Pro Choice will Ensure that Women are Never Equal to Men

Allowing women to receive abortions, will ensure that women will never hold the same status in society that men hold.

If a man is held responsible for his sperm, then a woman should be held responsible for her eggs.

The longer women are allowed to abort their unborn babies, the longer women will not be held accountable for their own reproductive system, their own choices.

Men and women will never be equal, as long as men are held to higher standards of responsibly, accountability and liability, than women are.

If women want to be equal to men, then women should demand that society hold them to the same levels of responsibility and accountability, that society holds men to.

Until then, women are basically walking and talking vaginas, waiting for their next injection.

We are either equal or we are not equal, either way, just be honest about it.

Women who have babies and raise their children will always be held in higher regard and will receive more respect than a woman who aborts her own babies.


184 thoughts on “Pro Choice will Ensure that Women are Never Equal to Men

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Do you respect people who are not held to the same level of responsibility, accountability or liability that you are held to?

  1. Here’s a question, in a rape situation we automatically do not respect the rapist, but if the “mother-to-be” decides to abort the undesired child we need to automatically not respect her? In a life-or-death situation when the unborn child is causing an adverse effect to the expectant mother we should not respect her wishes to abort the child in order to save her life, or should we force her to have the child which may endanger both their lives?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Ok, what’s the percentage of pregnancy due to rape or incest? Should a parent chose their own life over their own child?

          1. Sidestep? It’s an honest question. What are the real numbers, and why do you believe them?

            And you really don’t like my “sidestep” – Sadly, not many people would pick up on the sarcasm.

      1. That’s an interesting question. Did my father run out on my mother (marrying another woman and fathering three more children) or did my mother run out on my father hiding us from him for years and years and years? My mother said one thing, my father told a different story. Who knows the truth, and does it really matter, they’re both gone now.

          1. Who do I respect more? Well, my mother raised me – for 26 years, I did not know my father (he died last year), my mom died in 2012. Even so, after the fact, I still did not become all that close to my father.
            In “this” case, respect is irrelevant.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Who do you hold in higher regard? Your mother, the one who raised you and nurtured you or your father, the one who left you and your mother to fend for yourselves?

              1. Did I say my father left willingly?
                I thought I said my mother kept us (my sister and I) from him. …disappearing into the night. Only after years of searching did my sister find him AND he was more than willing to see us, which upset my mother.

  2. This is “one of those” topics (pro-life/pro-choice) unless people like to make waves, people tend to shy away from issues like this – unless they are commenting on a yahoo story.

    ***Who wants to upset the apple cart?

    As for the question at hand, I do not, nor will I “automatically” (dis)respect a woman because of a social issue as this.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I’m not saying to outright disrespect anyone, all I am saying is that a person who forsakes their own offspring, will never receive the same level of respect as a person who protects their own offspring.

  3. Respectfully disagree with you on abortion.
    Men DO disappear and not take responsibility. They have that option since they dont have to carry and give birth to the baby.

    No one should tell any other person what they can or can not do with their own body.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          So, you won’t respect a man who walks out on his own kids, but you will respect a woman who aborts her own babies?

          That doesn’t seem like it lines up.

          It seems as if you will grant to woman more latitude than you will the man?

          That is why women will never be equal to men, because women are not held to as high as a standard as men are.

          1. A fetus is a potential baby.
            Why do you as a taxpayer want to pay for a woman to carry a baby she doesnt want, that will probably have medical problems from lack of prenatal care and/or drugs & alcohol and then support that child after its born?
            Do you think forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy she doesnt want is good for anyone?

            Celibacy is the only 100% way to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Think that will go over?

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              The question is Granny, who do you respect more, a man who abandons his kids or a man who raises his kids?

              Who do you respect more, a woman who aborts her kids or a woman who raises her kids?

              1. I respect a man and/or a woman who takes care of their kids. If a woman gets pregnant and knows she cant take care of that child, then I support her right to choose abortion.
                Married couples sometimes choose abortion.

