The Quasi Appeal of Socialism

Socialism, whether Bernie’s so-called brand of “Democratic” Socialism or the more extreme, communist socialism. Whenever I hear someone correct the negative aspect of socialism with the moniker “Democratic” I chuckle to myself. All these minorities out here thinking they will somehow become the majority, HA! Like Issac Newton said, “what goes up, must come down”. That’s science bitch! Whats hot today will eventually be yesterday’s news.

Anyway, back to the quasi appeal of socialism. As a believer in the idea that all taxation is theft, the halfhearted appeal of socialism is rooted in the thought exercise of, what are we getting for all the taxes we are paying anyway?

The taxes we pay, go to the “special interest groups” they pay the salaries of, local, state and federal representatives and employees. They pay to send food to foreign countries, in the hopes of maintaining America’s allies and creating new allies. Bear in mind, that America’s allies are more or less “fair weather fans”. Our allies are like that “friend” that only ever calls when they need something, never to just say hello or ask about our day. As an American citizen and tax payer, what direct benefit do you get from America’s allies?

What else do our taxes pay for?

Oh they pay for massive corporations like Amazon. They subsidize the airline industry, they subsidize the insurance industry, they pay for sports stadiums, they pay for any number of bullshit gamuts that we, the citizens bankroll, yet we must still pay to use!

How about public institutions? Yep, our tax dollars pay for public institutions that are never free to the taxpayer.

So, thats the appeal, to me anyway. Im not about to start wearing a beret and turning into a fag that cries and screams about how socialism paves the way towards equality for the most marginalized among us, hilarious. If you can’t make it in America, then you can’t make it anywhere!

If we are forced to pay taxes at the threat from men with guns and a felony charge and prison time, then what are we getting in return for bankrolling the entire system? Like it or not, but the American taxpayer, bankrolls the entire world. If we are to pay, then what exactly are we getting in return? Horrible infrastructure? Shitty school lunches? Corrupt politicians and corrupt law enforcement agencies?

I am aware that adopting socialism will merely embolden and broaden the corruption. So maybe it’s somewhere in the middle.

Taxation is theft, but if we are to be stolen from, why not go all the way?

Taxation is like thinking you’re taking a shower, when in reality, you’re in the target of the bukkake show.

The only benefit to paying taxes, from what I can tell, is that it buys your time. Taxation is the penalty for quasi freedom.


26 thoughts on “The Quasi Appeal of Socialism

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      True Granny. Then again, how is socialism working out for you? Too broke to work, to broke to not to work.

      The paradigm of never enough to go around.

      How long did you work before you became disabled?

      How has you previous years of taxation paid off in the long run?

      Is your disability taxed?

      1. Disability is not taxed. I worked 16 years… I’ve been on disability around 10-11, SSDI…so yeah, I payed into it. I figured out my yearly pay in 2000 would be about $45K a year by 2019 standards. That doesnt include raises so if I was still working I might be making $60-70K with full benefits. I wish I could have kept working…

        I DO think basic medical should be available to everyone. The utility companies have a monopoly and charge whatever they want. There are parts of socialism that appeal but it comes down to corrupt power grabbing jerkwads in charge. Until we get rid of them, nothing will get better.

          1. Yes I pay $120/month for medicare.
            If I worked I wouldn’t be disabled, so yeah buh-bye big whopping $1500 a month, and that’s higher than some cuz its based on my income at the time. I’ve had a total increase of $20/month in the past 10 years.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              So, you would be penalized from collecting on what you had paid for? Doesn’t seem like an honest system to me.

              1. I only get the money because I cant work. Why would the government give me money if I could earn it myself?
                SSI is different. I think you can work and still get benefits, but it’s a LOT lower. Like $300-400 a month or less. Ben gets SSI and the amount is based on his mama’s pay. When he’s 18 he may get more. I’m not sure how that works.

                SSDI is only for people who have payed into it. Maybe other people who have 50% disability get some money? I dont know. I am 100% disabled. There is no job I can do. So if I suddenly was able to work, I wouldn’t be 100% disabled anymore.

                I had to get an attorney to help me. It’s all very confusing (on purpose I’m sure), especially when it goes before a judge.

      1. Washington taxed whiskey and there was the rebellion. Hamilton wanted the military to enforce it at the end of a gun barrel. What an ass he was. Burr should have shot him, sooner.

        BOTH men were bullies despite our culture’s love of Washington.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Ha, and here I thought Hamilton was loved for the play! Washington huh, what a fag!

          There ya go, another example of how history is never truly discussed at our most impressionable years.

          And things keep on happening the same way.

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