Conversion Therapy

You’ve heard the stories, the evil Christians that commit gays to conversion therapy. They persecute the gays by not accepting their sexuality and they attempt to brainwash them back to being straight.

I’ve never witnessed this myself, so I can only speak of what the popular narrative is, who knows if it’s even true.

I would argue that conversion therapy has been taking place on a much larger scale. Why is there a need for homosexual characters on a television show for kids?

Mr. Ratburn on the popular kids show “Arthur” has had his sexuality celebrated on a kids show, they even went so far as to show a gay wedding.

Sesame Street reinforces transgender and transsexuality to children by means of “dress up” and soon will feature a trans character. A way to normalize the non-normal.

Sesame Street also supports the LGBT agenda.

Sesame Street does it in a sneaky and gentle way, so little by little, children undergo a conversion.

What is the point of a homosexual child on the Netflix series “Stranger Things”?

The character Will Byers, player by 12 year old Noah Schnapp, has been announced as gay. The justification is that the group of child characters on Stranger Things are a group of outcasts that come together for protection from bullying and other forms of harassment. So you see, this messaging is supposed to reinforce the idea that we all must protect the gays, as they are delicate and feminine in nature.

Disney, as we all know Disney is a safe haven for pedophiles and sexual deviants.

So you see, the conversion therapy is happening right before our very eyes, our children are the target. Our children are being sexualized by the popular narrative that inclusion above all is all that matters. Albeit selective inclusion, as I’m sure many will rebuke this assessment.

Why must anyone accept the sexual desires of anyone else?

Is sex private in nature, something people do behind closed doors?

Why is sexuality so prevalent and important these days?

If we shouldn’t judge people based on their sexual preference, then why is sexual preference so important?

This entire movement, from the LGBT and entertainment machine is all a push to legalize and legitimize and normalize pedophelia.

How young, is too young for sex?


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      1. Children are our future. We cry for them when we talk about climate change and other environmental issues, but we don’t seem to care for them at all in other regards. Just goes to show how fake the first “care” is.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Exactly, abortion saves the mother, climate change endangers the child?!?!?!?!? You know, that’s my biggest hurtle to get over…the inconsistency. Maybe I’m truly gullible or just dumb enough to believe people.

  1. I think you’re getting too caught up in the “sex” part of it.
    With two men getting married, I just see two men who want to get married. I dont see sex being shoved down kids throats, homo or hetro, I see love and family.
    Of course, I’m a damn liberal from SoCal soooo…yeah.🤷‍♀️

      1. Family and love? Or marriage? I dont know that marriage should be part of a preschool show, homo or hetro…
        Family and love though… those are feelings, they dont have to have physical expression beyond hugs. I think hugs are always good.

              1. I didnt watch the video😂 my bad!😳
                I’ll watch it later, after the big to-do of Trick or Treating and let you know what I think.
                I’m already trying to do to many things. I’m an idiot fer sure!

                  1. I see drag as performance. I think with young kids it can be tricky. Like those beauty pageant little girls or any child actor… It didnt sound like he was being forced into it, but I dont know. He said he likes drag and playing with trains… sounds like a kid🤷‍♀️ Ben likes to put on make up sometimes, he loves Hello Kitty, but he also likes trains and guns so, again 🤷‍♀️. Maybe they’re a family that’s into art? The whole national TV thing is a little over the top. The laying on the floor was a bit cringy for an 11 year old. Like the beautiful pageant girls. A little too sexualized. Our whole society is too sexualized. Budweiser girls, boobs sell everything.

                    Dressing in drag seems like he’s playing. Drag itself doesnt bother me.

  2. Indoctrinate the kids into the wishes of the freaks that run da world. If children are sexualized early, then the pedos have an easier time psychologically controlling them. They are making their sickness acceptable.

  3. Marleen

    I wrote [last week or so] a post for your prior recent topic including the subject of being gay (in the heading, not the way it comes up almost all the time); it got lost when I shifted the way I was sitting and bumped something on the screen. I was too tired to write it over again. It was kind of long. It wasn’t much, if at all, about the gay part, except maybe incidentally. I’d have to write it again, for that to be fully understood. Maybe sometime.

