Ugh, Americans are So Dumb and They Lack Culture…

If teachers are so great, then why are so many Americans so dumb and lazy? If teachers are so great, then how come the majority of the technical jobs in America are manned by foreigners? If teachers are so great, and school lunches are so important, then why are so many Americans on the verge of diabetes?

You would think that if these teachers were so good, then they would do a better job of teaching kids how to be responsible and moral adults.

Maybe…just maybe, teachers aren’t all they are cracked up to be. If teachers were really as good as they are made out to be, then America would be the greatest nation this world has ever seen.

But sadly, America is horrible and will never recover from its past.

Maybe we should look elsewhere for an example and a better way forward, since we can’t count on teachers.

Aren’t you embarrassed of the dumb, lazy and uncultured Americans?

Where should we look…

An African nation?

Perhaps the Middle East?

What about China or Japan?

Wait a minute…we should look to Europe and embrace their way of living, learning and their culture, they seem to have it right. Free healthcare, free education, one money for the entire European Union, open borders, prostitution and weed!

Watch out Europe, here come the “ugly Americans”!

If teachers were so great, how did debt get so out of hand?


55 thoughts on “Ugh, Americans are So Dumb and They Lack Culture…

  1. Europeans always seemed more “cultured” to me. It’s a very general statement, of course. It’s because Americans are told to be themselves, while Europeans are told to behave. That’s my observation.

    When it comes to teachers – there are bad and good ones. You have to remember that teachers are not the only responsible party. PARENTS need to do some heavy lifting, too. No matter what a teacher does, if a parent says and does something opposite at home… it can be either good or bad.

  2. hawk2017

    It is not up to ‘teachers or professors’ to teach morals to children. The parents are uncaring what the schools and universities are teaching. The children of today are taught they are victims and the parents enable this. You can not teach those who don’t want to learn. Morals should begin at home. A child is who he is going to be by age 7, after that, Zip. Only God can intervene. 🙂

  3. Teachers are programmed drones, much like the kids they turn out.

    Another blogger in the UK has an autistic son. His son outmaneuvered the teachers in math class and they punished him for it because he didn’t do it “textbook” like. How dare you not confirm and conform, Kilroy.

    Education is not education. It’s indoctrination. Think and act like we tell you to.

          1. Good point. I was also thinking of teacher unions and the gatekeepers of academia, in general. Academia reminds me if the Pentagon in a way. Plebs & Proles should never be allowed to question the narrative.

  4. I agree with you about the teachers, not about becoming like Europe. There are uncultured people from every nation, not just in the US. And free healthcare? No such thing the entire population has to pay for it in one way or another, giving up some percentage of their income in tax, free healthcare is like a unicorn, you hear about it but it doesn’t exist. Teachers do what their told and unfortunately their told to follow, as the Hinoeuma said, Kilroy. When I got to college I realized everything I learned in high school was wrong, especially history.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I find it funny how easy it is to trash Americans as uncultured, lazy, fat and disgusting, while at the same time singing the praises of teachers. It’s either one or the other. Either America is filled with idiots or teachers are indeed great.

      1. Definitely, I use to work in the department of Teacher Education when I worked at another state university. I sat in the commissary one day during lunch and overheard a group of students enrolled in our department talking about why they wanted to become teachers. I thought I’d hear something along the lines of “oh I want to make a difference…etc.”

        Instead all of them, every single one said they were becoming teachers because they’d get summers, holiday’s off and their student loan debt would get forgiven, this is where the idiocy germinates. After that my opinion of teachers changed, despite my youngest son having two spectacular teachers in high school that went out of their way to help my son when he needed it. Those two were the exception, not the rule.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Like everyone else Huntress, I have found that instead of approving or disapproving of an entire group, I am on the individual level. Case by case basis. Teachers are protected to a sense because the majority of them are female and Like Greta, being critical of women and kids is often looked down upon by the many. If the majority of teachers were men, more would be expected of them, by many more people.

          People will claim they want to make a difference and that is why they became a teacher, just like the majority of the military will claim patriotism is why they serve. We all have our underlying motives for choosing a career, just be honest about it. I have also pondered becoming a teacher myself, simply for all of the time off, but Im in a decent job right now, making good money, so I don’t wanna go back to school on a whim. Maybe one day I’ll do it.

          I get the feeling education would be so much better if the teachers and instructors and professors were simply honest with their students, then the students wouldn’t expect to get by based on their relationship with the teacher. I think more would approach education with a much better understanding of how to graduate and what is expected.

          Teachers, like managers and supervisors appreciate an employee or student that doesn’t require too much guidance or direction.

          1. Marleen

            If you do decide to become a teacher (and get a degree first), I’m sure you know you can save on the expense by starting at a community college.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Oh, it does Marleen, plus, you get a stipend every month. I think the only expense I will incur is books.

            1. Marleen

              If you become a teacher, you’ll find out how protected teachers aren’t. I was going to ask if you think being a woman is why not much is expected of Betsy Devos (current Secretary of Educatuion who doesn’t believe in public education, although she had to pretend to, or know much about education except how to get rich off of undermining it). However, not much is expected of any of Trump’s appointees (male or female) other than destruction.

              1. bottomlesscoffee007

                I would disagree with your summation. The secret to being a teacher is to simply pass everyone.

                Women are still a protected class. And most would stand up for a woman before standing up for a man.

