Gerrymandering Proves Stereotypes

Well, we know election season is just around the corner. The proof is parallel to department stores that start selling Christmas around the middle of October to the beginning of November. The election is more than a year away and already, the excuses are beginning to pour in.

Gerrymandering is a bullshit argument. Whenever I hear of someone complaining about gerrymandering, I think to myself “gerrymandering wouldn’t matter, if your message was better”.

You see, gerrymandering only works as long as people vote down party lines. Vote for the party, gerrymandering works, vote for the individual, gerrymandering doesn’t work. The issue with gerrymandering is that the majority of Americans vote down the party line.

– Blacks, vote almost exclusively democrat.

– Gays, vote almost exclusively democrat.

– Gun owners, vote almost exclusively republican.

– Hispanics, vote almost exclusively democrat.

– Educators, vote almost exclusively democrat.

– Unions, vote almost exclusively democrat.

– Coal miners, vote almost exclusively republican.

– Tradespeople, vote almost exclusively republican (as long as they are not in a union).

– Illegals, vote exclusively democrat.

– Feminists, vote exclusively democrat.

– Dead people, vote exclusively democrat.

And so on and so on.

You see, we are so easily defeated, because we embody the stereotypes, we wish were not true. Yet time and time again, we fall for the programming.

Democrat or Republican?

With a dominant two party system, it’s always a 50/50 chance, nationwide.

Instead of blaming the other side, perhaps, our voting habits are to blame. We don’t nominate good candidates, we nominate who we think can beat the other side.

If an all encompassing candidate were to arise, we would surely never nominate them. Because we are too obsessed with winning at the cost of others losing.

The longer the push and pull of politics prevails, the further we move, from actually voting for a representative. The more apt we become to crush the other side, the longer we will continue to work for whatever party we support.

The parties should work for us, not us for them.

But alas, gerrymandering will continue to be a hotly contested topic. All because people refuse to be honest with themselves.

Vote for the party, gerrymandering works.

Vote for the individual, and you are no longer a cog in the machine.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter, the people are herd animals, they hardly stray from the pack. People are afraid of freedom and independence, they’d rather work for minimum wage, than take a chance, in the wild by themselves.

So, gerrymandering wins, because gerrymandering bets on stereotypes.


19 thoughts on “Gerrymandering Proves Stereotypes

  1. The candidates I generally have voted for have Democrats but I’ve also voted for some Republicans. I vote for people not parties.

    I’m still pissed I had to change my registration from nonpartisan to a party to be able to vote in the primary. I think that’s 🐃💩

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          The more Hillary is in the news, the more fodder she soaks up as well. All of these people are puppets. None of them are even incharge of their own choices or decisions.

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