                It’s an issue that people have very strong feelings about and I dont see either side changing the other’s mind. My ex and I argued about it, then decided not to discuss it anymore. Two different opinions.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  So, the woman is granted more latitude when it comes to birth or abortion? That is why women will never be equal to men. It cannot be this for him and something different for her, that’s not equal.

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      So women are granted more latitude for not fulfilling their obligations, whereas a man who fails to pay child support or alimony is slandered?

                      Why aren’t women expected to fulfill their obligations when a man is expected to fulfill his obligations?

                    2. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Do you respect a man who impregnates a woman and upon finding out she is pregnant, leaves her, if she doesn’t get an abortion? Should a man be forced to pay child support?

                    3. Ha! Funny, not funny story… Ben’s father wanted daughter to abort. She decided she couldn’t (every woman I know who has had an abortion made the decision after MUCH thought & soul searching) have the abortion. She told him her decision and gave him the option of not being on the birth certificate, not being responsible. He ultimately chose to be a part of the pregnancy and 5 months after birth then took off.

                      I think if a man doesnt want to be a father and he used a condom trying to prevent the pregnancy, then he should be allowed to go his way.

                    4. bottomlesscoffee007

                      That’s a heartbreaking story Granny.

                      Do you respect him? Is he equal to your daughter?

                    5. I would have had more respect for him if he’d left at the beginning.
                      I have no respect for him now. Actually, I dont feel anything for him. We have no idea where he is and it’s better for Ben that way.
                      My daughter was 19 when she had Ben. Dude was 22? 23? Both too young.

                    6. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Of you cannot respect a man who left his child, how can you respect a woman who aborted her baby.

                    7. I WOULD have respected him if he left before Ben was born. Just like I would respect a woman knowing she’s not ready to be a parent and choosing abortion.
                      You’re mixing up a woman aborting a POTENTIAL child with a man leaving a child that has been born. You cant compare the two.

                    8. bottomlesscoffee007

                      What does “potential child” mean exactly?

                      Is a woman pregnant or partially pregnant?

                    9. Medically speaking, until the fetus can survive outside the uterus it is a parasite. It has the potential to become a human baby.
                      A woman is pregnant, doesnt mean she’ll give birth. I was pregnant 3 times. Miscarried once. It was a potential child.

                    10. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Does it have the potential to become a turtle, or a bird, a dog or a cat?

                      Where is this medical definition of “parasite”?

                      So, financially speaking, can a baby provide for itself? Or, is it considered a parasite until it can hold down a job?

                    11. You’re a goof!
                      In an ideal world every child born is wanted and supported by both parents.

                      I dont think ultimately respect and equality have anything to do with our reproductive process.

                    12. bottomlesscoffee007

                      It seems as if people are opting out of families for dogs. Who will take care of these people when they are old?

                      What kind of person would turn away from a child in need?

                    13. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Women could simply get a hysterectomy and men could simply get a vasectomy. That way, they could have all the sex they wanted without fear of pregnancy.

                    14. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Why don’t women who don’t want kids, get their tubes tied also, then?

                      Why should a man hold a woman who has had an abortion in high regard?

                    15. My daughter asked to have her tubes done when Ben was born. He was c-section, would have been easy. They wouldn’t do it because of her age.
                      I was over 30 when I had mine done & still had to sit through a class before they would do it.
                      It’s not that easy.

                    16. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I gotta say granny, that sounds like bullshit. If the patient wants it and can afford it, like a mechanic, the doctor should do as they are told, not the other way around.

                    17. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Nothing is ever free, always gotta pay the toll. If you can’t afford the toll, then a person must be careful with their decisions. There is always a cost.

                    18. Respect should not be given all willy nilly but should be earned.

                      So yes, a man who raises his children could earn a “thumbs up” from me, while a man that abandons his children could get a “thumbs down,” luckily we do not live in that kind of society.

