Your Annoying Little Brother: The Elders of the Nation: TidePodcast Episode 117

2 Minutes.


9 thoughts on “Your Annoying Little Brother: The Elders of the Nation: TidePodcast Episode 117

  1. Marleen

    I do “think the Supreme Court is vital to our nation” — while we could still consider improvements or a tweak in perspective. By “precedent” that you would like to see for the Supreme Court, do you mean you would like to see that the lifetime appointment isn’t so absolutely [in practice] sacrosanct? I know a full look at his (Kavanaugh’s) record (even just his judicial record) wasn’t allowed during the time of his very questionable approval.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Isn’t it ironic that one of the guys who devised the Patriot Act, his record is sealed.

      I think it is important to not view these institutions as ironclad or in a god like sense. I think it is important to witness the mortality of our institutions. I think a sense of mortality breeds honesty and humility.

      A lifetime appointment is one of the many problems with the Supreme Court. A lifetime appointment that is not voted on by the citizens, rather the constant dominating forces.

  2. Marleen

    I think the lifetime appointments could be okay (so long as they aren’t pulled from a list created by special interests like owners of private prisons) — IF we are willing to impeach when need be.

  3. I do agree with “vital to the nation” BUT the US Supreme Court has too much power. The Australian High Court is a much better system: they can’t decide a law (such as an abortion or gay marriage ban) is immoral. They can’t toss out any law they like. They can ONLY strike down laws that are directly in contravention of the Constitution (which they have done, incidentally), and enforce the existing laws. Roe v Wade or the decision to legalise gay marriage CAN NOT happen here. Plus, our Constitution mandates that High Court justices retire at 70.

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