Young Sheldon & Greta Thunberg

Sometimes I wonder, why certain programs are “green lit” for production and mass consumption.

A religious mother, portrayed as a irrational quisling and a child, with a fantastic ability to reason, using science.

The child is permitted to disrespect his mother, because he is portrayed as superior to her (science disproves religion). Yet, the method in which this is presented, is delivered as charming and witty.

“🎶 A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down 🎶”

Both Young Sheldon and Greta Thunberg, have a team of writers and handlers. We are never given a “behind the scenes” tour, since that would ruin the illusion.

After all, it was Andrew Breitbart that said, “politics is downstream from culture”.

Coincidence or Design?

Child labor laws…need not apply.

Why would you put your own neck on the line, when a child is near? Any honorable adult, would never dare attack a child. So, march out the infants, and let them soak up the fodder. Once the infants have depleted the enemies ordnance, then their handlers can walk right up and declare a victory.


28 thoughts on “Young Sheldon & Greta Thunberg

  1. At 16 I hardly think Greta could be called an infant. Does age equal intelligence? Are older people automatically smarter than younger?

    Should young Sheldon automatically accept the religion without question?

    Should anyone of any age accept things without question? Even small children ask “why”?

    IMO, we should all be asking questions and forming our own opinions. Dont let anyone spoon feed you their version of truth.

      1. Some 16 year olds are more mature than some 26 year old. I think “adult” varies. A 16 year old can be an adult though its probably pretty rare in our country/culture.

        Should adults argue with children? I think arguing is pretty useless most of the time. Should adults debate, discuss with children? Sure, at the child’s level. Maturity, intellectual level. “Because I said so” is a crappy answer and a cop out IMO.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I agree with your summation of how maturity varies by the individual.

          So, if a child enters an adult conversation, then it’s incumbent upon the adults to cater to the child and that child’s maturity level?

          How will a child learn, if they do not participate in adult conversation on level ground? Who benefits from a conversation that is not honest on both sides?

          I agree that “because I said so” is not a good answer, then again, would you allow your child to address you in such a way? How is the child expected to learn tact, if adults allow children to address them as however they wish, in the moment?

          In my opinion, these kids are used as human shields. The people who put them out in front, do so, because they realize the majority of adults will turn away from confronting these children.

          So, is it better to just let these kids speak and never challenge them on their positions, opinions or stances?

          If we are to understand one another, then nothing must be held back or censored…that is, if they are honest in their beliefs.

          1. I didnt mean dumb down an “adult” conversation for a child. I was thinking more one on one. Like a parent talking to their 8-9 yr old kid.

            If a child can respectfully, intelligently converse with an adult, then go for it.

            My daughters were allowed to speak their mind, always. Other adults hated it, I sometimes hated it, but I treated them like intelligent human beings. When my older daughter was 12 I listened to her intelligently, respectfully refute every point an adult neighbor made. Proud Mama moment. Of course it was politics so there was no right or wrong but my daughter held her own.

            I’ve heard stories about people using Greta and I’ve heard that it’s all bullshit and she does her own thing. Who can know the truth? I DO know that people with Asperger’s can be stubborn when it comes to something they’re passionate about so I tend to think she’s doing what she wants to do.

            A lot of people cant or WONT believe anything intelligent can come from a 16 yr old. And unfortunately, a girl. And even worse, a girl with Asperger’s.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              So, is she untouchable and unrefutable because she is a female, with Aspergers?

              One on one? So, one set of rules for adults conversing and another set of rules when it’s between a child and an adult?

              1. No, Greta is not untouchable. Debate her all you want. I meant people will write her off, not listen to her, not believe she can possibly have an original intelligent idea.

                Adult – child vs parent-child are different. I doubt many young children will try to debate or discuss things with a random adult, or try to enter a group of adults talking unless it’s for attention.

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      What is “respectfully” and “intelligently”? Who decides what is and what is not?

                    2. Oh, come on… no name calling, no patronizing, debate facts or opinions, whatever. Talk to her as you would anyone else about issues. Dont make it personal. You know what I mean.

                    3. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I do, but does that mean that those are the rules to abide by? What if she does it first? What if the adult does it first?

                      Communication needs to be free flowing, not obscured by rules of engagement. Sometimes being called a name, toughens a person up.

                      Perhaps, the best discussions to learn from, are the discussions where a person made the most mistakes.

                    4. Discussions should flow, people should be prepared to defend their stance but also open to new ideas, not rigidly stuck on “I’m right, you’re wrong” . If it degrades into name calling, it’s over, the name caller cant defend their idea anymore so they resort to name calling to keep from “losing”. Personally, I love when someone can show me that I’m misinformed and my ideas need to be reconsidered. But I’m pretty open minded.
                      Discussions and debates are about thoughts and ideas…brain things. People can and do have strong feelings about ideas but the focus should be on the subject matter, the idea.

              2. There is a blogger I used to follow that has a son with Aspergers. He became unhinged when folks began to question Greta’s motives and who was behind her, assisting her. This climate thing is NOT settled science despite those telling us it is. As far as the blogger was concerned, she should be believed and supported *because* she was autistic. She should not be questioned. So, yes, in a very real way, she is the perfect poster child for the global warming nuts. She is a “child” in many peoples eyes, a female and autistic. That is three protected categories…therefore, she is untouchable and questioning her narrative will bring the weight of the SJWs uponst yo head.

        2. bottomlesscoffee007

          Would you stand idly by, if an adult criticized your children or grandchildren?

          You see Granny, that’s the point of placing kids out there, in front. The children are to be protected, by their parents and family.

          It is because of this, that discussions between adults and children are never honest and thorough or transparent.

          If kids wish to be part of any adult conversation, then they must be mature enough to deal with the consequences of their decision. Sometimes people’s feelings get hurt, it’s one thing if it’s another adult, but when it’s a kid, the adult is referred to as a “monster” for harming the child’s delicate self image and self esteem.

          There is a reason why there are such things as childish discussions and adult conversations.

          1. The neighbor resorted to name calling… I knew my daughter could handle herself.

            You cant throw a kid into adult world. My daughters grew up with it. They didnt challenge adults until they were ready. But they grew up knowing they had a right to speak their minds too.

            I dont think they were interested in “adult” conversations until they were ready. Do you know what I mean? Politics meant nothing when it was all about Pokemon.

            Kids shouldn’t be used for ANYTHING by adults. That’s so wrong on so many levels… yuck!

  2. Marleen

    Perhaps the president ought to be held to adult standards of conversation and communication and behavior. Just a thought.

    But, clearly, it makes more “sense” to pick on a kid.

      1. Marleen

        Your point was it’s easy to pick on a kid and make excuses for a deranged adult? Cause… the people who want to make fun of her…

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          No, my point was that kids are protected. If a kid wants to enter an adult conversation then that kid should not be protected.

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