A Few Jokes…

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Q. Wanna know what Hispanics and Cue Balls have in common?

A. The harder ya hit em, the more english ya get out of em.

I find it funny whenever I hear about a guy working out and trying to get in shape to attract more women. I think to myself, why not just dress up like a fat butch lesbian? Them fat butch lesbians seem to have no problem pulling their share of primo tail.

Ya know, I can kinda understand the Jews that turned Jesus over to the Romans. I mean, Jesus was like the CEO’s son, he was gonna inherit the entire company, the very same company that these Jews been slaving at their entire lives. They figured, get Jesus out of the picture and it’s back to business as usual!

Q. You know what a Muslim says when they spill milk?

A. Shiite!

My dad went out for milk and cigarettes one night when I was young. Ha said he’d be right back. 10 years later, he comes home, my mom looks at him and says “you forgot the milk”, my dad said “I’ll be right back”.

Did you hear about the priest who lost his head in the Hookah Lounge?

Think about how many people wouldn’t be here today if Roe v. Wade woulda been decided back in the 1920s!

Think about how many people would be here if we were all Mexicans.

That’s it for now, lemme know what you thought.

I wonder how many followers I’m gonna lose with this one?🤔


53 thoughts on “A Few Jokes…

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      How about this…

      You know why women hate to start dating after a divorce?

      Because they know they’re gonna have to suck more dick again to find a new man!

  1. I have no idea how many followers you will lose either, some I’m sure.

    Perhaps you are doing something wrong.
    You took a stab at almost everyone, and I’m still here. – if that was your plan (to get rid of me), it failed.

      1. Marleen

        I didn’t like them either (and I didn’t understand one but might be figuring it out) — but I will say two things. First, I only had an allergic reaction in a hookah bar (I think to the flavor oil in the tobacco we chose). Second, while you’ve said somewhere that you don’t hear gay jokes, I was listening to a comedian I like when I fell asleep… and, as YouTube runs on from one recording to another, at some point, there was a gay male comedian on. He had basically the same as one of your jokes (in the comments) in his repertoire (about his something in someone’s mouth). So… wrong; the jokes are out there and you fit in.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Gotcha. Ha, it’s hard to see the humanity in others, especially if you disagree with them. It’s always easiest to view those that we do not agree with as 2 dimensional bad guys and not the humans they are, just like us, fallible as we are.

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I think it might be in the Quran. There is a strict Muslim code that decrees to protect your guests. I’ve heard (don’t know if it is true) that some Muslims protected some Jews from the Nazis during WWII.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Indian: Hi ya how ya doin a?

      If there were more Indians still around, maybe the drought in the southern US could be solved with a few dances.

      Disabled: a guy sees a woman in a wheelchair and his first thought is…I wonder how much black cocks it takes to disable a woman.

    2. bottomlesscoffee007

      Remember hurricane Harvey in Houston a few years back, they said the looting in Walmart was so bad, the only thing left were work boots!

    3. bottomlesscoffee007

      Ya know, with all this stuff coming out about China manipulating the media and manufacturing, maybe Harvard is actually onto something by keeping the Asian student body to a minimum.

  2. You are so bad. “You forgot the milk…” was pretty funny. I don’t get the priest/hookah joke.

    You are starting to remind me of Andrew “Dice” Clay. He insulted everyone.

  3. “My dad went out for milk and cigarettes one night when I was young. Ha said he’d be right back. 10 years later, he comes home, my mom looks at him and says “you forgot the milk”, my dad said “I’ll be right back”.” – that’s a winner.
    Here’s a sponsor idea: the dark side of the Force? You could give a little speech like Palpatine did in the prequel trilogy (I think in the second or third prequel movie). Could be funny.
    Or there’s always Indiana Jones.

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