Proof, is Subjective

Remember the “Magic Eye” books of the 1990s?

Usually, the hidden picture was masked in something that might have looked like this.

Apparently there is a shark in this picture, but all I see is a mess.

Black Sheep from over @ Not Sheep Minded and I have been having a good back and forth for the past few days. The commentary between the two of us and many others has got me to thinking.

Just because I can see something, doesn’t mean that others can.

Proof, often times is more subjective than it is concrete. We can look to our Courts and our Justice system to understand how “suitable” proof is dependent on who is ruling, how the opposite sides of any case will present their proof and what questions will be allowed and what questions will be overruled.

Once a person determines that they have found the answer, whether that be a scientific discovery or a religious experience, the more honest and forthright they are, with themselves, they will often admit, the proof they have discovered, only requires more digging and searching.

Just because the proof is acceptable to you, doesn’t mean that everyone else must believe.

Science and religion are so similar, they are practically interchangeable. Since both require the practitioner exercise humility, respect and discipline to adhere to the tenants.

The problem with religion is people. The problem with science is people. Some say that science is the proof of God, others say that science proves God doesn’t exist.

Religion and science, both disciplines that continually remind us, that we have yet to scratch the surface, if we are being truly honest.

To suggest that one disproves the other, is the hubris and pride of humans, not because of any real discovery.

It doesn’t matter who does or doesn’t see the sailboat, all that matters is what you see and if you believe what you experience.

If you refuse the person who has yet to see the sailboat, whatever amount of time it takes them, then why should they allot you any time?

What does a sailboat look like?


72 thoughts on “Proof, is Subjective

  1. Good one.

    Once you’ve seen your first magic eye puzzle, you can never not see them anymore. Seriously. I played with these when I was a kid and now I just go cross-eyed for a sec and then…boom! A shark.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Ha, and I have yet to see the magic picture. I tried and tried when I was a kid, but to this day, nothing.

  2. Marleen

    In the seventies, there was a monthly miniature magazine-type thing for kids that included, as a feature, something sort of like the “magic eye.” It looked like a bar code (before there were bar codes, and it was probably a little larger and more square). Each installment had a message or word. You had to look at it from an angle sort of underneath or from the bottom rather than the way you usually read words. It was completely black and white.

          1. Marleen

            Magic Eye pictures are different, but I enjoy those too. I haven’t seen one in a long time, but from what I recall, I’d say not only to relax your eyes but that it involves slightly crossing your eyes — slightly, not in a determined way, a relaxed way.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              I’ve heard that before and tried it, still nothing. Oh well, if I don’t know what I’m missing, then possibly, I am missing nothing.

              1. Marleen

                Lol!!!! There is no shark.

                Thanks for including the example, by the way. That was fun. I wondered if my eyes having changed (astigmatism) would make me unable to do it. I also wondered if it would translate onscreen. And, at first, I thought what you have above was just going to be geometric shapes. But then, there it was.


                    1. The one above? It does. “There is no spoon…” from The Matrix.

                      If you are using your phone, the links won’t show.

                      I see the shark, BTW… All you have to do is cross your eyes a bit and look “inside” the picture. That’s the only way I can describe it.

                    2. bottomlesscoffee007

                      It would seem, from the comments section, that I, along with Britchy are the minority in this group of seers!

                    3. Also, too…trying to look at it on the phone is a no-go. I just tried it. The screen is so small that when I try to view it like it was a bigger picture, the shark splits into two pieces. That tells me that the phone screws with the inherent design.

                  1. Marleen

                    I think I’m going to find some more of those or get a book of them. That’s a good eye exercise. People who want to improve their eyesight do things to relax their eyes.

  3. I’ve said it before, any data can be used to prove or disprove a theory. Everything is subjective because we are each unique, bringing our own experiences to everything we say, do, see, hear, etc.

    I’ve never been good at those pics. Never had the patience. I’d try when I’d pass a store in the mall, but there were other places to go😂

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I’ve probably tried every possible way to see the hidden picture, but I’ve never been able to see it. 😞

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Like when people will say “just open your heart to Christ”. You can’t force these things, they must happen naturally, in the right time. Like love.

          1. Now, that’s an odd comparison. Seeing the shark…or any other image like it, isn’t some kind of magic or a feeling like love, developing over time. It sure as hell isn’t anything like religion. It’s just a manufactured image that, in a certain focus, is a vague, 3D subject. It’s just a picture…a ridiculous one at that.

            And, it’s not important.

  4. This didn’t happen to be inspired by my post about fact and feeling, was it, LOL? Yeah, that’s true. There have been many times that my family and I will look at something and I interpret one way while everyone else interprets another way.

  5. And what we call normal/weird/crazy/insane is subjective to how we were raised/what we are familiar/not familiar with. I’ve been discovering that lately with my experimentation’s with food – my family insists it’s weird, but I think “how do you know? You’ve never tried it”.

          1. LOL! Sorry, my brain’s slow this morning. Probably because I stayed up late last night watching two movies – a comedy and an action flick. I need to sit down and watch a good romantic chick flick to stimulate my brain activity 🙂

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