Beer Goggles: Coffee, Kel, RamRod & Steve a Bible Study Discussion: TidePodcast Episode 112

Is it important for people to study the Bible, whether they believe or not?

Total Length: 1:08:26

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This is the Bible that Coffee studies. It is very easy to read and it only takes a year to read the entire Bible. Each day contains a passage from the Old Testament, the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. If you’re like me and have never had the discipline to actually read the Bible cover to cover, I think this may be the book for you.

This is the Soundgarden song Kel referenced.


21 thoughts on “Beer Goggles: Coffee, Kel, RamRod & Steve a Bible Study Discussion: TidePodcast Episode 112

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I agree Goldie. I think many are turned off by the Bible because of past experiences, like anyone would that has had a negative experienced with anything.

  1. Marleen

    Excellent discussion, all around. Maybe I’ll say more about that later or at another time. Who knows? We’ll see. I’ll say this, though… yes, read the bible. But I don’t think it harmonizes on its own, like if you just find all the related parts (although that does help). You have to honestly consider real life experience, too. (Plus, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Holy Spirit.)

    One of my sons was telling me what a church told him. He knows I’m serious. But it’s so easy for youth who haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about such things to assume or conclude there are handy answers on everything. Instead, I told him I’M responsible* for what I think. If I could remember the specific at that moment, it might help convey what I mean.

    Yet, what I’ll do now is say that I’m getting to where I can listen to Chris Cornell again without being more overwhelmed with sadness than able to enjoy the song (any of the songs). I took a different son to see Soundgarden not long before Chris died. (It was Audioslave that first got my attention, though, because I’d been busy raising kids before that.)

    *The purpose of this was to encourage him to be responsible for his thoughts and himself.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks for the listen Marleen. Handy answers, lol, if that was the case, then everyone would’ve read the entire bible multiple times. I find it interesting to read, to learn about the past, but also it helps with self reflection.

      I didn’t know that Chris Cornell had passed.

  2. I think it’s important to read it from cover to cover, but lately, God’s been getting me to read the Bible at random parts each day. Either He’ll prompt a chapter from different books each day for me to read, or if He doesn’t, I’ll just open the book and read whatever chapter from whatever book it opens up to, so I don’t see any problem with what you’re doing. You are reading it, that’s the important thing. Have you thought of getting the Bible on CD? That way you can listen to it.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks Marleen, that’s what we do, have honest and frank conversations. The overall outcome doesn’t matter as much as everyone gets to express themselves as they see fit.

  3. Marleen

    I see the Bible anthropologically, for the possible lack of a better descriptor. There was a lot of bad and extreme behavior. Some laws or instructions and rituals were put in place to add some order to a culture, or try. With some order, some people will learn further lessons. There will always be people who aim low or want to take advantage where they can; while there are also people who can learn… from their own lives as well as from others and from history.

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