Reparations, A Possible Way Forward

Reparations…here I will outline a possible way that I could support paying reparations.

1. First, I will need a set amount that will satisfy my family’s bloodline percentage for reparations.

2. Upon receiving payment, I will require a receipt that will cover my family name and any names female members of my future family will eventually marry into.

3. Once the payment has been accepted and I have receipt in hand…from that point forward, my bloodline’s “debt” will be considered settled. Race, nor heritage nor lineage, nor background, nor nationality will no longer apply in my decision making process.

4. My family name will be etched in stone, for all to see and for all to recognize…that I will no longer have to hear about racism or slavery. I will have achieved legal and social equality with all blacks, regardless of background.

5. I will have carte blanche discretionary freedom to use whatever racial slurs or epithets, with no social or legal ability for recourse.

6. Any mention of slavery or racism in my presence, a monetary fine will be levied on the party responsible, that will result in me getting paid.

These are the parameters thus far, I will seek legal and contractual counsel to ensure the contract is legally, socially and universally binding.

Any acceptance of my money is the direct acceptance of the contract.

If any person breaks said contract, and lacks sufficient funds to pay fines, will work on my farm until their debt to me and my bloodline has been satisfied.


11 thoughts on “Reparations, A Possible Way Forward

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I just was trying to come to an agreement per say, a contract to get them the money they want and the peace I want.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  You’re the one who said it was offensive. That’s why I asked you…what is offensive and preposterous about it?

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