Faizon Love on His Comparison of Bill Cosby to Emmett Till: DJVLAD


35 thoughts on “Faizon Love on His Comparison of Bill Cosby to Emmett Till: DJVLAD

  1. Bill was about to air another positive black family series on TV that surely would have gone into syndication. To stop that, he was put on trial. That’s behind the scenes, the real deal.

      1. It was talked about weeks before the scandal came out. Bill had a new stand up performance coming out on Netflix and was working on or was about to sign with NBC a new positive black family show. All got shelved. The timing has too much coincidence, whether he did it or not.

  2. Marleen

    I really wish it hadn’t all happened. The Cosby Show was/is great.

    His admission was kept under wraps for a decade. And Bill Cosby wanted it to stay that way.

    But it was his own public stance as a moral evangelist that helped tip the scale for a judge this week. The judge decided to unseal documents revealing Cosby admitted, under oath, to getting drugs to give to women ………

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Faizon is right though, can’t even buy a woman a drink anymore. Why did these women agree to meet him alone in a hotel room? It’s takes 2 to tango. Cosby was simply a fall guy. Oh well, eventually this will come full circle.

      1. Marleen

        He is… right… kinda. That was probably the best point. Maybe one drink isn’t a “problem” though [assuming you haven’t met her after she’s already gotten started… or before she’s twenty-one] — except even that is (a problem) if something is dropped in it. A drug is definitely different from a (normal) drink. This is sort of a reason, as a gal, to stay away from bars unless you go there with someone you trust — not to meet someone new. Forget hotel rooms; don’t even go to a bar.

        It always seemed weird to me that anyone went to a hotel room, but it was spoken of in pop culture like people did this. It sounds really stupid to say, but it’s nevertheless true that doing such a thing was supposedly an appropriate way to meet for interviews — pretty sure some have been broadcast like that too. I just think it would be a place with bigger rooms… or suites. Not usual “rooms” (meanwhile, I’m guessing said star‘s accommodations were not any room).

          1. Marleen

            That’s based on something said in this conversation — in the video or the comments. Cause like, I don’t know about women dropping drugs in drinks. If it’s a thing now, let me know.

              1. Marleen

                Yeah, that story is bad. In other words, no I don’t think it’s okay for a woman to do things like that. I don’t think it’s a double standard (although, it could be just on her part, I don’t know what all she says about it). I think we — actually not me — the general public or the specific people involved still are not thinking everything through with both men and women (except that’s the only purportedly real instance of a woman of which I’ve heard). Did Faizon talk about that?

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  You have to ask yourself. How does a person who willing sedates and inebriates themselves (whether with alcohol or drugs) do so, in any place where sexual desires is in hyper drive? What do people think will happen? Is a bar or a club a safe environment? What about a party?

                  Sexual encounters are never thought through. Hence, abortions, regret the next morning, rape and allegations of rape.

                  Why do women go out? Why do men go out? Why is there always alcohol and drugs associated with these behaviors?

                  1. Marleen

                    People want to socialize. It really doesn’t have to involve sex. In fact, you can buy a young lady (say) three drinks if you don’t intend to try to have sex with her in that state.. nor leave her to the wolves. Maybe it wouldn’t work so well the other way around, as most women can’t protect a man from others. Anyway, nobody has to buy other people drinks, and it’s not wrong for females to be there. You know there are men who think taking a woman out to dinner (no necessity for alcohol) means he bought sex. Wrong.

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      There’s no such thing as free. The cost always arises somewhere. Why do women allow men to buy them drinks of dinner, if the woman knows that she is not interested in sex with that man?

                    2. Marleen

                      “Some”* women are looking for a real pairing, not just sex (and commodification like that). Always, quote-unquote, is pretty sick. Does a woman have to have already decided she’s marrying you (oh, except the prerogative is entirely up to you, right) before you will eat with her or pay for dinner or before she accepts an invitation for dinner?

                      I know sometimes (probably too often for my sensibilities) young women now pay for men’s meals; I hope they don’t expect sex either. I don’t know what the heck they think they are doing (what the women are envisioning — or what the men think of it either) unless it’s a business setting and she’s a manger expensing for tax purposes.

