Debt Forgiveness, the Cheater’s Bargain

Debt forgiveness doesn’t work. The reason why debt forgiveness doesn’t work is the same reason why cheaters never stop committing infidelity. When your partner commits infidelity, that infidelity will never cease until the cheater loses something they were never willing to lose. Forgive the cheater, but the forgiveness doesn’t require the cheater to deal with the catastrophic loss that they caused. Regardless of why the cheater cheated, whether it was love or lust, the cheater felt as if their infidelity was warranted during the infidelity.

Forgiving debt, whether student loans or other types of debt merely embolden the acquisition of more debt. Once a person’s slate is magically wiped clean, without a catastrophic event taking place, that person will simply go out and sign up for more debt.  Catastrophe is one of the healthiest and greatest things that one could ever have the privilege to experience, since we rarely learn until we lose that which we could not live without.

Regardless of what you may or may not know and understand or not understand about debt, you voluntarily indebted yourself. Unless you dig yourself out of debt, you will never truly know or utterly understand the sacrifice and commitment it takes for a person to earn their independence back.

Talk about the 1%, the bankers, the government, the federal reserve and all of the inequalities and unfairness of life, none of this will grant your freedom. To be truly free and independent and insulated from society without becoming a hermit, you will have to earn your freedom.

If you want a better world and a better society, you must be better yourself and the only way to move towards that goal as an individual is to fulfill your obligations as an individual. Society is comprised of individuals and the more our society is filled with debt, the further our society is from becoming that utopia you so desire.

~Luke 14:5 And He answered them, saying, “Which of you shall have an ox or an ass fallen into a pit, and will not straightway pull him out on the Sabbath day?”~

If your donkey is in a ditch, then how fair is it to your donkey to continued to be mired in the quagmire, because you are tired?

The idea that “we” deserve something, when all of our money is tied up in debt is ludicrous. Since to deserve anything, it must be earned and if you have yet to fulfill your obligations, then all you deserve is more debt.

To forgive debt is to forgive the cheater while they are in coitus. Debt and infidelity are one and the same, since both requires asses.

Debt is not the problem, what you have or do not have in your wallet or purse is not the problem either. The problem is between your ears.

If your ass hurts after eating spicy food, yet you continue to consume spicy and spicier food, you have lost the right to whine about your ass.


56 thoughts on “Debt Forgiveness, the Cheater’s Bargain

  1. Then, there is the discussion about stagnating wages and out of control inflation. Once we were unhinged from the gold standard, then Bretton Woods, we were screwed. In 1972, my dad bought a Dodge Charger for $3995 and he thought that was outrageous. Checked on the prices of vehicles lately? His first home…my first home…was $16,500, purchased in 1971.

    The last time this country had a living wage was in 1968 @ $1.60 (yearly salary of $3,328). And, people think $15 an hour, now, is too high? It’s 2019 and we are still at $7.25 (yearly salary of $15,080)? Median home price in 1968 was between $23,400 & $26,500, US-wide (no data on averages but, $24,950, averaging the two ends). Average home prices, US-wide, for 2019 is between $361,100 and, as of last month, $404,200 (or $382,650, averaging the two ends). Salary to home ratio from 1968 is $3,328/$24,950 and the same for 2019 is $15,080/$382,650…using strict minimum wage. Even with $15 an hour, the ratio still doesn’t match 1968. With monetary madness like this, DEBT is inevitable. My parents lived better than I EVER WILL.

    While it is true that we are programmed into consumerism, once they destroyed the average man’s ability to put money in the bank and have it grow, the system was doomed. When I was a child, my paternal grandparents opened a savings account for me. It grew and when I was 18, I had a bank account with some money in it. Do you remember savings interest rates at 10%/12%? I do. You getting that now? I’m not. People used to work and save for the things they needed and, wanted. You can’t do that, anymore. People live on credit because that is all there is that is left.

    I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be more careful with what they buy but, our system is screwed and it is not likely to be fixed. And, when the stock market crashes…again…only the rich will survive it.

    Honestly, I hope ALL DEBT gets wiped out. “They” wanted us to consume, so we did. “They” destroyed our ability to take care of ourselves, despite working longer and harder with constant low wages. Want us to pay off debt? Pay us a living wage and pay some interest on what we try to save. Without a level playing field, “they” can go fuck themselves.