    Anyway, I decided to record Will and Grace* last night to see what those writers/collaborators are up to. I’ve never watched the show regularly (the original or this one). I don’t know how many kids are watching it, but as far as what adults who watch are thinking about… it was pretty bad. Unless they see it and object or decide to stop watching.

    * I recorded a number of shows to see what’s up with Halloween these days.

    When my kids were growing up, I found that G-rated movies were frequently doing ridiculous things that were basically gay jokes (and normalization in that bizarre context). So I stopped letting them see regular G movies passing through the theatre. They saw more PG and R-rated movies (still not so much at the theatre but via Blockbuster and so forth — the Matrix was in the horror section, the only ”horror” video I ever rented). At soccer practice, more than once, I told moms who just followed some institute or church protocol of only allowing G movies what I had discovered. Most parents are too busy with other things to think things through on the granular level. And they were clearly not going to change their behavior.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I hear what you’re saying Marleen. They start at a young age and parents are working and parenting at capacity.

      It’s hard to avoid, since it permeates our society and the only way to attempt to avoid it would be to completely cut your family off from society. Even then, as the Amish have proved, it’s incredibly difficult and almost impossible.

      1. Marleen

        I have a female cousin who is now married to a woman (since it became legal across the country); The two were together already, though, before that. I didn’t avoid her. And she wasn’t acting like a goofball about it (like in those movies), wasn’t making a big deal about it, either. I’m pretty close with her, although she went through a phase in adolescence when she stopped spending time around family. She had a couple of bad experiences, one with a guy… and then one with her first live-in girlfriend, after a few years. I was happy for her making a peaceful life.

          1. Marleen

            There wasn’t anything about Halloween in the show, that I recall… unless Grace was working on decorations or candy on a table at the beginning. (Whatever was on that table wasn’t part of the story.) But there was maybe what was thought to be a more subtle Halloween idea — in that the less mature of the two men in the main relationship played the roll of a son to the other man. They went to a school and threw a ball back and forth while the “goofy” guy acted disrespectful. The more serious man was worrying about how good of a father he is going to be (as he is intending to adopt or is going through a surrogacy or something — I don’t know). In the process, the one who was like a kid got hurt; they went to an emergency room. At the end, a nurse who had been hearing them talk behind a curtain said to the “older” type man that he’s a good father — based on how the two were speaking when they weren’t roll playing. Then she pulled back the curtain and was confused.

            Early on in the show, the fatherly guy was looking online at sports. The other guy acted like that was pathetic and that he would help the partner find porn. Then the more mature guy said the last time he’d helped like that he (the mature person, I’m guessing Will) had ended up on some alert or watch list. Well… what’s illegal in that regard? (For anyone gay or straight, I’ll add.) Then he said he’d just gotten “off “ (the list). The less mature guy says, “All I’m hearing is you ‘got off’.” Now, even though I’ve referred to one of the two as more mature, when he and his partner imagined raising the son, Will said he couldn’t wait to teach him all he’s learned in life — right and… (this is meant to lead the viewer to think of right and wrong); he pairs that, as an overwrite instead, with something like left-buttoning shirts. I suppose the most positive aspect of the whole show was that eventually, when there had been so much going on about sports, they considered (I don’t remember, prompted by what), “What if he’s not a gay son?”

            I’m not even touching the half of the show more focused on Grace. Actually, I will mention something. She’s trying to figure out who the father of her pregnancy is… sigh. At the start, it’s not so bad. We think she knows. And the decent, but unsuspecting or clueless or reckless and lying, man shows up to ask her on another date. Turns out there are a bunch of possibilities. And bluh, I don’t know how the ensuing scenario is interesting. Anyway, near the end, Will says he hopes it’s the young one (of whom there was brief confusion as to whether he’s in high school or college)… so someone will be alive (I don’t know, she’s fifty or something) for the kid. Then the young one shows up at the door and says his mom told him if he’s the father, he has to invite Grace to some school dance. This is after she’s decided the paternity tests (a whole ridiculous segment of the show) don’t matter and she will raise the child alone unless she has a relationship that involves being in love. The studio audience or canned response claps and hoots.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              All small steps, in the direction of grooming younger and younger people to give into a “free” love and homosexual lifestyle. Pedos are on the rise.