                      Look; some men think you just talk to them, they’re looking for sex or they have substantiation to be mad at the woman who talked to them. How dare she interact in communication, huh? What a shallow ass. (However, sometimes they’ve simply been inculcated to think that way. Yet, they need to choose to elevate their minds and hearts.)

                      * Is this the kind you identify with or relate to? Or do you just like to complain about abortions and bitches and so forth? (That’s not to say some women don’t take advantage; that can be so if she has sex with you or not. But that’s not the fault of women behaving in a more traditional way who don’t want a man, any men, to take advantage of them.)

                    3. bottomlesscoffee007

                      If the man is drunk and the woman is drunk…how is rape possible? Who holds the responsibility when it comes to rape if both parties had alcohol in their blood?

                    4. Marleen

                      Well, that can be a good question. I have never found myself in that situation* (me being too drunk and a person coming after me because he’s too drunk). All I’d say is anyone says no or stop or even I don’t know or whatever… that’s that. Plus, either person can’t really function well, the other (could be both) shouldn’t go ahead even if no one said anything or really if they did seem interested. Someone gets shitfaced and they don’t behave well, QUIT DOING THAT so you don’t have to wonder what you’re doing. (And it should go without saying that existing isn’t the same thing as wanting sex. Also, something that apparently does have to be said, one is allowed to want sex and then not want it, also to not be in decent condition.)

                      The story of the Good Samaritan keeps coming to mind, so I have to mention it. Some angry people ask who is their neighbor. Instead of answering who is worthy to be a neighbor, Jesus puts it on the shoulders of those asking — BE one.

                      * Two nearest experiences: 1) I went to a wedding and had fun but wasn’t really drunk. There was an open bar, so no one bought me drinks (in the sense of which we’re speaking). I went to a restaurant after the reception [which’d had a meal but then dancing — so hours had gone by] with a couple I’d met there. The husband… no it was a fiancé… alerted a friend of his before we got to the restaurant. Well who the hell was that random guy, showing up? The fiancé of the first man was upset with him for thinking that way and calling a “buddy” (she said something about his old life or something like that). I don’t know if she went ahead and married him (a head hospital administrator); I never saw either of them again until I ran into the woman (some kind of specialist) at a hospital. Why would I want to? (She might be okay, if she decided not to marry him.) 2) I got overly inebriated when a few people half-heartedly overfilled my glass at a bar/grill once. It was overwhelming, and I fell asleep sitting on a toilet there. If other people I had been with, and my husband, hadn’t looked out for me, it could’ve been bad. 3) There is another incident, now that I’m thinking about it, closer to attempted rape… but noone was drunk or inebriated (that I know of). It’s worse. I was at college and smoked a joint in my room, with a guy who had brought it and with my roommate there. (The guy lived in the dorm.) Well, he had laced something else in there. (I didn’t do such a thing a lot, like some people, so I was naive. But my roommate looked out for me [and the guy was in fact trying to capitalize]. I never interacted with that jerk again.)

                    5. bottomlesscoffee007

                      You know what I don’t understand.

                      How come consent should come from a person who has their wits about them (no drugs or alcohol in their system) yet no or stop can come from someone who is inebriated?

                    6. Marleen

                      Do you think being in someone else’s body — beyond even their space — is a state of homeostasis to which you have a right? When a person feels they are in a weakened state or nauseous state or whatever state it is, and they change their mind, the mind is changed (that’s all there is to it). No, stop, quit it, not now… is always to be taken as no; that’s not confusing.

                      And, like I said, not being in a state clear enough or strong enough or happy or such to be able really to say no… or to be actively involved… should likewise be taken as a cue not to go forward. I think it “might be” a sign of someone who is completely selfish “in bed” not to be aware that there is constant communication and responsiveness in a mutual situation.

