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What is Tulsi’s Test Score?

Tulsi Gabbard, both herself and her supporters love to highlight her military service. She is in fact a major and her branch is...Military Police, MOS, 31A. Funny how she is quick to highlight Kamala Harris's career as the California Attorney General, yet she doesn't acknowledge her own record of "enforcing" the law. Anyway, back to …

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Do People Really Have it That Bad?

I've only been out of the military for a relatively short period, in contrast to the amount of time I was in. Since my exit from the military, I have noticed a trend. It seems that people are more than willing to tell others, how horrible their lives are, or how they are continually down …

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Young Sheldon & Greta Thunberg

Sometimes I wonder, why certain programs are "green lit" for production and mass consumption. https://youtu.be/9my1vMzCi0o A religious mother, portrayed as a irrational quisling and a child, with a fantastic ability to reason, using science. The child is permitted to disrespect his mother, because he is portrayed as superior to her (science disproves religion). Yet, the …

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How Does One Clean Up Pollution…Without Causing More Pollution?

What is considered pollution and what is not considered pollution? How does a person clean up pollution, without causing more pollution? What if I told you that space exploration and space travel also contribute to plastics in the ocean...where do all of the space travel vehicles usually land, once they have descended back to earth? …

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What do Words and Phrases Mean?

Some questions that I cannot find the correlation or the history on. Maybe you can help me out. Thanks in advance. Morality and Mortality...are these words as closely related as I think they are? Jew and Jewelry...again, is there a correlation or am I trying too hard? What is the relationship between Virtuous and Virtual? …

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Do Americans Want a Democracy?

I wrote a post a few days ago, The Electoral College and the E.U.. I realize now and when I wrote it, that the U.S. is based upon a Representative Republic. Yet, many corrected me on my summation in the post. No harm, no foul. That's the beauty of writing and having others weigh in, …

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White Jesus, Hot or Not?

Was Jesus white? Was he middle eastern? Was he African? Was Jesus hot? The pictures and paintings and sculptures seem to all follow the same pattern. Perfectly symmetrical, lean and fit. An easy outline to gaze upon. Do you ever wonder why his image matters so? Have you ever been asked, "show me"? Most of …

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Gerrymandering Proves Stereotypes

Well, we know election season is just around the corner. The proof is parallel to department stores that start selling Christmas around the middle of October to the beginning of November. The election is more than a year away and already, the excuses are beginning to pour in. Gerrymandering is a bullshit argument. Whenever I …

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An Update About ME!

Well, my wife and I developed a goal almost 2 years ago. Our goal was to become debt free. It has been long and it has been arduous as well (heh, long and arduous, that's what she said)! We aren't there just yet, we have a few more years to go, but we have made …

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