Oscars so Chinese?

I wrote a post awhile back, talking about how it seems as if music is no longer rebellious. When Music was Rebellious

And then I heard about the China stuff the other day. Actually, China controlling the market and enforcing censorship on American products, movies, music and anything else sold in China, is rather old news (been happening for decades). What I shoulda said was, that I recently heard about how the Chinese government influences our market, from the Mainstream Media, the other day.

Isn’t it funny how, celebrities and sports people and movie directors are praised and regaled, by presidents and other rulers. Yet…I wonder if this is a symptom of a President Trump. Not in the strategic sense, but more or less, that people are loosing their minds, with the hate and vitriol that they feel for trump. That all of these “secrets” are finally being talked about in the mainstream.

How long have the Oscars been so Chinese?

Vans, a skater shoe company (talk about rebellious) also kissed the Chinese ring, by refusing to produce a shoe that commemorated the current struggle in Hong Kong.

And the entire NBA, cannot wait to suck on that Chinese titty! Apparently, yen 💴 is sweeter than freedom for all! So much for equality, I guess?

I find all of this humorous, so much so, it almost feels like a “told ya so”.

This is like that one time when it was revealed that actresses traded sex for movie roles! Whoda thunk it? I’ll tell ya who, everyone with damn brain.


20 thoughts on “Oscars so Chinese?

      1. I did actually purchase the HUAWEI
        P 30 Pro, as a friend advised that it
        had the best smartphone camera.
        But now I get told off about my
        antisocial rebellious comments
        on social media. I think I may have
        sold my soul, all for a good camera 😱

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Depending on who you ask, the food you eat could be poisoning you also. In the end, who gives a shit. Toyota makes a badass truck, but sadly they do not make a heavy duty truck. Do I go with a heavy duty that is not as dependable as a Toyota or do I go for the dependability of the Toyota and sacrificing towing and hauling capability?

          We all make choices, anyone who don’t like em, can fuck off, if I ain’t paying their bills.

  1. Marleen

    Maverick apparently isn’t going to have Taiwan on the map on the back of his jacket in the new Top Gun movie. Someone in basketball took down a tweet about standing for freedom in Hong Kong in the last few days (and there are market repercussions). And so on.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Funny how the most altruistic when the cameras are on, suffer from the same greed we all do. Jewish gold, is still gold.

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