                    19. As was my wife – she was too young to “decide” about her own reproductive organs and so, in the end, had a total of five children – when all she wanted was two.

                      My youngest sister would not be here IF only my mom’s boyfriend (at the time) vasectomy really had worked – or did he just lie about it?

                    20. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Why didn’t your wife put the other three up for adoption? Does she or you regret the other three?

                      Do you or your mom or your sister wish that she was never born?

                    21. None, not one of those children are biologically mine. The third child died at 25, here at my house. The two youngest eighteen and sixteen still live at home.

                      My mother had a couple of miscarriage – you know, that’s the body self aborting a ***uhh*** living (by states definition) baby.
                      I don’t have any idea what my mom or sister ever wished for.

                      My younger sister did go full term with twin boys (eighteen years ago); they died at childbirth. She has not been able to become pregnant since. I have a niece that has had nothing but miscarriage after miscarriage while her own sister has had three children now.

                      What is fair? Where will this end?

                      Divide the people to conquer the people.

                    22. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Sorry to hear about that Kenneth. A miscarriage is a truly horrible experience for the woman and the man, but mostly the woman.

                    23. bottomlesscoffee007

                      If it’s a woman who gets pregnant, than she should understand the implications of her actions.

                    24. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I believe it haunts them until the day they die. A woman who gets an abortion, never recovers.

                    25. Its true, and yet they believe they made the right choice. I had a friend who got pregnant at 12. TWELVE! Wtf was she even doing having sex at 12? Should she have carried and raised that child? She didnt get pregnant again until after she was married in her 30s

                    26. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I did Granny, it was stupid. I was prepared, actually had a psycho ex girlfriend that played that game with me, told me she was pregnant, found out the next day that she just wanted to see how I handled myself and what I was prepared to do. Needless to say, once I found out she was testing me, I was gone.

                    27. Good for you! Girls like that a fucked up. It’s not a game. I’m glad that you’re a responsible person. It means your wife and kids are lucky.
                      Not all people are responsible, like your ex, like Ben’s dad, like my ex never sent money for younger daughter (she was 13 when we split) but I didnt expect him to.

                      We have different beliefs on this subject. But, hey, like always we were able to discuss it like mature adults.

                      I’m gonna go eat now. We’ve been at this a while😂

                    28. I’d have to disagree with that one. I had an abortion 26 years ago. I was on a medication that would have caused severe birth defects. I’m not haunted in the slightest…that soul probably moved on to another woman for birth. I aborted at eight weeks. A soul won’t even make an initial connection to the fetus until at least 12 weeks. Even with miscarriages, souls realize something is wrong with the growing body and vacate. Plus, with soul to soul communication, aborting a pregnancy only means that the soul will move on or, wait for that particular woman to become pregnant, again. Women that grieve the death of a previous pregnancy (miscarriage) don’t realize that their next successful child is usually the same soul…trying again.

                    29. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I think you’re the rare exception Victoria. I think the majority of abortions are due to an “inconvenience” or due to being “unplanned”.

                    30. Well…it WAS unplanned. I didn’t intend to become pregnant. Young. Dumb. The usual stupidity… What little bit of thought, where I lightly entertained the idea of being a mom, was countered by the knowledge of the drug I was on and what it would do. Plus, I also had no intention of becoming involved, permanently, with the father. I, too, had no idea what severe fetal birth defects might have on me nor did I wish to give birth to a child that would most likely suffer…even if the soul wanted to experience such a thing. There were way more cons than pros in that situation.

                      Regarding your respect thing, you never know, truly, what drives people to do what they do. And, most of it is none of my business.

                    31. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I thought the doctor had told you that the child would not be able to survive on its own? I thought that you had been pregnant, unbeknownst to you at the time and due to the medication you were on, the birth defects had already taken hold. Is that not the case?

                      Ok, do you respect a man that abandons his kids or his obligations?