              1. Marleen

                I was once at a class at a Jewish Community Center where a lady was complaining, after class, about gay parades and how silly they are and (therefore) how silly gay people are. A man there just said, “Mardi Gras.” But this show I described played into the stereotyping.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  If we aren’t supposed to pay attention to the gayness, then why do they identify by their gayness? If we are expected to judge them by their merit, then they should leave the gay community.

                    1. Marleen

                      I think I can understand that, to some degree. However… two things. 1) Is a (straight) female a slut unless she doesn’t answer whether she’s straight? 2) And, it is the case that there used to be more pressure (or calculation on his own part) for a man to marry a woman and then fool around with men/a man on the side. Some people still feel that way.

                      I think it’s better for a man not to mislead a woman about his interest/s.

                      And all of that is still different from being a “pedo.”

                    2. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I was talking about something called “slutwalk”


                      Akin to “pride” you can’t partake in such events and align yourself with such communities and then demand that people view you based on merit and not your self labeled identity.

                      Maybe it is different from being a pedo and maybe it’s not. Only time will tell.

                    3. Marleen

                      To be clear, I’m not interested in Madrid Gras; it exists, but not everyone goes to it or is interested. It was a happening long before these other goofy parades.

                      If I say I’m straight, or if I say I’m not lesbian, that doesn’t mean I go to Madrid Gras. If someone says they’re not straight, do we assume they participate in these?

                    4. bottomlesscoffee007

                      What is Mardi Gras other than a celebration of debauchery? What is bike week, other than an excuse for people to act out their fantasies?

                    5. Marleen



                      Is Mardi Gras “the straight community” — so that someone like me or like you should leave the straight community in order that other people are expected to judge us on merit?

                    6. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Do you identify with Mardi Gras? Are you a Mardi Gras supporter? Do you parade around at work or in public with Mardi Gras apparel or do you publicly state your approval or support of those who attend Mardi Gras?
                      Do you introduce yourself as a member of the Mardi Gras community?

                    7. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Do you encourage people to go and experience Mardi Gras so they can see for themselves how wholesome it is?

                      Would you or the general public be disgusted with a person who voices their opposition to Mardi Gras?

                      Would a business be in danger if they refused to support Mardi Gras?

                    8. bottomlesscoffee007

                      If I heard of a person who frequented Mardi Gras, I would more than likely think they are a swinger and have loose morals.

                    9. Marleen

                      No, I don’t. That’s exactly my point. But I asked:

                      Do you mean you don’t like the word? Or you think using the word as an identifier isn’t helpful?

                      And then you said:

                      NOVEMBER 2, 2019 AT 6:29 PM
                      Labeling oneself based on a sexual desire is like slutwalk

                      Because it sounds like, from your wording, that there shouldn’t be a they. The sexual desire part of your statement is just a more explicit way to recognize gender and sexuality and so forth come up every day, almost like we breathe air (not, every day, having sex or committing assault or any of that — except for people who think, for instance, existing as a female means asking for it… or a guy smoking pot with another guy is asking for it). Or do you think the statement wasn’t as clear as it could be? Or are we talking about a larger discussion as to everyone never speaking of being straight or not straight (or whatever words we would come up with)?

                      Certainly, I think we should stop (actually, I never started, but some people have or already did in a sick way) pressuring kids to say or decide or demonstrate or perform when it doesn’t matter. Don’t pick up the doll. Pick up the doll. Wear a skirt. You know how weird it was, as I think back, to be required to wear a skirt to school? But not too short. Well, why the hell do you have me wearing a skirt anyway?

