Who was that Other Politician that was in Ukraine?

Oh yeah, John McCain. Back in 2013, John McCain was balls deep in Ukraine.

What was that other thing that had John McCain’s finger prints all over it?

Oh yeah, the Steele Dossier!

And what exactly is his daughter Meghan McCain doing today?

Oh yeah, she’s the “lone conservative” on The View!

And who does Meghan McCain want to win the 2020 election?

Oh yeah, Uncle Joe!

Hmmm, I wonder what all of this means?


23 thoughts on “Who was that Other Politician that was in Ukraine?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      She’s a smoke screen, meant to distract. Do you think her being on the view was mere happenstance? The deep state never sleeps

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I’m gonna be honest with you Rue. I’ve been working about 12-15 hours a day for the past few months. I’ll get around to it eventually, for now, I’m trying to earn back my freedom and independence.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Rue, please girl, stop worrying. I was honestly more worried about being honest, like I let you down.

              I’m working at full capacity. I’m trying to read the Bible everyday and work full time. I don’t mean to be a bad fellow blogger and not read the book. I just ain’t got time.

              1. LOL, okay you’re forgiven 😁😂😂
                You do what’s most important. You’re not being a bad blogger or friend for not having read it. You’re busy – you have a family to take care of, work to do. That’s more important than reading the book. To be honest, I have about 15 or so books from July and August that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet.

  1. You know what would be really cool? If people elected to represent our interests did their farking jobs!! Wow! What a concept?!

    Everyone (too general, I know. I’m on my soapbox here) is busy lining their pockets, chasing shadows, setting up elaborate ways to stab the other guy in the back… Just. Do. Your. Job.

    Ugh! I’m so fed up with all the🐃💩.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      The main stream media reported on McCain in Ukraine. John McCain and Joe Biden were very close friends, and both, when John was alive, constantly talked about their friendship and partnership in government. Meghan McCain has continually referred to Joe Biden as her second father.

      Think about when Meghan McCain first began appearing on Fox News, July 2015, a year and a half after her dad was in Ukraine and about a year and a half before the Biden’s went to Ukraine.

      When did Meghan move from Fox to the view? Around fall of 2017, around the same time as the Russia investigation was heating up. Who handed the Steele dossier to the FBI, John McCain did.

      Meghan McCain is a scam artist who is put in front to endear the McCains upon America.

      Did John McCain die of cancer, maybe, but it seems very odd that he died when he did. Almost convenient timing, in my opinion. Then again, I have no facts to go on, just a gut feeling. And since I have a rather large gut, I get a lot of gut feelings.

      What about the latest college admissions scandal? Doesn’t ASU have an entire wing dedicated to John McCain? Didn’t Meghan McCain attend ASU?

      I find it interesting that the media will always tell us who the “bad people” are and who the “good people” are. But once you scratch the surface, you realize how deep the corruption is, that if disrupted, America could be destroyed.

  2. Anonymous

    You should just marry her and get it over with. Seriously I think you’re clutching at straws here. I don’t even think you can classify this as a conspiracy. This reminds me of my hatred for astronauts. I have no real reason to hate them, but it’s fun to do.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Hahahah, oh man, without royal blood, I don’t believe I qualify. Funny you should mention astronauts, I actually identify as an astronaut!

    2. bottomlesscoffee007

      Another interesting thing about astronauts…remember Gabby Giffords? She was a Congress woman from Arizona (McCain much?) who survived an assassination attempt in 2011 and her husband Mark Kelly is an astronaut!

  3. Marleen

    I don’t feel endeared to Meghan on any political or policy level, but I feel for her on a human level (she having recent lost her dad).

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      In my opinion, the McCains are just as dirty as Obama, Biden, bush, Cheney, Clinton, gore, HW, Regean and so on, for the past 100+ years.

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