                    32. I never discussed pregnancy with any doctor. I didn’t see any doctor when I realized I was pregnant (easy for me to figure out…never skipped a period in my life…except that one time). I didn’t even really get any info on all the contraindications of the drug. I went digging for that, myself. Unlike today’s commercials that list 100 side effects for most any drug, back then, you found a drug book or…you didn’t know. A large majority of doctors don’t even know what side effects most drugs have. I knew from the book that it caused birth defects so I was not intending to be pregnant.

                      I WILL say the abortion for me was not a pleasant experience…all the way around. Not only did my drug cause defects, it also caused some pretty strong orthostatic hypotension. Shortly after the procedure was done, my blood pressure bottomed out. I passed out for a bit and when I came to, the nurse was patting my hand, telling me I would be alright. She also told me, after reading my health history, that this was my only choice. SHE recognized the drug I was on. Plus, the actual abortion, even at just eight weeks, felt like a D & C with a rusty, dull knife.

                      Honestly, my respect or disrespect is irrelevant.

                      Plus, men & women will never be equal, anyway. We aren’t supposed to be. We were meant to be complimentary…balanced.

                    33. As I stated previously, I was only eight weeks. A soul doesn’t even make the crown chakra connection until 12 weeks. The body was still developing, following the human template but, there was no soul present to *feel* anything.

                      Besides, all pregnancies are negotiated by the soul and/or souls wishing to be born AND the souls that are the parents. Agreements on being born can be broken at any time by any of the parties involved.

                      Don’t try to goad me into guilt. It won’t work. I know way too much about the true human condition and why we are here. I don’t do religion.

                    34. People…human beings…have individual souls (1/4 of the energy is in the body, running it and 3/4 outside the body, referred to as the higher self). Earth’s flora & fauna have a group soul, all connected to Her. WE are connected to Her via our root chakras. All of Earth’s minerals are imbued with Her energy.

                      We are just visitors…and we have made a big, fat, f****** mess.

                    35. Eek. Let me rephrase, again. We are NOT a body that has a soul. We are souls that built a body to inhabit using a template.

                      Perhaps you might read more about the Chris Thomas material I’ve been posting for over a year, now. He was, at one time, a successful psychic surgeon in Wales. Not only could he energy-heal people, he could see chakras & scan the human body like an MRI. He & his wife had a thriving 30+ year career. If he had been a charlatan, he wouldn’t have been in business very long. He could also read the Akashic. He wrote 11 books, gave many interviews and put out around 45 essays & blog posts. I have all of this data on my site. He is not some new-agey guru. He was a very powerful psychic.

                    36. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I have read your posts about Chris Thomas. I am not a believer in him or what he has put out there. With that being said, has Chris Thomas been able to convince you that an abortion at 8 weeks is acceptable, since there was no soul assigned to the baby at that point in the pregnancy?

                    37. Well, first of all, I’ve never spoken to the man so, he’s never tried to ‘convince’ me of anything. He has stated, in interviews, on more than one occasion that, you can choose to accept/believe what he has provided…or…not.

                      Second of all, souls aren’t ‘assigned’ to anything. Souls interested in being born either approach the parents with a desire to be their child OR the souls of the parents approach a soul and request them as a child. The agreement can be broken at anytime prior to birth. Once born, the life plan takes over…what ever that may be, for however long that may be.

                    38. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I didn’t mean “convince” even though I used that word, more or less what I was trying to ask was…through you studying him and his teachings, is that what formed your belief about how souls exist? Or when a soul chooses a host?

                      So, in your opinion, life begins at birth?

                    39. My dad’s side of the family wasn’t particularly religious. My mom’s side was and my mom struggled against the programming. She expressed more than once how it “drove her crazy.” So, with that as my background, I was left to figure out stuff on my own…even at a young age. I attended youth groups with friends at their churches but, nothing ever took (and I’ve been in a lot of churches). I tried to make sense of it all but, I kept running into the nagging problem of the people claiming that ‘their’ religion was the right one. Really? How does one ‘choose’? The Jews say they are ‘god’s chosen’. The Muslims claim ‘Allah’ is god. The Christians can’t even agree amongst themselves (Protestants fighting Catholics). Hindus, Egyptians and Native Americans are polytheists. So, who is right? All of them? None of them?

