White Jesus, Hot or Not?

Was Jesus white? Was he middle eastern? Was he African?

Was Jesus hot?

The pictures and paintings and sculptures seem to all follow the same pattern. Perfectly symmetrical, lean and fit. An easy outline to gaze upon.

Do you ever wonder why his image matters so?

Have you ever been asked, “show me”?

Most of us, if not all need to see visual representations, before we can make a decision.

Reading descriptions is one thing, but a visual puts it all into perspective quickly, with hardly any need for further investigation or scrutiny.

The narcissist, in all of us, wants to see a visual that we can easily identify with or a visual that makes it easy for us to despise, without really understanding the context of the image. Why identify with a person, that doesn’t look like me? Why should I trust a person who doesn’t possess the same immutable characteristics that I possess?

You see (pun intended) we trust our eyes, over our heart. Our heart may yearn, yet we hold back, because we fear the scrutiny of others. People, are very keen to fit in, and the more we identify “with our own kind”, the more we fall for the visual more than wanting to understand the context behind the image.

We scrutinize one another, before we even say hello. Men, check the curves of a woman, and women look at the coordination of the outfit. We judge one another based on appearances, and that judgement usually sticks, regardless of the outcome of the conversation.

To convince a person otherwise, takes time and perseverance.

So, was Jesus white? What did Jesus look like?

Does it really even matter? Should Jesus be judged on his appearance or what he had to say and what he did?

If you need to be reassured by looks and immutable characteristics, then what are the odds you will ever even try to listen?

If you cannot give someone the benefit of doubt, then why should they give you the benefit of doubt?


11 thoughts on “White Jesus, Hot or Not?

  1. Much of what we judge of others has been programmed into us at an early age via parents & family, followed by government intervention.

    Jesus was not white. He was not what our culture would deem “handsome” or “good looking”. He has been portrayed otherwise to gather followers for religious (read: control) purposes. Think JFK would have had such a loyal following had he been butt-ugly? During the major debate with Nixon, there was an interesting study conducted. Those that listened to the debate said Nixon won. Those that watched the debate said JFK won.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Interesting, I had never heard that about Nixon and JFK.

      Imagery is so easy to fall for, that we often ignore the character and the soul.

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