                    10. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Build 100 bridges, suck one dick, people will remember and associate the dick sucking and forget about the bridges.

                      The monikers people associate with, define who they are to the rest of the world. If a person doesn’t wish to be viewed as part of any certain group, then they shouldn’t associate with that group.

                    11. Marleen

                      What I just posted was after your post as of
                      NOVEMBER 3, 2019 AT 12:38 PM

                      To be clear, I hadn’t seen the others after.

                    12. Marleen

                      Just as a person might not go to the parade, a person doesn’t necessarily promote a parade or hold it against someone else if they don’t support or promote a parade.

                      I think men who don’t want to be sexually involved with women or women who don’t want to be sexually involved with men do (if they have decided they want to be clear) want that to be known (as opposed to a different presumption being made) but don’t necessarily tell others to go find out how “wholesome” a gay pride parade is.

                      And, by the way, people have put pressure on others about all kinds of things. I do think a person living in New Orleans would experience a lot of pressure and disgust if they were against Mardi Gras. I’ve met some people from there. I’ve experienced disgust for not referring to black people as “chocolate drops.” And yet, I KNOW THAT’S NOT EVERYONE there.

                    13. bottomlesscoffee007

                      What kind of pressure is exerted against a person who doesn’t approve of homosexuality? What business would survive being anti homosexual?

                    14. Marleen

                      So you’re mixing like apples and protein bugs and oranges and kale and lard. Seemingly to avoid — or maybe because you don’t understand or don’t want to understand — focusing. I am aware that some of the tactics of the Christian Right are now being deployed by homosexual people. Yet, I don’t think it’s standard to insist on some kind of active support for gay pride parades… like putting up a sign in a business window or donating money. If there is pressure like that, it’s wrong. Still, if someone or even a lot of people are unreasonable in that way, it doesn’t mean all are.

                      And I will repeat this because it’s on topic;
                      I said NOVEMBER 3, 2019 AT 1:13 PM, Certainly, I think we should stop (actually, I never started, but some people have or already did in a sick way) pressuring kids to say or decide or demonstrate or perform when it doesn’t matter. Don’t pick up the doll. Pick up the doll. Wear a skirt. You know how weird it was, as I think back, to be required to wear a skirt to school? But not too short. Well, why the hell do you have me wearing a skirt anyway?

                    15. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Ok Marleen, I’ll ask again…what business could survive directly opposing homosexuality?

                      What is the threat, if it is found out that an individual or a business doesn’t support homosexuality?

                    16. Marleen

                      And I will, on topic again, say pedophilia has been around for a long, long time; it’s wrong, as is sexualizing children even if one doesn’t touch them. Similar to the subject of requiring skirts, there was a man who annoyed me and was always in a certain place I went (so I stopped going there) who repeatedly said he was hoping I would have a girl so he could see the lacy panties. You know how some people put lacy panties or lacy butt tights on their baby girls (showing from under a short little dress)? What is with that? And why was it his thing?

      1. Marleen

        I only mean that I was writing in the comment box (here at your site) after clicking on “REPLY’ — then one clicks on “Post Comment” when ready.

    2. Like Paddington? Delightful films, my young siblings love them (as do I), but a recurring cameo character (played by the director or producer or something) keeps referring to men in drag (who he doesn’t realise are men in drag) as exceptionally attractive. (OK, partly because it’s not explicit, I DO get quite a kick out of those scenes.)

  4. Anonymous

    Funny how you Christians constantly decry homosexuals, while? You all praise and defend adulterers huh? And Adulterers are condemned 100-1 in the Bible. I mean you all praise and support the Adulterer in Chief. But the bible states? That adulterers are also to be put to death because they are abominations. You would not know this from most Christians these days huh though? Yeah, you all praise and support your adulterers while condemning homosexuals and then wonder why? You Christians are called such disgusting hypocrites.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Should we also encourage adultery to children? Should we tell kids that adultery is normal? Maybe, like the gays, adulterers were just born that way.

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