                      Chris Thomas side-stepped all of the above and said “This is what I have observed in my practice and this is what I have gathered from the Akashic (which is a Sanskrit word recognized by Hindus & Buddhists). Nothing more. Nothing less. The words ‘soul’ & ‘consciousness’ are interchangeable.

                      I’ve always known, on some level, that we were more than just a body that thinks. Religion held no answers…only more questions. I knew there were powerful psychics like Edgar Cayce. I grew up with a dad that was very much into ghost stories, Bermuda Triangle stories, psi abilities (which, there is a vein of that, that runs in my family) and anything weird & unusual. In 2009, I got into yoga which changed my perspective on life considerably. When the 2012 thing started freaking some people out, I started to do research and dug deeper. I accidentally ran across Chris’s information on a forum. Lightbulbs went off. A-ha moments came. His data explains a lot of things. It resonates with a lot of people as I get hits on my site, constantly.

                      Chris also paid a heavy price for what he shared. He has been physically attacked several times and is now in a wheelchair.

                      So, all he did was clarify what I already suspected.

                      When you say “choose a host”, are you referring to the pregnancy? Or the body we build and inhabit?

                      “Life begins at birth” applies if you are speaking in terms of ‘following a plan of living a life’…then, yes. “Life” in the specific vein of ‘soul’ or ‘consciousness’ is eternal.

                    40. bottomlesscoffee007

                      The problem with politics, is people, the problem with religion, is people, the problem with people…is people.

                      Technology is not the problem, people are the problem.

                      What I am asking is, how do you measure a soul? How do you recognize a soul and how does one determine when a soul is present vs. when a soul is not present?

                    41. Can’t argue about the people problem.

                      Welllllllll…a soul measuring device like a geiger counter doesn’t exist. LOL! In order to detect a disembodied soul, you’d have to be sensitive to their energy, i.e. have psi abilities. And, of course, you would have to be open to it. Even if you have abilities but, can’t bring yourself to think about such things, you close yourself off.

                      If you are referring to detecting a soul during pregnancy, a moving, kicking baby is good indication of a soul presence. Movement starts when the three main chakras are connected. The other four connect the closer you get to birth. But, again, I have to stress, as long as the agreement is in place, birth & a life plan continues. The soul to be born can change its mind and the child can be stillborn. The soul that is the mother can make the decision, at the last minute, to abort the pregnancy. At that point, the soul in the baby can decide to vacate immediately or, experience the death of the small body. It all depends. Everything is Free Choice. Everything is experience. In the case of the mother knowing the child will be Downs Syndrome or deformed and carries it to term…and keeps it, there is an agreement that the soul in the baby wishes for that experience and the parent(s) wish to raise it as an experience.

                      Chris has mentioned several times that souls are a little over 50 dimensions in size.

                    42. It could be viewed as such from our perspective. From a soul’s perspective, if pregnancy is involved, an agreement has been rescinded. From a soul’s perspective, murder is just an experience.

                      There is no heaven. There is no hell. There is no punishment for murder. That is religious doctrine and/or human law. Murder or abortion is just an opportunity for a soul to move on the next life/experience.

                      I realize what I am saying is radical. You can choose to accept…or not. It makes no difference. 😁

                      Go to bed, Coffee.

                    43. bottomlesscoffee007

                      What is a transgression then? If murder is simply an experience, what is a crime against a soul? No punishment for murder? Is rape also simply an experience? Is there a punishment for rape?

                    44. In this Universe, there is only one transgression/crime against a soul/consciousness…removal or interference with freedom of choice…on the soul level. Punishment for removal/interference of freedom of choice is banishment from the Universe.

