How Does One Clean Up Pollution…Without Causing More Pollution?

What is considered pollution and what is not considered pollution?

How does a person clean up pollution, without causing more pollution?

What if I told you that space exploration and space travel also contribute to plastics in the ocean…where do all of the space travel vehicles usually land, once they have descended back to earth?

Have you ever seen how reefs are grown?

So, again…what is pollution and what is not pollution?

Is rocket exhaust considered pollution?

Or, should we not concern ourselves with scientific discovery? Since pollution is bad and emissions are poisonous to our atmosphere.

How do batteries get recycled? Are batteries organic?

How does a recycling center, recycle ♻️ without contributing to climate change 💨?


6 thoughts on “How Does One Clean Up Pollution…Without Causing More Pollution?

  1. Very good questions. Questions most people sadly do not think of. They just fell “they have to do something and something is better than nothing”, not realizing the something they are doing may be just as harmful or more so than the original problem itself.

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