False Idols & Fake Prophets

Is this an idol or a symbol? What false prophets have touted this man made object in the name of greed and deception?

The Star of David, or the Feminine Chalice and the Male Phallus intertwined?

What is and what is not patriotic? Freedom for all or an opportunity for some?

A bastard son of Abraham and half brother of Israel, or an oppressed people, with some of the richest oil reserves in the world?

A Nazi Swastica or a mangled Asian ancient symbol?

The American Red Cross or a modern Knights Templar crusader?

A woman oppressed or a pious, devout woman of faith?

Racist symbol or a saving grace?

Hope and change or radical opportunist?

Slave owners or a people facing an economic slaughter?

The Guidon, the location of a military unit that aids in identification of units across the battlefield. Commanders and generals have used the guidon for thousands of years, to maneuver their units onto the battlefield and command and control them in battle.

The symbols we align ourselves with and adorn upon ourselves, enable others to quickly size us up and assess our intentions from a distance. Just as commanders have done for thousands of years. The more we succumb to idols and symbols, the easier it becomes for us to blindly invite con artists into our lives and homes.

God bless is a mere formality for the sales person. Peace be upon you is a way to gain trust without exhibiting the fruits of an honest person.

A circumcised penis does not ensure salvation just as an uncircumcised penis does not promise eternal damnation.

Perhaps symbols and idols have led us further astray than we realize. Perhaps we idolize symbols more than honesty and relationships.

And then there are funny hats. Symbols of devotion or mere traditions that require costumes to show how devout and good we are?

Actions not words, deeds not pleasantries.


27 thoughts on “False Idols & Fake Prophets

  1. Marleen

    The lady in blue is going to have a hard time breathing well in the heat; just sayin’. Anyway, it’s a good point that symbols can make things seem easy.

  2. Well put. The swastika is OLD. The word is taken from Sanskrit (Sumerian):

    I suspect Hitler chose it as he was into the occult. He commandeered a symbol meaning ‘conducive to well being’ and turned into a symbol of hate. The stupid KKK did the same thing to the Army of Northern Virginia’s battle flag…twisted it.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thank you Hawk. The longer we look to the idol, instead of the soul, we will continue to be mired in tribalism.

  3. I think many of us wore specific clothing in high school to portray ourselves as rebellious. You don’t get random bumper stickers. You get the ones you like. HOWEVER, just like in high school we all fit in based on what we wore, we now are thrown into baskets labeled with split-second judgement.

    It makes me think of those not so universal symbols. Like a nod meaning no and a shake meaning yes in some countries.

          1. Thanks for clarifying.
            I don’t think we necessarily have to agree. They can think whatever they want and so can we. However, it becomes important when we plan on judging them. A request for clarification can save us and/ or them.

            But I feel like it’s the same with the things we say. Some people jump to conclusions and assume things the speaker never meant.

              1. I hate that misconception. Asking questions actually means you are smart.
                I am a big question-asker and I immensely respect and appreciate those that do ask questions. Those that don’t usually end up showcasing what tools they really are.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  True, I have no issues with being the dumb guy in the room, I always think I learn so much by being obtuse and dumb.

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