                      Yes, rape is an experience. I know it is hard to wrap your head around but, you have to think in terms of souls. Outside of a human body, we exist as pure energy (people who have died and come back report tunnels & light & feeling love & seeing loved ones…that tunnel is the part of your soul leaving your body and rejoining the rest of your soul that stays attached…we don’t completely fit inside of our bodies…we are a HUGE amount of energy). As energy beings, we can’t touch, taste, smell or interact with anything…unless in human form. And, not all souls made the decision to become human. Many are watching us to see how we handle things. And, that gets into the 7,000 year human plan (we’ve been reincarnating for 7,000 years on a collective fact finding mission). When planning a life, souls make connections with other souls for experiences. If a soul wishes to understand what being murdered feels like or being raped feels like or what murdering another feels like or raping another feels like, a plan is made. Again, agreements can be broken at anytime. This is all for experience. I realize that it is hard to fathom.

                      The problem we are facing now is, the human plan ended and our fact finding mission was successful. But, instead of immediately evolving, we have been sidelined by outside parties (extremely long story and even harder to digest than the human condition). Right now, the global conflict is a result of those that have messed with the conclusion of the human plan we put ourselves into.

                      The question now, is, will we finally evolve into what we are supposed to be or will things take a turn for the worst and our Universe collapses.

                      I wish I could convey to you how special our planet is, how special our solar system is, how special & brave all of us are. WE, as a collective, have been thru hell & back. All the overdoses, accidents, killings, wars that seem to be in our face constantly is a sign that many souls are leaving. We keep hearing reports of flat birth rates all over the planet. We keep hearing about constant deaths. With all of that, how is the population, supposedly growing & growing? They are lying. There has been a lot of migration but, the overall population has been dropping since 1996.

                      There is going to be a lot of crazy shit on the horizon.

                    45. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Thanks for the explanation Victoria. If someone raped you, would you not consider it a crime, worthy of punishment?

                    46. On the human plane, sure. Human law. I would prosecute. On a soul level, it would be an experience that my soul wished for…for whatever reason. But, outside of human existence, there is no soul level punishment because we are all here, right now, today, for the same reasons…experience.

                      Now, do not misunderstand me. Being human is a tough ass job. Many souls have found that some of their experiences have been so traumatic that the scars can follow them into another life. Hauntings are an excellent example of souls that were so traumatized that, once they passed out of their bodies, never sought to rejoin with their higher selves. They are stuck, in pain and angry, lashing out. Many are souls that had addictions and are attracted to humans with similar addictions. Why do you think you keep hearing the “go into the light” from mediums?

                      I want to revisit something we covered earlier. You asked how you would know the presence of a soul. I nearly forgot about MY experience with my stepmom. I was in her hospital room when she was dying of cancer. In the final moments, she coded and the doctor asked my dad if he wanted her brought back. In his grief, he said yes. No sooner had he said that, I heard a very loud “NO” shouted. He never heard it. Neither did anyone else. The shout didn’t come from me, either. She coded, again and when the same question was posed to my dad, he said no. He finally let go. At that point, I started to shake & I could barely breathe. I FELT an extremely strong energy leave that room. That energy was angry and it wanted out of that room. Later on, during a prayer circle that my stepmom’s best friend led, my stepmom let me know she was happy to be out of that diseased body and she was happy to be moving on. She waved goodbye and went on her way. She sent me a very vivid image, most likely enhanced by the group in prayer.

                    47. bottomlesscoffee007

                      That’s a very touching story Victoria, thank you for sharing.

                      So, if a rapist should be punished in the human world/plane, then why shouldn’t a murderer be punished as well? What is murder? What is homicide? What is justifiable and what is not justifiable?

                    48. By human law, based on biblical texts I might add, there are punishments for breaking laws. Murder, rape, assault, theft, jaywalking…we have an entire Judicial System to punish wrongdoing. Outside of human life, no. If you are a murderer in this life and you are executed for your crime(s), once you pass out of your body, there is no punishment…no hell, no imposed torment. The soul, itself, judges itself. No one else. The Creator of this Universe does not intervene. There is no committee of ‘other’ souls passing judgment on individual souls. That is not the design of this Universe.