                It’s the same with minorities and gays. And that is why so many cling so hard to their labels. Because their labels act as armor. Sadly though, whenever anyone places their label above themselves and act as if their label is their definition. It is impossible to have an open and honest discussion with them. Since they will always default to their label for protection.

                    1. Marleen

                      Dude. I’m not ending the discussion. I’m saying you were doing what you seem to be complaining about (bringing up identity and effectively ending discussion or seeing that as the ultimate meaning).

                      In actuality, teachers need to be protected (thinking of this in a positive sense) because we don’t want a bunch of kids trampling them in the classroom. Do we want education in groups or not?

                    2. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Why does anyone need protection, especially an adult? The only people that need protection are the most corrupt and most incompetent.

                    3. Marleen

                      If you have a classroom of like thirty kids, think about it. Holy Macharel. In general, I agree with the idea that people shouldn’t be protected as untouchable in corruption or the like. But what has been happening is teachers aren’t only not protected in an untouchable sense but close to at all, and then beyond that, they are trash talked. Additionally, I think you speak from the experience of having no kids. If you meet a kid, you might goof around as long as you want and leave.

                    4. Marleen

                      You mean (if all the logical and factual parts are put together) that if they can’t overcome the societal disdain and abuse go fuck off. That’s the message they face every day. And why are you skipping this idea? Dude. I’m not ending the discussion. I’m saying you were doing what you seem to be complaining about (bringing up identity and effectively ending discussion or seeing that as the ultimate meaning).

                      Is this part of a larger argument that women shouldn’t be working? Donald the junior proved his brilliance and awareness when he said women who can’t handle (his take) the working world should get out and go teach or something. Now, of course, we are supposed to not want women there either. Just go home. See if your husband says to fuck off if you can’t take the hate there. Just wander the streets.

                    5. bottomlesscoffee007

                      On the jobsite, I treat women the same as I treat men. It’s the ultimate respect to expect the same from everyone. I do not feel inclined to play the game of certain people require protection or that certain people can only be expected to do so much.

                      In the end, we are all adults and when we show up to work, we are there to work, not come up with excuses as to why “so and so” can’t do something.

                      “The soft bigotry of low expectations.”

                    6. Marleen


                      You’re evading the topic at hand. Or was that your way of answering Yes without saying yes?

                      How is it that in one conversation you say you’d get cut up if presented with box cutters on an airplane (so as not to let the terrorists get the upper hand)? And in another you can’t see how any adult needs protection?

                    7. bottomlesscoffee007

                      How am I evading? I must not understand your question.

                      What? How is that even parallel?

                    8. Marleen

                      Well, for instance, you mentioned (hypothetically) your wife and maybe kids being there. You didn’t expect your wife to be the one getting cut up (or taking the chance). Maybe that’s because you assumed she’d take care of the kids in the situation. Or maybe it’s because you’re stronger or more trained or have a harder ass attitude. Or maybe — if I go to an nth degree on the times you’ve said you don’t want to do anything except for yourself — it’s because you wouldn’t want to see scars when you look at your wife.

                      I’ll throw this in as a bonus: would you want some asshole hitting on your wife or molesting her while she’s trying to protect the children as you’re trying to subdue the criminal?

  5. Marleen

    At the same time, I remember an occasion in first grade wherein the principal was needed to set my teacher straight. (No one asked him to, as ar as I know, although it’s possible the teacher had a buzzer to the principal {brainstorming on my part}; it seemed to me he just happened to be passing by the room.) The teacher favored boys. The principal was interested in what actually happened. Sometimes, principals are needed to sort things out between various sets of parents or parents and teachers (additionally, there are counselors, which I won’t get into) — and, of course, more commonly, between or amongst students. But the most needed order day-to-day is for the class of children to cooperate largely with the teacher(s).

    That’s not to say everyone should go through this process. It means that if we want (any) children to learn in groups, there needs to be a plan and symbiosis in place.

      1. Marleen

        Have no idea what you’re referring to. Except… Was the teacher avoiding facing her favoritism or blind spots, and maybe issues with her childhood or femininity? Maybe. Or do you mean something about avoiding school? Or do you mean avoiding taking responsibility for education fully upon one’s own family instead of going with groups? Or do you mean each child should figure out their own education and not count on anyone? Should there be no principals? Or…

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          What I am saying is…we either face our fears and challenges as individuals or we continue to seek shelter. The longer we hide…as individuals…from what we fear, the weaker we become.

          We can complain about how life isn’t fair or about how “the system” is against us, but in the long run, the strongest individuals are often the same ones that figured out what they can and cannot control.

          Let go of what you cannot control and focus on yourself and tackle your own obstacles. If a woman wishes to be strong and independent, then all she must do is figure out how to get to where she wants to be. But the minute she takes the easy way out, that will haunt her.

          Nothing is free or easy, the sooner people figure that out, the sooner they get on with living.

          The more that hide behind labels or protected classes, regardless of whether or not they acknowledge it to others, they will always know that they took the easy way out, and they are deathly afraid of ever having to truly face their fears.

          The strongest people are the ones who can tackle adversity and challenges on their own. They are true masters of their own destiny. It doesn’t matter how much money they do or do not have. Their class or sex doesn’t matter either.

          Strength doesn’t know a color or a sex or a class, strength knows only challenge and adversity.

          Catastrophe is one of the greatest privileges one can experience. That is, only if they learn and pick themselves up.

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