What is Tulsi’s Test Score?

Tulsi Gabbard, both herself and her supporters love to highlight her military service.

She is in fact a major and her branch is…Military Police, MOS, 31A. Funny how she is quick to highlight Kamala Harris’s career as the California Attorney General, yet she doesn’t acknowledge her own record of “enforcing” the law.

Anyway, back to the test. Tulsi, released a video of her working out.

And the U.S. Army recently Implemented the Army Combat Fitness Test, A.C.F.T..

Army.Mil ACFT

As an officer, Maj. Gabbard must be able to effectively lead her Soldiers onto the battlefield. Part of that leadership is her overall level of fitness.

Tulsi, wants to not only lead the nation, but also serve as the Commander-in-Chief. However, before she gets there, she remains a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Reserves.

Perhaps, Tulsi, or Maj. Gabbard should make her preliminary (non-record) A.C.F.T. score, public, as more proof of her level of fitness for leadership, and where she places in her unit. How fit is Tulsi?

Major Gabbard is a Military Police Officer. What is her arrest record, what crimes has she stopped, what laws has she enforced that directly contradicts her own campaign? All of this information seems to be hidden or non-existent…I wonder why that is?

Tulsi Gabbard may seem appealing, based on the competition. However, if ole Tulsi cannot be transparent with the American people before she becomes the president, what makes us think that she would be any better than what we already got?

Tulsi, make your entire military record public, show us why you are so much better than anyone else.

My thought is that Tulsi is a carbon copy of every other democratic candidate. Until she shows me differently, based on her history.

Just because someone served in the military, doesn’t mean that they are not a piece of shit.

– For example, Hunter Biden served in the Navy…for 30 days.

– George W. Bush served in the Air National Guard.

So, let’s drop the bullshit about military service, and let’s look at the individual and her documented past. Tulsi’s Enlisted Record Brief (ERB) and Officer Record Brief (ORB), should speak for itself.

Release the records Tulsi and spare the patriotism nonsense.

Tulsi 2020

Funny how a cop is all about taking people’s guns away…with guns. If Tulsi believes in gun control, then she shouldn’t need a gun either or her security detail.


15 thoughts on “What is Tulsi’s Test Score?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I think she would be an excellent addition to a team or staff, but like the others and Trump, I think they all are shit in their own.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Exactly right, so instead of seeking out the perfect candidate, perhaps understand the goals and ambitions of such people and hold them to account.

  1. I’ve been seeing her ads all over the place but have no idea who she is or what she’s about.
    So many candidates. The primary ballot is gonna be huge!
    I’m not committed to any one of them yet. I’m looking at four seriously and Biden isn’t one of them.🤔

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