    Stepping down off soapbox now…

      1. Debt doesn’t “help” stagnant wages…it is a result of it.

        A monetary level playing field would be a return to the gold standard and the dismantling of the privately owned Federal Reserve. But, none of that will ever happen…therefore, things will continue to spiral out of control. There is a reason why Ron Paul has been screaming about auditing the Fed and why Jackson went after it.

        A life experience to a soul is filled with chosen circumstances…some good, some bad. It’s all about learning & growing. But, there are forces in the background that shouldn’t be here and many things wrong on the planet are due to these forces.

        Life being “fair” is irrelevant. Life being lived without outside interference is the goal.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          “Life being “fair” is irrelevant. Life being lived without outside interference is the goal.”

          Exactly my point Victoria. Do what you can, while you can, thats all anyone can ever do.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Be that as it may, if we can’t do anything about it, then we can only control and influence ourselves, as individuals. Realize what you can and cannot control.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Victoria, do you truly believe that if any of what you talked about came true, that somehow people would stop going into debt?

      1. Debt is a result of two factors…rotten monetary policy & human-programmed consumerism. It is a carefully crafted system to enslave. You think all this shit is happening naturally and people are just inherently bad? The narrative needs to change.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          People realize these points you raise, as individuals. Nothing will ever change on a massive scale. Group think and mob mentality is always based on the lowest common denominator. That is why debt is so easily incurred. The most free among us, are those with zero debt. Regardless of how much money or valuables they may or may not possess.

          A person who minimizes their debt footprtint will always be ahead of the rest of us.

          1. I agree with all of that. People are not inherently bad but, they are “highly suggestible”. And, you are right…none of it is likely to change anytime soon. What I fear is a complete collapse that descends into bloody madness instead of a method of bringing people together.

            There are those that want all of us “useless eaters” dead.

  2. Respectfully, how a person will act after their debt is forgiven would be up to that individual. There are different reasons why one incurs debt.
    Not everyone is a debt addict waiting for their next fix.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      That’s a valid argument…however, with more people incurring debt at a higher rate today than 10-12 years ago would possibly suggest that more people would. When the economy is on the rise and the public overwhelmingly seems to look to the president for a job, when their endorphins are firing off feel good emotions, they will assume that they’ve earned the right to finance more and more. Since, from what I can tell, people, generally speaking, have short attention spans and even shorter memory spans.

      1. A president can’t create jobs. Only innovators can do that.
        Advertising and celebrity have many folks mesmerized, wanting what they can’t afford, but some will learn their lesson if given a second chance. Sadly, as you point out, most will not. Just look at the examples of winners of multiple lotteries who go broke.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Exactly BS, your example of the lottery is incredibly valid. If a person doesn’t have a laid out plan, step by step and an ultimate realistic goal, they will simply waste it away until they are broke and broken. From there they will blame everyone and everything, except themselves.

          If people do not look to a president for a job, then why is the economy continually cited or job numbers?

          The more people that fail to plan and work within their abilities and live below their means, the more this problem perpetuates.

          1. I think the job numbers are manipulated/exaggerated to make the president look good. Every president says the economy is booming under their command. And if it’s not, they blame it on the last guy. The job creation numbers look great on paper when people have to have 3 part time jobs to make ends meet.

      2. When you exist in a society that programs you to believe that “things will make you happy” or “politicians are the new, all-knowing clergy” or “celebrities are the measuring stick to life”, your happiness depends upon the next “latest & greatest toy.”

        I’m with Blackie on advertising mesmerizing people…which gets into the public school system & the intentional dumbing down of the children.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Yeah, I’m not disagreeing with you or BS, Victoria. Debt forgiveness will simply prolong the impending doom. Since most will rush out to finance the latest and greatest without batting an eye, one their current debt is forgiven. Forgiveness usually comes with terms and conditions, and like usual, no one ever reads the terms and conditions.

          1. Who mentioned debt forgiveness, anyway? I can’t imagine it actually happening as the creditors have far more political power than the masses looking for a miracle. As much debt has been accumulated by the US population, a clean slate type thing could, potentially, crash some banking institutions (or piss off all those self-appointed academic gods) which would reverberate thru the entire system…globally. I missed who suggested this.