                    49. Basically, two souls making an agreement that one will kill the other when they are both in human form. Sometimes, other souls are involved. Sometimes, the agreement is broken & it doesn’t happen. These things are negotiated before birth. Free Choice, the energy pattern of this Universe, means any and all ‘negotiations’ in human form can be ended at anytime.

                      You, as a soul, inhabiting a body your soul built using a template, planned out your life before you were born. Since we come into our lives with our DNA all broken into pieces except for what we need to run the body, we don’t remember our soul lives between our human lives, which can be anywhere from 50 to 150 years between each life.

                      My last incarnation was a young man in WWI.

                    50. That is an interesting question. Lander has posted, several times, about people writing books predicting things that actually happened…the Titanic, for instance. Think about all the souls that came together and agreed that this event would happen. Something that big, planned…agreed upon by so many participants. Someone one with some psi abilities could tap into that impending event and write about it as a fiction…years before it happens, minor details fluctuating.

                    51. It’s a combination of factors. My experience with the passing of my stepmom is true. I have a paternal cousin that has been talking to deceased relatives since he was little (a great-grandfather and a great uncle that died two years before he was born) and his older brother’s daughter routinely talks to our deceased grandmother (died 15 years prior to her birth). If there was a heaven or hell or some kind of punishment meted out to souls because of human deeds, it would have shown up…in my family, at least. That, alone, dovetails with Chris’s material.

                      I belong to a group that spans the planet. One of our group members knows Chris and his wife Di, personally. Interestingly enough, HIS name is Chris also. Chris (2), and his wife, went to Chris (1), and his wife, for healing. Their story is a very interesting one. So, Chris’s (1) healing practice was legit. He was a powerful psychic healer with a huge clientele at one time and a website.

                      Some of the things Chris (1) talks about in his material aligns with Cayce (he is not a lone voice by any means). I’ve read many reincarnation books. His descriptions of the body’s chakra system is in line with Hindus.

                      Some of the things I’ve read, I have no way of verifying as I am not a powerful psychic but, other psychics have similar information. He has not gotten rich from the information shared. In fact, his books are hard to find and the publishing company is in breach of contract. Amazon is making money from the scarcity and he sees no benefit. People like David Wilcock or Simon Parkes or David Icke covet attention, celebrity, money and power. Chris (1) is in a wheelchair for his efforts. Seems to me that, the ones that spew bullshit get all the attention and rewards and, those that speak truth are attacked.

                      I’ve been studying this (static) material for six years, now. This isn’t a religion, promising great things or salvation. Some of the stuff he talks about is unpleasant. It isn’t shiny and pretty. He had a very sharp, scientific mind and was extremely blunt in his writings.

                      It’s not just one thing. It’s not a faith. It’s many things…a ‘knowing’, a ‘feeling’, gut instinct, some personal experience…call it whatever you like.

                    52. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Ok, so who is allowed to abandon their responsibility and retain their level of accountability?

                    53. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Do you think people who do such things, do so because they are good people? Step away from obligations, that doesn’t sound very responsible or accountable.

                    54. bottomlesscoffee007

                      So, kill the baby then? Sacrifice the baby for a fun night?

                      If women cannot be expected to be mothers, then all they will ever be is a fun time for a guy. A cheap vagina is a cheap woman.

                    55. True, but people like sex! I was very, very careful with my birth control when I was young and having fun. I do NOT understand all the unplanned pregnancies from lack of birth control. That’s just lazy & stupid IMO

                    56. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Unplanned sounds more like “inconvenient”. If a person goes out of their way to avoid inconveniences in their life, they don’t seem too responsible or accountable for their actions.

                    57. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Would you respect a person who would terminate their own baby. Gotta be a cold person to decide they would rather kill a defenseless baby than take care of it.