                      Back to the concept of men who think existing or even speaking to them is wanting sex, I, for instance, wasn’t wanting sex with the guy who put angel dust in the marijuana. I may have flirted* with him (it was long ago… yet I actually think I didn’t), but that’d also not be a yes. Still, he may have decided my socializing with him was a yes in my sober moments. So — drugs?

                      * That’s a hypothetical. Some men, or boys of an age that is supposed to be men, seem to perceive that if you are ever happy around them (rather than creeped out or even running) you are flirting. You see, we have to choose whether we want a free society or we want to be like Saudi Arabia. Are girls/women allowed to be healthy individuals in America?

                      [ I have no first-hand knowledge of Saudi Arabia. So, I’m referencing what we think of as that kind of society. ]

                    7. Marleen

                      First of all, like I said, I was naive (and 17). Secondly, there was a lie involved. Marijuana laced with something else isn’t the same as marijuana. Are you saying smoking marijuana or being naive is a running license to any male person? I know some people think ever smoking marijuana (just marijuana) or selling cigarettes is a license for killing black men. Look for that imperfection. You asked why a yes sober can still involve a no not sober (or even yet sober). And I do think a yes then no is legitimate. But what is often going on is wishful thinking followed by a wishful or callous tip over the edge or even determined incapacitation with a substance.

                    8. bottomlesscoffee007

                      So, who is supposed to protect your innocence? Why would you willingly partake in drugs that you had no control over? Why would you willingly sedate yourself in the company of a man?

                    9. Marleen

                      Hm. I guess you have no experience with what a real yes is. So you’ll never understand. Your reasoning also leads to any man smoking marijuana — that he didn’t grow himself and harvest from the plant itself and roll himself — being gay.

                    10. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Being gay? Yeah Marleen, exactly. Would you take pills that had no label? Would you drink from an open bottle you found on the street?

                      Do you think cutting drugs is something new? Or something that everyone does?

                      You are naive, and it seems you don’t learn from past experiences.

                      If you didn’t grow the weed yourself or you didn’t buy it yourself from a reputable source, then you basically get what you did to yourself.

                    11. Marleen

                      You are a really dumb guy. You assume so much crap. Besides never interacting with that jerk again, I’ve never had anything to do with marijuana since (not that I’m against it). Learning involves learning, not being all-knowing from birth. But what to expect from a gay guy who looks down on women. Can’t even go to a wedding.

                      Now, whatever was going on with a joint, you have moved the goalpost. Now women (or men) can’t be in a room with a man even with another person. Or maybe they shouldn’t go to school. On and on it goes. Work is desperation.* What do people think will happen? Perverse sexual desires are in hyper drive no matter what.

                      * While many women work for reasons of doing things they want to do, it is actually often the case that work is desperation. Because, guess what, women can’t even be assured of safety at home. So they learn. Be autonomous, if you can. Oh, but you can’t. And we’re back to women shouldn’t exist.

  3. Marleen

    Wow. Why are supposed intelligent people so stupid (to have set things up officially)? (Or are they… stupid per se?)

    The American Economic Association, for example, recently came out against single hotel-room interviews, citing association policies against sexual misconduct and the potential for abuse (never mind the set-up’s general awkwardness).

    “While interviewing in suites is considered acceptable, the AEA is strongly discouraging conducting interviews in a regular hotel room,” the association announced. It will sell available suites at its … upcoming Allied Social Sciences Associations in San Diego only to employers conducting interviews. Ballroom meeting spaces also will be available.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I would never be alone in a room with another woman out side of my wife. There is no need to ever meet privately with women. There always needs to be witnesses to clear a man’s name.

  4. Marleen


    How to Film an Interview in a Hotel Room (Tutorial)

    We’ve all seen these kinds of interviews, which I mentioned earlier. Of course, the job interviews discussed in the two articles to which I just linked are not usually filmed or videotaped, and have usually not been. But the interviews we do see give an air of normalcy.

  5. Marleen

    Incidentally, pretending Bill Cosby is like Emmett Till is similar to Donald Trump saying he’s being lynched — although Trump is a total race-baiter who even now uses terminology of cleaning undesired people out of an area (ethnic cleansing).

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