Jewish Gold…is Still Gold

So, Hitler and the Nazis hated the Jews so much, that the Nazis led by Hitler, attempted to wipe the Jews out of Deutschland, Germany for the rest of us. Yet, Hitler never destroyed the gold he stole from the Jews.

Isn’t it weird that some claim to hate different races or sects of people, yet they have no problem spending their money or receiving their money?

What does all of this mean? How does a society truly remain homogeneous, without trading different nations or different peoples money or gold? We can go back and forth with what Hitler was or wasn’t really about. There are a plethora of books written on the subject. But, if Hitler truly hated the Jews, from an ideological standpoint, then why did he keep their gold?

In my opinion, the people of today, just like Hitler, dream of a homogeneous society, only comprised of their “own kind”. Yet, they realize that such a society cannot exist, without the proper funding. That funding, they realize, they do not possess. So, they create an atmosphere of “pride for your own kind” exclusively.

They continue to talk about how they are marginalized and how its always the “outsiders” fault. They embody a sense of entitlement and inequality, while always casting their problems outward. Yet, they never seem to have a problem accepting the “outsider’s” money.

So, I wonder if Hitler was motivated by greed rather than ideology? An ideological person, whether good or bad, will adhere to their principles, whereas a greedy person simply devises a way to inspire and collect.

Jewish gold, is still gold. If Hitler truly hated and despised the Jews he would’ve hated and despised their gold as well. But, this is not the case, Hitler took the Jewish gold and had it converted into Nazi gold.

Jewish gold and Nazi gold, is just that gold.

What became of the Nazi gold, who claims to hate Hitler and the Nazis, yet prizes their gold?

Melting does not cleanse nor does it wash away. All melting gold does, it make it so a new symbol can be pressed in.

“In God We Trust”

Which god does the Fed trust?

What is this paper note of debt backed by?

This post was inspired by Lander from over @ Reality Decoded: In God We Trust Not on Dollar Before.


9 thoughts on “Jewish Gold…is Still Gold

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks Huntress, I used Hitler because he is such an easy example. The question is, in my mind, is what is an individual, any individual, ok with looking in the other direction, as long as they get what they want, even though, they would not approve of the means?

      Was the hate that Hitler espoused merely the vehicle to satisfy his greed?

      1. It happens everyday, corporate greed, on Wall Street and others. Their greed overcomes their moral compass so to speak. And some don’t even flinch so that goes to say, they get what they want even if they don’t approve of how they get it.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          And yet, people continue, in-mass to accrue debt, from those same banks and bankers and even the speculators that drive the market.

          Who drives the market? The advertising firms, the media, Wall Street or, the populace as a whole?

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