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  3. Anonymous

    My grandfather was able to support his family on a store clerks salary in a small town with only a high school diploma and no government aid. Sadly, unskilled labor is not valued as it once was, and now advanced degrees are required to get those jobs that can support a family. How did we get here? Free market capitalism coupled with a government that subsidizes big businesses and also picks the winners who recieve tax breaks and other government aid. Now, in order to compete, you almost need an advanced degree or skill of some sort. And before you bring it up, not everyone can work in the trades, and starting out in a trade you typically don’t make very much. All the conditions have been set to all but require an advanced degree because it’s easier to get than a contract into the army at this point, and it is almost a guarantee that an individual can start a job and make over 30,000 a year.
    Also, according to the bible you can’t leave your ass in a ditch to be pulled out on the sabbath, because the bible says you should be killed for working on the sabbath.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I guess it all comes down to the individual and what they are and are not willing to do.

      We all start somewhere, regardless of the salary. If a person continues to turn up their nose at low starting wages, then why should they be placed ahead of those who do start with digging ditches?

      The government bailed out the banks and GM, Dodge back in 2008. Fast forward to 2018-2019, GM is shutting down plants to move overseas. Regardless of the bailout, the banks still foreclosed on homes. What makes us think that a mass debt forgiveness plan will not have the same effect of not only continuing but encouraging more irresponsible spending by individuals on a mass scale.

      If the government hadn’t bailed out the banks and the auto industry, then the free market would’ve self corrected. If a business is incompetent, then that business deserves to fail, to create a void for better businesses a shot. The same is true of individuals, if they make the wrong or irresponsible financial choices, then they need to fail as well.

      Constant government intervention always has the same effect, artificial life support, that only lasts as long as the government remains in the boardroom, at the cost of the taxpayers.

      You cannot slander the government for the 2008 bailout, and in the same breath cheer another government bailout just because it goes in your favor. That is what is referred to as hypocrisy.

      Well, I guess I’m long overdue to be killed, cause I’ve been working on the sabbath for almost my entire adult life.

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t think I’ve ever slandered the government for the bail out, because I’m not sure how badly the economy would have suffered had we not bailed them out. As far as calling GM irresponsible for moving overseas, I think the very premise of your argument would disagree. The free market encourages profitability over all, so when manufacturing moves overseas it is following the will of the market to bring cheaper goods to the consumer and higher profits to the board members. I am in support of debt forgiveness for federal employees, but not sure how I feel about it for everyone.

  5. Anonymous

    It’s an incentive to get good people into certain jobs that potentially don’t pay well but are necessary. Teachers should get this as well. Many jobs that don’t pay well in the public sector are fairly lucrative in the private sector and thus attract a better quality applicant. Also my wife is a federal employees and I’m sick of paying her student loans.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Ha, your closing remark is the reason why people want debt forgiveness.

      Should government and public positions be more lucrative than the private sector?

      Yeah, we can go back and forth about who should get what, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what a person gets or doesn’t get. All that matters is what they do with what they have.

      If a person feels this strongly about debt forgiveness, why wouldn’t they then simply open their own wallet and pay off the debt of others?

      Because, everyone wants to complain about how life isn’t fair and how inequality still exists, but no one is willing to scrub their own shit stains off of the public toilet. A simple glance at any public restroom would show that when it comes to cleaning up after oneself, we are all to willing to let the janitor clean our shit up for us.

      Speaking of which, janitors and garbage men. The people who clean the messes of other people, they don’t seem to live that high on the horse and no one seems to care about them. Wow, I just discovered another inequality.

  6. Anonymous

    Janitors get paid to clean up after others. It’s a perk of going to a store or business is they have some sort of custodial staff who will service areas where customers may make a mess. When you go to the grocery store, do you bag your own groceries? I
    As far as the public sector, it really can’t be as lucrative as the private sector, that’s why there are perks thrown in to entice applicants. For instance, if my wife were to work for a private company doing what she does now, she would make in the low six figures for sure, but the job security is not there. Obviously I am biased when it comes to student loan forgiveness, but could it help stimulate the economy? A bunch of people with extra money in their pockets every month? Maybe, but you’re right when you say it depends on what they do with it.

  7. I agree. If you look at the story of Zaccheus, he paid back 7 or 8 times what he owed (or had stolen). It’s the same when we owe a debt in a relationship. If we are sincere then we more than make it up. Words are not really sufficent. There must be a multitude of actions that show remorse and a genuine change in heart.

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