                    58. We’ve gone in a circle. A fetus is not a baby.
                      I personally dont believe in late term (after 2nd trimester) abortions unless the fetus is seriously malformed or the womans life is in danger. That’s my personal view. But I’m not going to tell anyone what they can or can not do with their own body.

                    59. Yes. Potential. The cells may develop into a baby.

                      Like I said before. People rarely change their beliefs on this issue.
                      I still say we all have the right to decide what to do with our bodies.

                    60. The answer to your question would depend on his reason for such a “want.”
                      For example:
                      1) to save her life; yes.
                      2) to just party; no.

                      Like I initially said, the answer is not as simple as it first seems.
                      Do you want to know where I stand on this issue?
                      I am BOTH pro-life AND pro-choice, it all depends on THE REASON

                    61. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Would you marry a man who abandoned his kids? Would you have children with a man who abandoned his kids?

                    62. Me? No. But abandoning a child is not the same a having an abortion.

                      Would I be with a man who stepped away from a situation like my daughter’s? Probably, depending on the circumstances.

                    63. bottomlesscoffee007

                      So then, a man with that status wouldn’t have the same relationship as a man who raised his kids?

                    64. Marleen

                      You: Allowing women to receive abortions, will ensure that women will never hold the same status in society that men hold.

                      Bottom line, you benefit in your ways of approaching life that abortion is allowed (without you getting a medical degree or inspecting every uterus or knowing each situation). This way, you don’t have to respect women. The fact that it’s legal (to be handled at a personal level) gives you license.

                      You: Women who have babies and raise their children will always be held in higher regard and will receive more respect than a woman who aborts her own babies.

                      This might be true in a general way or with certain people. But you don’t demonstrate it. And many people don’t. You can have whatever attitudes you want to have, of course. But other people don’t have to believe your spin.

                      You: What kind of person would turn away from a child in need?

                      In at least one of your threads a while back, you called it stupid to care… specifically about children. You’ve gone on and on about such things. And you made it clear you didn’t care that I was a mom who raised my kids. Bla, bla, bla.

                    65. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Women always want it both ways, that is, until men catch onto what they are trying to, then women want to sit back and cry for help.

                    66. Marleen

                      You: Women always … then women …

                      Exactly… since there are different kinds if women in the world, and women with different experiences, all women are shit to you. You’re just making up excuses.

                    67. Marleen

                      “Women always…” and “then women…” all do _fill-in-the-blank_ is false. But you’ve had some bad experience, I guess, so you want to generalize. That’s a form of misogyny and sexism — but so what, huh? Men like you (not all men) want to talk like if you female just do the things I say are good, you’ll have respect or I’ll respect you.

                      But in reality, you (not all women) “want it both ways” or a hundred contradicting ways.

                      On top of your contradictions over months, in the last few days you’ve been making excuses for rape. So who the hell cares if you say What about rape? Should it be illegal? Rape should be illegal… except almost nothing is rape unless a woman is at home wearing a burka… well, nope, that wouldn’t be rape either, because those husbands can do anything.

                      You: Is rape also simply an experience? Is there a punishment for rape?

                      How many times have you responded to experiences shared in comments or brought up the idea in the first place that everything is just tough?

                      Maybe you ought to hear yourself.

                      As for being hysterical, I have a uterus. You (if you’re a man) don’t. So, obviously, you can’t be hysterical.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks Goldie. I’m sure I’m gonna get plenty of guys, trying to get laid, pretending they don’t agree.

      1. I’m happy to go on the record. Your post made absolutely no sense. That’s my comment for the record and that’s all I’m going to say on this subject…to you, anyway.

              1. He can lure you in because be baits you with his crazy, nonsensical responses to your comments. I do read all of his posts just for shits and giggles and most of the time I just shake my head and move on. But sometimes I can’t help myself and post a comment and then get sucked down his rabbit hole. It’s a dank and dark place to get sucked into.

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