The Judgement of Solomon

The Hebrew King, King Solomon. Two women, fighting over a child, took their quarrel to King Solomon for judgement. Both women claimed the child as their child. Since neither woman would give up the child, King Solomon decided to “half” the child, to cut the child in two, and give half to each woman. Upon receiving this decision, one woman agreed to the decision, while the mother opposed this decision and immediately granted the rights of the child to her opponent. The true mother wanted her child to live, if that meant handing over custody, then that’s what she would do. Upon hearing the mother grant custody of the child to her rival, King Solomon knew who the real mother was.

I wrote a post the other day, 51% of Americans Want…. I referenced the constant barrage of polls cited in order to bolster a person’s stance. The more I look into this nefarious ploy, the more I become convinced that…maybe these number are more accurate that I want to admit.

You see, the population is the U.S. is approximately 329,914,980 (this number will continue to rise, it’s probably already obsolete). Now, if we take the three largest cities by population density, NYC, LA and Chicago, the sum of their population is approximately: 21,953,346. A whopping total of almost 7% of the entire population of the U.S..

All three cities are democrat and progressive by their own admission. Now, if we were to add Atlanta, D.C., Dallas, Houston, Charlotte, Charleston, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, Trenton, Boston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Honolulu, Minneapolis, Detroit and Nashville. Then the percentage of Americans living in progressive democrat metropolises rises dramatically. So maybe those polls are actually true.

Now, the same ideology of progression is the same ideology that led to and ultimately resulted in “Manifest Destiny” or, the settling of the west. Westward expansion, ultimately conquering the natives and expanding the influence of the American dollar.

This ideology still holds true today as it did during King Solomon’s reign. The progressive take and take and take. We small towners, stay out of and away from the large cities, to protect our children, to maintain our lifestyles and to preserve our way of life. Yet time and time again, the progressives find ways to continue to infiltrate our homes and the minds of our children.

They create homosexual characters for kids television shows. They preach liberal doctrine in our schools, they take our guns away, they prohibit speech and expression that doesn’t align with their bottom line. They tell us that they are the majority, so we are forced into feeding the large cities by way of bending the knee to their will.

New York State is ruled by NYC, Illinois is dominated by Chicago and California is subjugated by Los Angeles. Virginia is ruled by D.C., Pennsylvania gets it from both ends Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. And so on and so on.

Are we a democracy or are we a representative republic? It seems the perverse nature of the progressive ideology is in full swing. Who knows, maybe we are the minority, ruled by a progressive majority.

Progressives are the majority and have been for a very long time. Like the true mother, we hand over the land with a simple request, “do what you want in the cities, just leave us alone out here in the country”. Yet, as time marches on, the progressive ideology continues to permeate the nation. There are never enough resources or money or gold or land for the progressive to be satisfied.


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