Pimps & Hoes

The Pimp and Hoe relationship is built on oppression masked as protection. From what I understand, the Pimp brutalizes the Hoe through physical beating, rape and constant intimidation. This dynamic relationship, is enforced by a punishment and a reward cycle. Usually, the Hoe suffers from massive daddy issues and she seeks out a “standard bearer”, a Pimp that lays out the rules to live by and any deviation from these rules, will result in punishment. The reason why this works is because it establishes rigid and easily identifiable standards of according and appropriate behavior. It’s the hallmark of boundaries and makes the choices of the Hoe that much easier to make.

The Hoe knows and understands the dire consequences of defying the Pimp.

As much as the Hoe despises the Pimp, the Hoe appreciates the protection of the Pimp. Any affection the Pimp exhibits to the Hoe, is strategic and inculcates the Hoe. The Pimp weaponizes the endorphins of the Hoe, when the Pimp shows affection to the Hoe.

The Hoe, quickly forgets what freedom felt like, since a free Hoe, is in more danger that an employed Hoe. Once a Hoe has been beat into submission and sodomized into appreciation, the Pimp has successfully convinced the Hoe, that much worse could happen to the Hoe, if the Hoe ever left the protection of the Pimp. The Pimp also encourages the Hoe to enter a lifestyle of constant sedation and inebriation. The Hoe, apprehensive at first, quickly gives in, since the inebriation and sedation gives the Hoe a sense of escape and tranquility in the midst of savagery and debauchery as the Hoe is continually and constantly defiled, time and time again.

The Hoe begins to fear freedom and value safety and protection. Although, the Hoe is never safe or protected from the wrath of the Pimp.

Submission is always easier than emancipation.


12 thoughts on “Pimps & Hoes

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Like the Oscars so Chinese and Jewish gold is still gold. It’s always easy to understand these extreme relationships, but I think we never see ourselves in these predicaments as well.

      Could you surmise that the governments the Pimp and we are the Hoes. Does that make sense? Does the relationship between the Pimp and the hoe mirror the relationship between those in government and the rest of us?

    2. bottomlesscoffee007

      The Pimp gets the blame and the hoe gets the sympathy. But really, the Pimp only gets away with what the hoe will tolerate. In the end, our tolerance for getting pimped out has made us numb to the truth of the matter.

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