG& E and SDG&E have the state locked down. The mess between the utilities, the government and us poor schmucks goes back decades and I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse.
        The utilities have enough money they could do both fix the existing in the high fire areas and invest in renewable.
        The people who build their homes in the back country and dont keep weeds, brush etc clear own part of their loss too. It’s like building a home on the coast of Florida and being upset when a hurricane flattens it, or it gets flooded. Mother Nature is always going to win.

        1. Yeah. People share the responsibility, too. I’m amused at folks that move to our coast and become incensed when they suffer damage from the hurricanes. Hello? Did you not do any research on NC? We stick out and there is a reason why our waters are called the Graveyard of the Atlantic.

          Good point.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Nope, no they won’t. Even then, they’ll require armed security…even if it means, the families of the armed security people, must be separated.

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