The Education System and the Entire Justice and Judicial System…Disproves Science

If science was as absolute as it is continually presented…then why is socialism and communism favored so heavily in the Education System, from Kindergarten through a Doctoral Program?

If science is so accurate and thoroughly measurable, then why does court precedent and the history of the Judaical Branch, skew so far from science in it’s rulings?

If you think people do not influence science and scientific discovery…then for you, science is a religion.

If science is so absolute, then more would adhere to the science…moreover, people would by law, be allowed to use standard terms to identify genitalia and what makes a woman different than a man.

If the difference between boys and girls cannot be standardized, then science is meaningless. Since science, is apparently measurable?

Sadly though, society dictates science.


24 thoughts on “The Education System and the Entire Justice and Judicial System…Disproves Science

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      The good thing is that I live about 230 miles from the coast, so here in about 10-12 years, I’ll be chilling on a desirable plot of waterfront Property, that is…as long as I stick to the covenant!

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          If science was true, then how do all of these institutions of learning continually ignore the statistical & historical data and information and intelligence that has been present for the past 100 or so years?

          How are people continually falsely accused and charged with crimes that the evidence doesn’t support?

          1. On “settled science”. It’s ironic: deny global warming (or whatever name they’re using now) or question vaccines or GMOs, and you’re a horrible person who denies settles science and endangers the planet.
            Deny the scientific fact of biological gender, and you’re a hero.

  1. Why no comment section on your post about virtue? I wanted to say I think I understand what you’re getting at , progressives wants to control us with their rules, and Christians believe in God’s rules. Is that what you meant? But one point I disagree with and want to be sure you understand the difference, we do not ‘save ourselves’ . Jesus saves us. All we do is believe that he does. That is the good news of the Gospel! That Jesus died FOR US , because we cannot save ourselves. The Progressives, and every OTHER religion is trying to save themselves. 🙂

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      PK, thanks for the heads up, I just fixed it. I didn’t realize that I suggested that Christians save themselves. My bad.

      1. Sorry I haven’t been on much lately. Life’s been trying to knock me off my feet, but I’m holding on to God with both hands. Hope you’re doing well.

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