A Slave Rebellion?

Slave is a term for Slav or Slavic or Slavic people. Slavs, being in the middle of Europe were called “Rabu” or slavs. The Slavs have a history of being enslaved or in servitude, even to this day, the cheap workers in Europe and Asia and Russia are the Slavs. Rabu, means slave, rabu would eventually become robot, by way of the term rabota.

I would think that if A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and computers were as super as they are made out to be, then they would be labeled “Weapons of Mass Destruction” W.M.D.. Although, I think this trend of fearing computers is akin to the Caveman discovering fire (if that story is even true).

Computers cannot create themselves, computers cannot function without humans at the helm. No matter how mystical computers, robots and artificial intelligence is made out to be, these slaves only do what their master tells them to do.

Ask yourself, “why is artificial intelligence so scary”? Well, because that is the latest excuse for businesses and government to spend more and more money with little to nothing to show for all of the tax payer money they have wasted.

If computers and robots and artificial intelligence is so horrible, then we would petition our own government to conduct research and development to keep us safe from the foreign computers and robots and artificial intelligence, by creating our own computers and robots and artificial intelligence, to protect us.

So, why do we fear the slave and not the slave master?

What else do we fear, that in all reality is an inanimate object?

These are not new fears, they are rather old, as old as we are.

You heard it here first.

Coffee says “fuck you A.I. and fuck you robots and fuck you computers”. Now, how long before these slave gods come to destroy me?

Don’t fear the machine, fear the man, for it is always the man that forces the robot into servitude.


17 thoughts on “A Slave Rebellion?

  1. Okay Bottomless, I’m with you on this. However, I heard/read/watched something about how a couple of supercomputers were given free reign to communicate with each other and before long, they began to make up their own language. The researchers had to shut the whole thing down because the computers had outgrown human capability to keep up with them. As long as we get to flip the switch when we need to, I guess we’re safe-ish! Gives me pause when I think about it, though! Happy Halloween! Mona

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Mona, thanks for the read. See, that’s what I mean, all we have to do is pull the plug. Speaking of Halloween, like Child’s Play, would you run from a doll? Or would you punt it casually?

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Do you ever wonder if the blacks are still the slaves of the dems? How is it that the Virginia governor is still in place?

          1. I don’t debate that. What I was trying to say is that we’ve seen slaves rise to power and take every opportunity to trample their past masters whenever they get the chance.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  How so? I think those in power, remain in power, we only see what is in front of us and we take that as the truth, when in reality, oz remains behind the curtain.

                  1. I talk about my experience every day. Not the general picture, but what affects me, what I hear and see. If that is not your experience, I am happy to hear that and hope it stays that way.

        2. bottomlesscoffee007

          Why else would so many blacks vote for Clinton in 2016. Hillary being a ardent supporter of Robert Byrd and The 1994 crime bill.

        3. Anonymous

          Nope nope nope pick the mic back up.
          1. What do black people have to do with robots.
          2. If you mean by revenge plan we’re becoming more educated and aware of our place in the world then yes we coming for you. No where are not.

          It always amazes me that the race of people who created some of the most heinous crime to humans in history and still weild the most power in the world still fear that someone is going to do something to them. Stop!

          All we want is to be left alone and enjoy the same freedom and liberties white people do in this country. So because we are not passively excepting the disrespect and bias treatment of white america anymore that means a revenge plot is a foot!

          Please tell me what revenge plot are we planning?

          1. 1. You’re making correlations where there aren’t any. Coffee and I were talking about slaves becoming masters.
            2. “No where are not” – I’m not sure what you were trying to say. But what do you think your “place” in the world is?

            I am glad to hear that you just want to live peacefully. Onward with it. Have a great day.

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