Why are All of These Gays in the Bible Belt?

The Bible Belt, a region of America that supposedly contains a higher concentration of churches than anywhere else in America. How is it that Atlanta, a gay hub, New Orleans, rather sinful and Austin (keep Austin weird), yet somehow D.C. is not contained in this holy bastion of sin? Oh yeah, D.C. is where the real sodomites reside.

One would assume with the term “Bible Belt” that only the most God fearing people would reside in such a holy land.

How is it possible that these two can live in tandem without pandemonium breaking out on a regular occurrence. Gays in the Bible Belt, hmm, how’s that work?

I guess it’s kinda like Muslims living in Israel? Or whites living in South Africa.


33 thoughts on “Why are All of These Gays in the Bible Belt?

      1. There’s SOOOO much negativity on Twitter. I used to go there a lot to socialize before I built up my WP crew. Not so much anymore. Always a troll thread, not my idea of entertainment. I got tired of Jerry Springer a long time ago, ya know?

          1. Ha! Sleep deprivation is a bad thing.
            I think it has more to do with Urban vs Rural/Small Town. In the more remote or smaller towns, the church is the “community center” . It’s a bigger part of everybodys life. Not very many huge malls or sports (except high school) stadiums for people to gather.

            There are loads of churches within blocks of my house here in SoCal (the seat of evil😈) and they are attended. But, they’re not the ONLY place for community.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Interesting how every president always goes to church, to receive the blessing of the church. And here I thought God gave blessings!

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  My opinion, yes. The problem is, in my mind, is that people will use the Bible as a window to rule and impugn, instead of using the Bible as a mirror into their own soul.

                  The Ten Commandments are rules from God and Jesus told us to love one another.

                  It is my opinion, it is always easiest to judge others, rather than hold ourselves accountable, as individuals.

                  Sodomy is a sin, but so is lust and jealousy, so is lying and thievery as is adultery. In God’s eyes, sin is sin and no sin outweighs another sin.

                  With all that being said, I think it is important to recognize the journey that I have been on, that has led me to God. Without my journey, who knows where I’d be. We must love one another to realize that none of us is without sin and we must love each other enough to allow others to be on their journey as well.

                  After all, God wants us to believe in him wholly, of our own volition.

                  Who am I to rob another of their own journey?

                  The only person I am truly in control of, is myself. The only person I can actually influence is myself.

                  1. Well stated! I can respect a person who takes their faith seriously and tries to practice it in their lives.
                    I dont believe any religion was meant to be a blunt instrument to bludgeon a neighbor with.

  1. I think the “Bible belt” label needs to be re-evaluated. Things change. While there might be more God-fearing people there than in California/ New York/ Illinois, it’s not the general consensus anymore.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Maybe, labels are not as accurate as we are led to believe. Like stereotypes and tropes. Like Intercourse, PA or Blue Ball, PA. Maybe there is more nuance to the story.

    2. bottomlesscoffee007

      Just because a church is present, doesn’t mean that safety and salvation are guaranteed. Just because gays abound, doesn’t mean that God is not present.

      Regardless of the label or the title, perhaps see the person and not the building. When we realize our own mortality, we understand the humanity in others.

      Who am I to judge?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Ha, awe Hawk. I only ask, because it seems as if labels hold more power than the individuals that don them.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Maybe, just maybe, the mainstream media has got it all wrong? Wait, what in the H E Double Hockey Sticks am I saying?

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Listen, we only have about 10-12 years left, the mainstream media doesn’t have time to jerk us around, (ha, jerk is), anyway. They are doing the best they can letting us know that the sky is falling and the only hope is Mars.

  2. Well, they’re there because they chose to live there and no-one’s stupid enough to think they can’t. As for why there isn’t greater friction – well, stereotypes are just that (stereotypes), and the media hasn’t tried to create discord… yet.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I think it highlights the true disparity between self proclaimed identity and humanity as a whole. It’s always the other side that is to blame, meanwhile, the virtuous side, merely justifies and labels the other.

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