Your Annoying Little Brother: Has Your Wife Gotten FAT?: TidePodcast Episode 118

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17 thoughts on “Your Annoying Little Brother: Has Your Wife Gotten FAT?: TidePodcast Episode 118

  1. I’m sure you know this but I have to comment. A large belly is a warning sign: Heart attack or stroke risk is increasing. My husband is 245 , but he’s also 6 foot 5. Sadly I am the one getting fat. After my race this weekend I am going on a special diet. I think my thyroid is not working well again. And yes, I am vain and upset about gaining weight after losing 50 pounds. I don’t want it to come back! But my husband has not said anything critical. He likes my fat ass. Lol.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Ah, a man after my own heart!

      I can appreciate your point. I was coming at this from the aspect of attraction and love. I don’t disagree with you PK.

      1. I don’t know . I would think men, being so visually attracted to women, would care more about if their beloved changed shape, but I know women can get turned off by that as well. I know one woman whose husband rarely showered, and he had a sweaty job. She was disgusted by that. My husband never stinks! It’s so weird. And I like his certain smell anyway. Haha! Now, if he gained weight, say like got up over 300, I really don’t think I’d like that, but I’d still love him. I think it depends on the relationship. Anyway, did the storm affect you at all ? We only got one inch out here west of Houston.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          What storm?

          I agree, it all depends on the individual. At the same time though, how willing are we to hold ourselves to the same standard we expect from our partners?

          Maybe it all starts with the smallest attractions, from there it grows.

  2. Marleen

    A woman gaining weight around the belly specifically can also be about stress. It might not have anything to do with eating too much or not being active enough (and might not respond to those efforts — eating less and exercising). Of course, there’s also just age… besides whatever happens with some women after having a child/children (I didn’t have that latter issue, so I don’t know the ins and outs of that). Putting on pressure, or even making the relationship largely about whether she looks good enough or like someone else (whether she’s “fat” now or not), can have the opposite of that intended outcome. What matters is health and the relationship.

  3. True love? I’ve never ever thought of it like that. Puts a whole new perspective on things.
    Ironically enough, just a couple days ago, two of my classmates – a guy and a girl – got into a small, heated discussion on this topic after the girl got offended at the guy for implying that she had a fat arse and the guy replied: “Why do chicks get offended at that? I really don’t get it.”

  4. Putting on a few pounds, not big deal. Grossly overweight? Two problems…I would be seriously concerned about his health and two, I am no more physically attracted to an obese body than I would be to an overly skinny body. I would still love the person.

  5. Marleen

    My mom repeatedly tried to stir up trouble about my husband with me because he got fat (one of the number of ways she put it). I basically ignored her. This was decades ago, now. But I should have paid more attention, maybe, to why he had put on so many pounds: he had a character flaw of making things about himself and not feeling for the other person or looking at reality. So, for instance, when I was supposed to eat lots of servings of this and that while I was pregnant — to nourish the developing child — he would eat more too. My “weight” would come off when the pregnancy was completed; his, of course, would not. Actually, I’m now remembering that I had to train him, before we had children, not to eat from my plate because I eat slowly. Yet… I don’t know what I could’ve done about his later habit.

      1. Marleen

        My point is the why (or whys) or really specific behaviors and attitudes. If the person isn’t doing anything weird, then whatever weight they are is pretty much just how it is. (I wasn’t wrong to ignore my mom, because she has a total tendency to focus on surface things.)

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Gotcha. I wasn’t suggesting to ignore health, more or less, love the person you swore to love for ever. Instead of always seeing the negative, be happy that someone else is willing to put up with your (not you specifically) shortcomings as well.

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