Terminator Dark Fate…An Observation

When it comes to entertainment, entertainers are more than willing to produce movies and tv shows about the positive aspects of virtue and social justice. Not only on set do these antics of progress take place, but also whenever a camera is near, or if there is a convenient charity that could use a few obscene donations.

When it comes to the latest Terminator installment, one thing seems left out…

Where are all of the California compliant firearms?

So black and scary…settle down, I’m talking about the guns!

How come Sara Connor isn’t shown requesting an NFA tax stamp?

Where in the hell did they get those magazines that are clearly over the California limit?

I would think that if gun control is what these actors pine for, then why would they be using all of these fully automatic firearms in a movie that depicts women defeating terminators?

Sara Connor doesn’t need to aim!

Carl, what in the fuck happened to your flash suppressor?

Anyway, back to the topic. Where is the movie where everyone is a vegan, where all they drive are electric automobiles, where there are zero emissions, where women have become the breadwinners and where a tranny saves the world? You know, no guns, just virtue and civility.

Perhaps if Hollywood would produce such a film, where only the good guys have 10 round magazines, fighting off bad guys, who are armed with assault weapons and hundreds of rounds loaded into “banana clips”. The movie where the loser drives the fossil fuel vehicle and the winner has to make sure the connection is good when they plug their vehicle in at night. Where the battery outlasts the internal combustion engine.

If fantasy land Hollywood can’t produce a film about how following the letter of the law actually protects more than it infringes, then maybe, more gun control or zero emissions aren’t really that great for the rest of us.

Just a thought.

I wonder what the felony count in Terminator Dark Fate is?


13 thoughts on “Terminator Dark Fate…An Observation

  1. Marleen

    These movies were made [at least this one in Budapest, which isn’t a city in California] to prove that transitioning is possible… cyborgs are human and completely malleable. Not only that, real humans from machinery is one of the main storylines these days. There’s a heck’v a California obsession, now that I think of it — and not only in Hollywood.

    1. Not for nothin, but in the right hands the Mini 14 is an extremely capable rifle. In my opinion, it is on par with the AR15 (to be fair, the Mini 14 is not as inherently accurate as the AR, but the operating system is extremely robust). Its less scary though…which is what matters.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      The new Star Wars movies prove that women need men to fight their battles. A commander is only as good as their weakest troop, if a commander cannot motivate, then a commander cannot lead.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          The movies attempt to replace the femininity within women, with masculine traits and they portray the men as adolescent.

          Honestly, it doesn’t bother me either way, since it’s fantasy.

          If these were true to the species, then where are the female rugby players on the men’s teams? Where are the female players in the NFL or the NBA or the MLB? They don’t exist, since women are not made for combat.

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